ABC News Live Update: Johnson & Johnson vaccine gets emergency use authorization

Plus, mostly virtual Golden Globes criticized for lack of diversity and Tiger Woods posts tweet after being injured in a car crash last week.
26:02 | 03/01/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Johnson & Johnson vaccine gets emergency use authorization
Good morning I'm Dennis data thanks for streaming with us in today's update breaking news Johnson Johnson's single shot vaccine. I started shipping out after the FDA granted emergency use authorization. Here where nearly four million doses are headed this morning and when this third vaccine will start going into Americans aren't. Being on the CBC is warning about a new uptick in cases why doctors say to keep wearing a mask after your back. Also ahead New York governor Andrew Cuomo is under investigation after second former aide accused him of sexual harassment. What Cuomo is saying now about the allegations as fellow Democrats call for the governor to step down. And the Golden Globes and bridges it's going to be smooth sailing. You won't even notice. Tina Fey and Amy color host hitting close mostly virtual Golden Globes and start zooming in with family. Another shows under fire for lack of diversity in voters. It is great to be black in the grove in good. We've got all the highlights from Hollywood. We begin with breaking news. Morning Buckingham Palace is in an update on prince Philip's condition the ninety undo the 99 year old was admitted to a London hospital as a precautionary measure two weeks ago James long minutes at Buckingham Palace this morning. With the latest James what are you hearing. They're good morning to around was some pushing all the good news. Wielding knife before there was some suggestion by the he is being moved from the hospital he has not the last two weeks Charles until across town we sold this morning a couple flew outside decking and at the seventh hospital. Anonymous is picking up a patient style for doing their best to hide the identity of the patient umbrellas up the press has been. Outside the hospital for some time we didn't get a glimpse of who it was and now we understand or you see him is the prince is the longest he's ever been in the hospital now being trounced I've got the statement came from the palace the duke of Edinburgh today transferred from king Edward the seventh also to sing to hold a news where doctors will continue to treat him for an infection. As well as on the take testing and observation for preexisting heart condition. Is it magic remains comfortable and responding to treatment that he is expected to remain also until at least the end of next week very similar at city. A statement that we got last week saying that he was going to be in trade least another week that is significant thing I think in his statement. We hear about his preexisting heart condition that's not something we've heard about the full the last time we got a series this year on the king. You commit embers hollow was back in 2011 when he was it minutes before days is for Christmas when doctors had taped. Unblock his coronary artery there was some worry then but. Since then we haven't really had much in the way of concern about aging members healthy he's he's a very kind of healthy 99 year old. He's had a couple of colds over the years but by and large. He's remained pretty healthy. The other thing that is the concern here is simple the only means is that much bigger hauls potatoes much more able to deal with serious conditions as the cardiovascular. Cents very important one in Europe and of course. It's got an intensive care unit not something to add to the seventh house site. No reason really to be massively concerned but I think not a great he's you know people to see did you come out of the hospital he is of course a hundred in June. So the nation is waiting to be able to celebrate that milestone with and net dot. Right James long meant Buckingham Palace thanks James. And Johnson & Johnson has started shipping out millions of doses of its single shot vaccine Americans could start getting those shots in as little as 24 hours. This is nearly 25 million Americans about 7% of the population have now been fully vaccinated in the pilgrim has the latest. This morning a third vaccine joined arsenal in the fight against the corona virus. Johnson and Johnson's single shot cleared for emergency use the CDC sighting off its shipping out today. We have three highly efficacious vaccines. That are safe and efficacious that's the bottom line. And the Jane. 85% efficacy. After a a severe disease and critical disease and it would no deaths are hospitalizations. In any of the countries that would tested a. Three point nine million doses are expected to (%expletive) bout today ABC news confirming two point eight million will go to states and local jurisdiction. 800000 to pharmacies 70000 to community centers and 90000 to federally qualified health centers. This as Americans seem more willing to get a vaccine. A new survey finding 55% of adults now say they have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Or that they will get it as soon as they can add this up from 47%. In January and 34%. In December. But health officials warn even with more vaccines now is not the time to let up. After weeks of seeing cases decline daily cases are now up about 5%. Doctors warn even if you're vaccinated you could still potentially spread the disease. You could be protected from disease and still have virus if that's the case then that's the reason why you hear us all the public health officials saying. So Wear a mask and the reason is essentially to protect. Other people's you may inadvertently. Infect someone else even though you are protected. And even program joins me now from the Johnson Johnson facility in shepherd's hill Kentucky Eva I might of Pfizer and Daryn and vaccines