How to Stay Safe While Jogging Alone

ABC News' Becky Worley shares life saving tips for women to stay safe while running by themselves.
2:44 | 11/28/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Stay Safe While Jogging Alone
And we're going move to a safety alert about jogging. It's in the news right now after a series of incidents, including the latest, the mother there California found weeks after disappearing on a run. Becky Worley back with important tips. Hey, Becky. Reporter: Morning, George. It is early morning. Pitch black. And for many women, this is the only time they can squeeze in a run, before the kidds wake up. Before work. If light of recent news, it's more than a little scary. An unscientific poll by runner's world magazine says 54% of women fear being assaulted while running. What can you do to protect yourself? She was just out for an afternoon jog. Chp advising she is heavily battered. Reporter: 34-year-old Sherri papini says she was snatched. Missing for three weeks before finally escaping. She's saying she underout of a vehicle. When you run alone, you're so vulnerable. Reporter: This summer alone, 30-year-old Katrina Vetrano killed. Vanessa mar kotd, killed on a path behind her mother's house. And Ali Kruger erks shot and killed in broad daylight. They were on a jog when they were attacked. It's just you. You don't have any protection. Reporter: This woman is the founder of tough cookies. A jogging group. There's safety in numbers. No one is going to attempt anything when you have a group. You can relax and enjoy your run. Focus on the workout. Not have to be constantly on the lookout. Reporter: What if you can't run with a partner. We talked to safety expert who gave us tips. First, ditch the headphones. The earlier thatky hear somebody approaching me, or that I can see somebody approaching me, then I can respond in a way that's going to give me a better chance to get away to some place safe. Reporter: Avoid baggy clothes and pony tails. Opt for form-fitting clothes or hair in a side braid. Tucked underneath your cap. Makes it more difficult for somebody to grab hold of you. Reporter: Be prepared to fight back. Taking even one self-defense class with increase your safety. You're better prepared. Pay attention to surroundings. Fight back effectively inspect a worst case scenario. Reporter: Last tip, tell someone where you are running and when they should expect you back, George. A lot of good advise. You have to pay attention. I do. I do like to run by myself.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley shares life saving tips for women to stay safe while running by themselves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43813955","title":"How to Stay Safe While Jogging Alone","url":"/GMA/video/stay-safe-jogging-43813955"}