Saoirse Ronan says first-time movie director Greta Gerwig was born to do 'Lady Bird'

The two-time Oscar nominated actress talked to "GMA" about her "SNL" debut and said she was a "huge fan" of Greta Gerwig even before doing "Lady Bird."
4:30 | 12/04/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Saoirse Ronan says first-time movie director Greta Gerwig was born to do 'Lady Bird'
It's for the incredibly talented saoirse Ronan, the two-time Oscar nominated actress making headlines not only for her latest role, this brilliant film, everyone should see "Lady bird" but did you see -- she killed it on "Saturday night live" this weekend. Killed it! And one getting a lot of attention, it is so good to see you. Thank you. I mean I watched "Lady bird" last night. I had heard about it. And it met -- exceeded expectations but this weekend "Snl." I know. That creative skit in taking on a very difficult subject, sexual harassment but using humor like that but you all felt it was time to take it on. I think so. Obviously everyone, especially over here and in the media has been finding a way to sort of like approach it and explain how it's made them feel or their response to it and I think, you know, one of the best experiences working on "Snl" was meeting all the female writers and how incredibly, you know, smart and sharp they are and they had such a great sort of sophisticated way of handling something like that through humor and I feel like I've had so many conversations recently with men like that where I'm sort of like, yep, it's actually been like this forever. So, yeah, I just think they're very, very good at handling, you know, difficult topics like that and making them -- I don't know -- reachable to a wider audience. Yeah, you can really relate to it. It was brilliant and creative. Let us talk about "Lady bird." People, you need to see this film. Greta, Greta Gerwig, she was here. Yeah. Greta was here, just tell us what it was like working with her on this. She's -- I mean, I was a huge fan of hers anyway, even before I met her and she's incredible. This is it her first film and it's her first film and she was incredibly prepared and supportive and I feel like she -- which is quite unusual for a first-time director. She really knew what type of filmmaker she wanted to be and it was a very natural position for her to be in and to watch someone come into their own and do something they were born to do is amazing. Let's see a little bit of it in action. You're a teenage girl. Having some issues with her momma. Yeah. Let's take a look. If you're tired we can sit down. I'm not tired. Oh, okay. I couldn't tell because you were dragging your feet. Well, I just couldn't tell. Why didn't you just say pick up your feet. I didn't know if you were tired. You're being passive aggressive. You are so infuriating. Please top yelling. I'm not yelling. Oh, perfect. Do you love it? I know. A lot of us -- You and Laurie Metcalf, just so brilliant there. She's amazing. You have a great relationship with your mom. I do. I have -- I have a fantastic relationship with my mom. She's my best friend. Like she's -- I'm an only child and I'm -- I was very, very close to my parents growing up. We were this little sort of unit and, you know, ma'am came away with me when I started work and was incredibly, I don't know, she just -- she just -- she protected me from anything that was would sort of overexpose me to the industry when I was young, do you kw what I mean. I felt like I was able to fully enjoy all of the positive things about working on a film set with brilliant filmmakers but was protected as well. She's done a brilliant job. Thank you. I'll tell her. All right. This gentleman, he's from Ireland. I was taking a picture with him earlier. Where are you from? Derry. Oh, my gosh. I love it. One of my favorite cities. It's wonderful. Derry. I know. We had to learn -- you had to actually learn some of the English ways for the film so I thought seeing a countryman. A lot you had to learn. For American, yeah, absolutely, well, my best friend in it taught me the pledge of allegiance and I taught her the hail Mary. It all worked out. "Lady bird" is in theaters now. Do you a favor and run go see

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{"duration":"4:30","description":"The two-time Oscar nominated actress talked to \"GMA\" about her \"SNL\" debut and said she was a \"huge fan\" of Greta Gerwig even before doing \"Lady Bird.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51554622","title":"Saoirse Ronan says first-time movie director Greta Gerwig was born to do 'Lady Bird'","url":"/GMA/video/saoirse-ronan-time-movie-director-greta-gerwig-born-51554622"}