this vaccine can be stored at a regular refrigerated temperatures so how much easier to that does that make a shipping logistics. Massively simpler right because you don't have to have these crazy cold and also the area expenses some 03 users to store the vaccine. In this silly actually taking out an entire ship mid and doses and then packing it up loading it up. And shipping it out isn't the whole process from start to finish is simpler it's also easier and then as they get these vaccine doses to his case and then get the vaccine to more rural areas have to be driven out for several hours and then to clinics or community held scanners that don't have to body expenses. Refrigerator to store that. Seeing it gives a chance yet to get out vaccine dozens as well I had to make a huge difference in Amy also citizenry significant. About how many doses are going out and each shipment. We're a little insight into how these boxes are being put together in here today so each small tree you'll see in that video that repairing the shipment each of those small boxes contains ten. Vials. Each vial has five Josie asked CE get a sense of kind of what those boxes looks like when they are gay coming out here and also the boxes will look like ads are going to these clinics are a parent in a government Shepherdstown Kentucky thanks Tina. And a CEO of Johnson & Johnson Alice or skis spoke to good morning and our earlier this morning about the plan to get 100 million shots administered in the first half of 20/20 one let's listen. The first shipments are going out when will people actually get them in their arms. Well George thank you very much for having us this morning it's it is a very exciting day for us. The trucks are literally rolling off the docks as we speak and we hope to be able to get shots and arms with literally in the next Tony for a 48 hours. Now you're not meeting this February goal you still expect have the twelve million. By the end of march in the twenty million. Later this is later this frank. Well actually we anticipate march 3 shipping four million over the next several days we didn't expect to have about twenty million having been delivered by march. And it'll be on this past you a hundred million by June of this year. And remember that sol en route to doing almost a million doses over the course of Tony Tony one end and what's really important here George is my say a hundred million. In the first half of the year. That's a hundred million shots and arms for Americans. And even more for people around the world. So this is going to be a very important addition to the armaments aquarium for health care systems for patients and consumers around the world. You know there are lot of questions out there are among people who are thinking about which vaccine taken. And you scored slightly lower than defies human get a vaccine and overall. Effectiveness I talked experts like doctor Shah and doctor fact you say. You should get whatever bashing you can get whenever you can get it just explain to people why the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is just as good as my him again or Pfizer. What you're right George consistent way doctor found Sheen show pure remarks and others. Everyone should get the first shot that they can get all of these vaccines are incredibly effective. What's important remember about the Johnson Johnson vaccine is we did the clinical trials roughly from October 20 Tawny. To January of this year it was really during the peak of the incidence rate of this virus that's number one. Number two. We ate we did in a broad number of countries in fact about 40% of the patients in the trial were and Latin America. We had about another 15%. In South Africa in South Africa. Over 90% of those patients. We were infected with the south app for constrained. And so what you're seeing are really strong efficacy rates in fact 85% of the time was severe disease. And very importantly we kept all the patients out of the hospital we kept all the patients from dying. And again this is with the single dose against some of the most difficult strains. During most challenging time of this pandemic that's why it's gonna be so important at this vaccine. To what's available out there today and there's real hope that the technology developed could work against other diseases as well. Absolutely no does this is an X so exciting time for the entire biopharmaceutical industry. It is we think about what we've been able to do over the past year it would normally take you know five or seven years we've done literally and fired his seven months. And I believe that these new type and vaccine technologies are gonna have brought apple applications potentially and things like cancer alzheimer's disease and other areas. So this is this a whole pandemic. Is not very important milestone but. You know in India in spite of the big challenge I think is to offer a lot of hope and promise for the future encouraging news out scores he thanks very much. My thanks to George and Johnson Johnson CEO Alex Cora ski for that interview and let's talk more. About the vaccine now with epidemiologist doctor John Brownstein doctor Brownstein. Good morning you heard their Johnson Johnson saying they plan to deliver twenty million doses of the vaccine by the end of this month they want to see 100 million by the middle of the difference do you expect this can make. In the overall race to get this country vaccinated and back to some semblance of normalcy. That this is incredibly exciting and we are just a year right into this pandemic and we have 3-D C detectives. Scenes which is really just a scientific or RC treat and are no windows is wearing out our this week and. I ended march. Twenty million and that should be enough to the EU 7% of the operation. In. You know I think Nixon remembered it is exciting because it prevented hundreds and a half Asian and