Can vitamin D help fight COVID-19?

Former trauma surgeon Dr. L. Ray Matthews discusses research looking into the potential impact of vitamin D in the fight against the coronavirus.
6:07 | 10/24/20

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Transcript for Can vitamin D help fight COVID-19?
Some intriguing research about a possible link between coma nineteen outcomes and vitamin. Are severely lacking known as the sunshine vitamin it's produced by the body in response to sun exposure and found in some foods like fish eggs in fortified dairy and grains. Tonight bring in doctor L rate Matthews who studies vitamin. Thank you. So as a metropolis surging in an inner city hospital you saw some of the worst injuries imaginable. What happen when you decided to administer large doses of vitamin. We'll. We're started on vitamin DU which is. Always hard. Crucial vitamins are worked out and was the angels or loans main goal. Of courage. Adam nor do you rose 1008. And human body. Among know or you're immune response. Under an amateurish. Goals to a -- important also urged him to. Reduce some shouldn't. And a reduce employment current sponsors. Now. Everyone needs vitamin. Would we all be healthier and able to heal faster if we took vitamin. I just knew it. Actually we receive our schools as she patient's bill you will report to ease on all wars and I used so patients deal pastor had tours and attractions here aren't terrorists. I'll fewer strokes. The well all the climate and dom also a morning narcotics and went back at work and there were Ashland productive and they'll all -- olds did. I don't old news. Are you concerned. It all about with a pandemic causing more people to stay inside and thus reducing their exposure to sunlight and limiting their amount of vitamin. You can supplement Lindsay. I'm. Door and to work its orange barrels and reached. And soul rest in at all and so are supplements. Oratorio. And you sit obesity also plays a role in vitamin. Does that goes boom and stored in the sales and Colombian and Bledsoe are also dropped thirty conditions and lower your undue. Oh. And tell us why getting enough vitamin. Well Norris didn't keep all hailed the or vitamin Beatles because we don't know Niles tune. And the nationals on screen which blocks 98% owned by Edmund you production. Or no standard person would have spent outside. Since I saw and the order may amount of vitamin. Rules all our standard people tend available by and below -- 3% lower and parents alike understand that person. And wanted to come in nineteen in particular what is your research tell us about the potential links between vitamin. The assertion now coming out his own short what are we no longer door all largely. Trauma surgeon provisions on the go later you know is (%expletive) and you're sorry radio. Some waited thirteen fourteen year 08. Year sentence and pneumonia. So the half models coal mine in Redmond would reduce our disability associated pneumonia downs reported. The national parent is 10%. No we jewel Dora reduced salt and pneumonia. Bacterial Hong pool albeit that is worse isn't an ammonia. If you understand about your street and a path else's ideology 00. All bow pathogens are the body you shouldn't. Our fundamentals in Chile and raised. So Kobe in nineteen though in particular what's your thought as it pertains to vitamin DA. Colored words is a requirement goes seuss or call and so it increases your wife and bullets or books holes or any group why don't director of arts and aren't. Follow him personally only if you owe so much pressure vitamin 04 days later. You see your resume there's deep or and a decent fuel. Or no Americans or white blue single civilian to correct you know early and Marcus and also lower in Kobe. Or cross currents slow and you and a lot of exclamation mark so you Syria. Protein embattled and so those. Markers. And believes Eagles decreased. So you see this or why accountable open and inflammation degrees below Tuesday's Conan goes back physically news law. Armed ramadi with all amateur reactions at a calls. So just some of the early studies that have come out with regard to vitamin. They don't seem to be faring as well with covad nineteen is that right. Yes Laurie department do you know little or worse you do there studied chairman and goes shrewd and do you local news and eighteen nanograms per milliliter. Thus environment you know your book. You're a bill goes 30% of all calls rose corona. Pollution reading here is lord gunshot victims sought low blow holes zero or your resume. A long way below them are already stolen postal you and hospital costs. Doctor Mathews really fascinating stuff we thank you so much for your time. Thank you for him.

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{"duration":"6:07","description":"Former trauma surgeon Dr. L. Ray Matthews discusses research looking into the potential impact of vitamin D in the fight against the coronavirus. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73796140","title":"Can vitamin D help fight COVID-19?","url":"/Health/video/vitamin-fight-covid-19-73796140"}