3 Spring Training Workouts

"GMA" live streams workouts from Ballet Beautiful, Daily Burn, and Crunch Live, live in Times Square!
3:44 | 05/17/16

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Transcript for 3 Spring Training Workouts
big spring training livestream. It's helping you get into shape without leaving your home. We all kind of love that. We've got three workouts here in times square and viewers all across the country and they're joining us live. I mean I actually learned this today. I am so behind the times. Livestreeping is one of the hottest new trends in fitness. It lets people take professional classes without ever having to go to the gym. Who doesn't like that? I kind of like that. Let's meet the amazing instructors here, we're going to start with Mary Helen bowers, the founder of ballet beautiful and welcome Mary Helen. Thanks for having me. You trained Natalie portman for "The black swan." I did. What kind of moves do you incorporate. Ballet meets fitness, sculpting your sleek ballet muscles and core and build beautiful posture and increasing flexibility. Sleek ballerina muscles. Mine 0 dormant. It's not too late to wake them up. You started your classes online. Have you two studios now. We do. Physical studio but why did you begin virtually. We look to the internet to launch our classes because of scale. Because we can share the workout any time anywhere so we've got people streaming our workouts in over 80 countries on balletbeautiful.com. That beats a studio. Pretty cool. Beats a studio and we'll check you out and move over here next door and we have jd Roberto who is the host of daily burn 365. A live daily workout on dailyburn.com. Good to be working out with everybody. Tell us about the class you're doing today. This is daily burn 365 every day we do a brand-new total body workout so both cardio, a little core, a little balance, a little strength. Something different every single say. Something different every single day. Different trainer every day and a different workout and feel like that variety is what keeps people coming back. If you don't get bored you keep coming back. Why do you think this livestream has taken off the way it has. I think that we've got about, you know, 50, 60, 7,000 people working out live together every day. Wow. I think that community, the ability to chat together live, to ask us questions, we interact live with our participants. They can ask our trainer a question and he can answer it in realtime. I think that community and that support is what makes people come back. More than just watching. Very interactive. Get your answers immediately. Part after a family. Part of the daily burn family. Jd, thanks for being here. Keep on sweating. Keep on sweating. And now we're down at the end and we have Lashawn Jones from crunch live, Lashawn, what's going on down here? It's like a party. Of course, this is an urban attitude, a dance workout. Urban attitude. Yes. Fonzie was making fun of me because I tried to get mine on and apparently it was a fail. Never a fail. Just dance and have fun. So tell me like part of the obvious like excitement about this is you don't have to go to the gym but the other part that might be the downside you don't go to the gym. How do you combat that. Crunch live has 70 workouts online. A lot of the problem is you don't want to get up you're tired you can do it right at home. Nobody is judging you. Have a great time and party by yourself. The one thing I love is the music. The music really is -- it can get you movated. How important is it to your workout? Very important. So we want to make sure that whatever song you have, something that inspires you from the inside and feel the beat and lyrics and comes out of your

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"\"GMA\" live streams workouts from Ballet Beautiful, Daily Burn, and Crunch Live, live in Times Square!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39157987","title":"3 Spring Training Workouts","url":"/GMA/video/spring-training-workouts-39157987"}