T percent this year cheeses. Also remembered this vaccines tested time and yet Aaron Bakken and so. It struck. I can see Rollins said we heard you talking about single to those snow freezing that these super short recession is attributed to rule areas stretching it does seem one Jerusalem exception to different as we say when it's your turn knows all these are all he wanted to they're available -- time. And course says this time of the vaccine can be used on other conditions like cancer and alzheimer's. How'd that work. Yeah this incredible this is new. Changes are a doctor concept. We're essentially. AG UST. Through this you know viruses is our common cold and colony don't much but it delivers messages in this nation produces protein or kiss her or Travares increases preteen listens in response. I didn't use technology for years around. She's like AJ PMG. When you can Cheney uses and did you. Usually you can do it against many other tests you alzheimer's and cancer treatments for alzheimer's you know there's his critique how. Angles inside an era you know that's an early sign of dolls and actually changing hands and is developing a vaccine. Is or how does our. Our doctor so. Incredibly exciting because there's so many occasions. Within this are also boring name to. Be entering this whole new era. A par with these technologies and you're part of a team at Boston children's hospital and developed an online portal. Where people can search for nearby vaccination locations. Work and why did you feel the need to create this. Yeah I mean we actually do. I told her daughter or or years actually started out. Are pretty when anyone can get rich was so hard to tell you where to go and get back he has citizenship map shows where vaccines are don't want you know news technology for months now I three orange full ulcer cringe all need to get ready you know their retirement this week so challenging for people aren't seeing all the complicated web sites girls are hitting refresh this is trying to bring some order to die is an actual school all the federal arms he's in there certainly you'll need to seek public help car crash and it's edgy and cool Heatley yeah. To trash party seeing incredible. That is in place for me appointments so hopefully isn't an additional cool I. An example aren't processor so many simplifying the process is so she right now the US is also seen a downward trend in college chases over the last six weeks that now. There are concerns are rising numbers in Texas after that winter storm what did Texans need to know right now. Yeah I mean I think there's national deal if you were seen outside Tony if he is Arnold it is and concerning. His actions she any priest and it's not just because. Unity is really seen this hour. Eight other sources like we are you know she is hostile to storms aren't robbed people the other circle we usually aren't yeah yeah led to increase in knee. And this is the key issue when people come to yeah there are especially if socialist. Are urged priests in our necks of the disease. Fortunately while. Hirsch how but it didn't. It's really devastating. Holiness is just a blip and not harming our eyes that is also how you double down on those interventions like Nazis socialists and right now to get into this other side when he's our he's now just a matter. But we just all have to do work hard to get your. All right doctor John Brownstein great to have you as always thank you. They're huge and president Biden's comedy relief plan is facing some hurdles in the senate after passed along party lines in the house. Biden says there's no time to waste as Democrats try to pass the bill before bolstered and deployment benefits run out. And on March 14 chief White House correspondent Cynthia Vega has the latest from Washington's area. Hey day and good morning to the other by the White House had hoped to do this with some bipartisan support but there was not a single Republican in the house who voted. To passes nearly two trillion dollar relief camps. I want to start by showing you what's in it as it stands right now take a look at some of the big ticket items of course were talking about those 14100 dollar stimulus checks for most Americans are sixteen billion dollars. For vaccine distribution fifty billion for testing and tracing also look at this 170 billion dollars for school that's gonna cover. Things like reopening and aides to such aid to some students. There are still a lot of hurdles though and really it one of the biggest ones is this fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage that the president had been pushing for. Our sources are telling us this morning that that is no longer in the bill as it heads through the senate or exports not going to be in the bill when the senate finally votes on it and progressives are not happy about that they really wanted to see this minimum wage. Included in the bill. Moderate Democrats have also expressed some concern about the overall price tag. On this plan so it's expected that there will be some pretty big changes. At this bill works its way through the senate in order get all fifty Democrats. That the party needs on board to get to passage through they are expected to take this up this week there in the senate Diane they want to see this. On president's Biden desk. By the middle of this month. Some parents to say and they get thanks for that. And here's or watching in Washington today at 12 PM eastern white house Press Secretary Jen Psaki will hold a briefing bush will be joined by Homeland Security secretary Alan undermine your best. At 3 PM eastern the senate will vote on the confirmation of education secretary nominee Miguel Cardona. And at 4:30 PM eastern president Biden will be virtually with the president and Mexico. A New York governor and. You Cuomo is under investigation by the state attorney general's office after a second former