Rock 'n Roll Governor: The Wild Side of Maryland's Martin O'Malley

O'Malley rocks out with his band and opens up about his 2016 political ambitions.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rock 'n Roll Governor: The Wild Side of Maryland's Martin O'Malley
Hello welcome to the fine print I'm -- felony and Baltimore were joined by Maryland governor Martin O'Malley on the political stage tonight but on the musical stage -- creative alliance where. -- is march is playing -- -- Saint Patrick's Day season song. Governor thank you very much for joining us thank you Jeff what's the history of O'Malley is morning. The band started I suppose -- when I was in high school. I was sixteen -- seventeen them. At the time in the area there were about seven Irish bars. And only about two full time Irish bands that we hit. The supply demand curve pretty just ask the right time and we knew about -- songs. And we -- him twice in the course of the night but they kept payments he kept playing. Eventually the got better some of these guys -- -- -- what. And my friends for twenty years now. So what -- up performing your client doesn't differ from being. In your other hat has -- governor giving -- speech when I have the opportunity to play with the ban. It's like I've been away for a week there's something about the music and being able to play with friends. And the feedback with the audience. A lot of fun and management here yeah. -- -- -- -- -- lead vocals and the band. A play guitar and lately have them playing in just six during an Asia six -- six and it sounds more difficult in the it was a normal actually it's simpler simpler to understand -- however rose six string guitars extreme ninja. So -- play guitar. And I play. -- and Irish struggled boron tin -- But the other guys in the band are the real musicians and so if you surround yourself with really strong. Anything's possible -- say that there. -- -- -- Absolutely. It's like and in that sense it's similar to governor if -- -- help yourself with people that are actually really good and doing what they do. Then that makes the whole effort -- forward a leading progressive governor and a variety of other things same sex marriage the minimum wage cuts and education. -- them according -- the party is right now on on some of these issues. I think that in the modern Democratic Party. Has been at the forefront. What you would call them the progress of march of history march of history -- that is always. Moving to greater inclusion greater openness and a greater appreciation for our diversity as a people. We are not the party that wants to roll back the clock. That wants to go backwards -- a party that embraces the future looks forward to. In the new day what do you think explains President Obama is really low approval ratings in some respects the lowest of his time in office. And I think that. Especially today there are no easy decisions so every individual big decision -- is by itself on popular. You think that that that makes it harder for the Democratic Party to retain the White House and 2016. I'm just given his you know approval -- we're living in -- time right now. Where. Citizens have more information than we have ever had before. -- -- -- news cycles the Internet. Everyone's ability to -- kind of personalize and customize their own information flow. But one truth remains and that is. When you make decisions in government. That benefit the larger good of the common good. All of us together that's the best politics -- ball. We'll party be better if it does a vigorous primary. The next presidential campaign but I think that the questions we face as a country require that all of us become more engaged in the debate about our country's future. Will you be among those candidates running for president twice extra inning when -- at least -- on the -- I've made no secret about the fact that I'm looking -- it it just running against Hillary Clinton if she decides to run -- that intimidating or daunting. Really don't look at it. That way but I really look at this. Journey as a search for. The best way forward for our country if you decided you that's what we see you playing your bandit hero campaign rally -- servants. I haven't thought that -- down on. Planes media opening act for your own campaign around -- though that the bands ever played at a campaign rally I used to play a lot worse from there could always be at any. Black tie event still make them -- by 10 PM -- Current governor thank you very much thanks thanks and that's all for. This edition of the fine print for ABC news and Yahoo! News and Baltimore. I'm just -- section next.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"O'Malley rocks out with his band and opens up about his 2016 political ambitions.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22994824","title":"Rock 'n Roll Governor: The Wild Side of Maryland's Martin O'Malley","url":"/GMA/video/rock-roll-governor-wild-side-marylands-martin-omalley-22994824"}