Sean Lowe, Fiance Catherine on Wedding Date, Life After 'Bachelor'

"Bachelor" star reveals how he and his fiance have spent their time since their engagement.
5:12 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Sean Lowe, Fiance Catherine on Wedding Date, Life After 'Bachelor'
heat index," "bachelor" sean lou and his fiancee, catherine, here for their first live sitdown interview. We're going to talk to them in a moment. First, a look back at their past few months together. It was an emotional moment watched by millions. Will you marry me? Yes. I love you so much. Reporter: It's been three months since we watched heartthrob sean lowe propose in the thailand sunset to catherine. Is this real? It's real. Reporter: The day after the finale aired, the happy couple visited "gma" and opened up about their courtship. Our love was slow to progress. I can't see myself saying good-bye to this woman. Reporter: Life since then, has been a whirlwind. Just a week later, the bachelor made his debut on "dancing with the stars." With his blushing bride-to-be, cheering him on. It's no secret the reality star couple has vowed to save being intimate until after their wedding. Lowe telling "people" magazine in march, from my perspective, I've lived selfishly for a long time. Now, I'm going to live the way i know to be right. When can we see these love birds on tv next? Why not have the wedding on tv? Reporter: There you have it. There's a revelation. We're happy to have sean and catherine with us here on "good morning america" this morning. Hi, guys. Thanks for getting up early. It's great to see you. I can't help but notice. Last time you were here, it was a whirlwind. I think it was march when the announcement was made that you were engaged. How has life been now that things have settled down a bit? It's been wonderful. I went straight into "dancing with the stars," which was so much more than I thought it would be. It was really time-consuming. Now that that's over, we have a lot of time to hang out and explore southern california and be a couple. What have you learned? I'm going to ask you, catherine, what have you learned that you have time, about sean that you didn't learn before? What's a revelation nugget? I didn't have as much time with him when he was doing "dancing." But I saw pretty much everything. Now, I guess just more time with the dogs. He's just such a good owner. And dad. Doggy daddy. Do you look at that as maybe a sign of what kind of dad he'll be? Absolutely. Of course. Sean, have you learned anything about catherine that surprised you? I learned how supportive she was. Dancing was challenging because I was away a lot. And you're very quiet. You talk about dancing. He must be happy. She was always so supportive. It didn't matter if I was rehearsing for ten hours a day. She knew I had a job to do. And she stood by me the whole way, which meant the world to me. Can I say, you did a great job? You gave it your all. And you were really good. Thank you. I wanted to talk to you about your decision to be open about something very private. You've said that you want to save your intimacy until you're married. And fans have so connected with that. Are you surprised by the reaction? I am. I am. That seems to be the thing that the tabloids and the media focus on the most. I guess because it's so uncommon these days. My faith has been the center of my life for a long time. And it's the center of her life, as well. That's no secret. You know, we're proud of that fact. And we realize that it's viewed as being weird these days. But we're not going to shy away from it. And we're unapologetic. Why were you -- was it important to you to share that with the public? That sort of private information? Well, you know, I didn't set out to do that. But it's funny how reporters will ask and they'll dig. It comes out. And if someone asks me about it, I'm not going to shy away from it. And it's certainly nothing to shy away from. And the public has really seemed to appreciate that. Also, very excited to hear a little bit about your marriage. Any details that you can share with us, other than what we just heard, that you're going to do it on tv? Yeah. I've been done with "dancing with the stars" for three weeks now. You need to get back on tv. We're just having fun. We're just enjoying being together. We'll probably take the summer to hang out and travel. We'll start the wedding planning sooner or later. We're no no rush. Tell me, what do you dream of on your wedding day? I was never that girl to think about wedding details or my dress or anything. Just, you know, the man I was going to be with. So, I know that we want -- we're thinking about having it in california. That's the extent of it at this point. I'm sure we'll all be there. Of course. I vote for california, as well. No dress. No braids maids? You haven't gotten to any of that? There's bridesmaids in my head and thinking about the girls who have meant a lot to me. But it's just about having a meaningful relationship. A wonderful partner. Enjoy this time. Enjoy it. We will see you guys. Everybody, check out "bachelorette," mondays 8:00, 7:00 here on abc.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"\"Bachelor\" star reveals how he and his fiance have spent their time since their engagement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19381212","title":"Sean Lowe, Fiance Catherine on Wedding Date, Life After 'Bachelor'","url":"/GMA/video/sean-lowe-bachelor-wedding-star-fiance-catherine-discuss-19381212"}