Superstars of the UFC Head to Times Square

Miesha Tate and Paige VanZant reveal secrets of how to do UFC moves for "GMA" viewers.
5:00 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Superstars of the UFC Head to Times Square
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live from ABC studios in new York City. And now for "Gma." That can get us going. Thanks, Bruce for that announcement. The superstars are here with us and they've got a big exclusive announcement this morning. Absolutely. Hundreds of millions of people follow the ufc. If they weren't fans before, I think Amy among them after hitting the octagon for a killer workout. Poor Jesse, they're up in our own ufc octagon right now. Amy, Jesse, take it away. That's right, the ufc's popularity is skyrocketing especially among women. According to the ufc, they have more than 10 million female fans in the United States alone. It is just huge. So Amy and I hit the gym with the ufc fighter to learn their secrets to getting super fit and, unfortunately, for me you're not going to believe what happened to me. Think the rough and tumble world of mixed martial arts isn't for you? Well, think again. My mom's really into it so I watch it with her. I get super passionate about it. Reporter: Demi Lovato and her mom are not alone. The once rogue sport is in the mainstream raking in $600 million in profits in 2015. Amassing 40 million viewers on their biggest fight nights. The takedown by Rousey. Reporter: To find out about the draw of the ultimate fighting championship, Amy and I stepped into the cage with Chris. So let's take it to the next level. Reporter: To maximize the warm-up not to mention the pain we wore masks that simulate training at high altitudes where oxygen is scarce. Hi, guys. How is the warm-up? Time to get into the octagon. Follow me. After nailing our staredown, we moved on to the Superman punches. O ofrment H. The Thai clinch. I was blacking out for the last three seconds. And double leg takedown. Perfect. Finally Amy and I were ready to face off. Emergency, emergency. Amy got knee with this knee pick. And proving to be the ufc spar star. Boo. Wait, what? It fits perfect. I mean, Jesse, you really deserved that. I have to be honest. Forgetting beat up. I was a good punching bag for Amy. Don't let the size fool you. She is a bulldog in the okay that done. I like the bulldog part. Two of the ufc's toughest women are joining us to share their tips. Fitness tips, ufc bantamweight championship Miesha Tate and "Dancing with the stars" Paige Vanzant. Thank you for being with us. You are in phenomenal shape. You have to be. What can we do at home to try to look a little like you. It's a little challenging in dress and heels but I liked your style yesterday. We'll go into a count it down lunge. Six-second lunge, three seconds down and three seconds holding so one, two, three, hold it and then you punch two three and you're back up. Okay? Going down, that's where you feel the burn. And you feel it when you're holding it there. Try a few in a row. You will EE feel it in the gluts. That double workout with "Dancing with the stars" as well but when you're in the octagon what kind of things do you like to do. Since I've been on "Dancing with the stars" it's been hard to get to the gym and lift weights. A good tip for anybody at home. All the ladies that want to tone your airports, do this. For how long. As long as you can, trust me, it hurts real bad. You walk around like this. With no weights. Sneak one of these in. The robot. I like that. Pop and lock. That's how you tone the arms and get a tricep in. That's my workout tip. Working out to kick some booty. You'll show us moves in the octagon. I'm giving you full permission. When I saw that clip, I think I might have my work cut out for me? Show me what you got. This is a rear choke. You know how to tap, right? I know how to tap if I'm passing out. Ready? Oh, my god. That was good. All right. You know what's amazing. She didn't understand what tap meant. She thought I was patting her on the back instead of saying let go. That happened. You're up, what should I expect. I get to do one of these to you. You know, as much as I will like to put you in that, my go to move is to do the clench. A Thai clench, throw some knee in the face, a little elbow. That's how -- someone big like you. When mark Ballas is acting up in rehearsal -- I do that a lot. I do that a lot.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Miesha Tate and Paige VanZant reveal secrets of how to do UFC moves for \"GMA\" viewers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38691201","title":"Superstars of the UFC Head to Times Square","url":"/GMA/video/superstars-ufc-head-times-square-38691201"}