staffer accused him of sexual harassment. The new accuser says she reported the incidents to a superior. And was transferred to the other side of the State Capitol building. ABC stepping Ramos has the latest from Albany. This morning New York governor Andrew Cuomo faces a deepening crisis. The state attorney general promising a rigorous investigation into sexual harassment claims against the governor. While some of almost double Democrats are calling for him to step down. I'm Gary. And east and it'd be eager. And beauty and resign a second former aide now coming full work Charlotte Bennett telling the New York Times the governor sexually harassed her last spring. You're just got her urged. Russia argument in her. Not universe we're all around. According to Bennett the governor never got physical with her but he allegedly told her that he was open to relationships with women in their twenty's. The 25 year old tells the times I understood that the governor wanted to sleep with me and fell horribly uncomfortable and scare. Bennett says she told Cuomo's chief of staff about the encounter and shortly afterwards she was transferred to another department eventually leaving the administration altogether and November. This 63 year old governor denied these allegations would releasing a statement Sunday that said. I work sometimes I think I am being plea full and make jokes that I think are funny I do on occasion tease people in what I think is a good natured way. I do in public and in private. Cuomo adding I now understand that minor actions may have been in sensitive or too personal. I acknowledged some of the things I had said had been misinterpreted. As an unwanted flirtation to the extent anyone felt that way I am truly sorry about that. Bennett's accusations coming after another former aide to Cuomo Lindsay Boylan DT held allegations of sexual harassment made lengthy essay. Including an unwanted kiss something Cuomo denied in December. The governor initially announcing plans to name his own investigator a move that drew immediate criticism. Now he's formally refer the case to attorney general Letitia James the decision and Eagles an investigation with subpoena power for her office. We have to keep politics out of this. Yet what actually did or did not happen. All of this comes as the governor's corona virus task force is already under federal investigation for the alleged. Under reporting the deaths in nursing homes during the early days of the pandemic Diane the Golden Globes when I coastal in the. First time last night in a mostly virtual show she Amy Poehler and Tina Fey reunited hosting the awards show and they didn't wait long before addressing one of the show's biggest controversies here's Lara Spencer. Golden Globes live from coast to. The first time he loves history taking place in two time zones. For those mini bowler in LA and Tina today Unilever is going to be smooth sailing. You won't even notice. It didn't take long did you go to address one of the biggest controversies this year label that's below that of the 87 voting members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association it's actually run the globe. There are zero or black voters I realize hey Jeff PA maybe you guys didn't get a mammal because your workplace is being back Booth of a French McDonald's. You gotta say is that it's so here's to change again yes I'm looking forward to that changed the organization is vowing to do better. We recognize we have our own work to do. Just like in film and television black representation as my don't. We must have black journalists and our organization. Designers like to John Golden Globe winner sterling K brown taking a dig at the organization from the stage. It is great to be black in the go into that back. Cox news Jane Fonda as having me Cecil B. DeMille award calling for change and diversity in Hollywood. Let's all let's make an effort to expand that attempt. So that everyone rises and everyone's story has a chance to be seen and heard he would have told action stars in their league. Can I wasn't without technical difficulties. As you can see we unfortunately have a bad connection is. Yeah item on this is on I don't know. The crowd. Crown sweeping every category was nominated for me. Actors and according Joshua Carter and grabbing gold for their for trails a Princess Diana and Prince Charles so. I love you so you did have the pleasure of watching them who is so reedy and as Princess Diana and she said such lovely things about you hot and that field here. Mind you he's. She is a great grand am on the CIO. Like wheat yards and done anything without Aaron. We went on the Jenny got that little light will look back at world are million as it is great to be a solid. Hundred day of hearings shocks with her win for the united Steve Bruce's Billie Holiday yeah oh yeah. Yeah. You celery and had not been made and Kyra we have what we. Who is being celebrated on greet some records. For me just. Director Chloe yeah. Dow down about three women nominated for. Best director this year to around the globe for her film no man's land making history as the first Asian woman and just a second female director ever to win in this category. The first Barbara Streisand for yeah until captain in 1984. Gamecube. And meanwhile made it possible for me to do wanna love strides in treating overnight it's about time. Tackling those men. But the most moving moment of the evening chat would Grossman's wife emotionally accepting his award for his role in my readings. Bottom that it may just six months after his passing. I'm will give me a man a man whose reckless. Use words. So we help contain all mormons summer Rickles and Susie Q did you PA for this opportunity to do exactly asks. Us. And hundred. Few more things to know before you go a California plastic surgeon is under investigation after he appeared to attend virtual traffic court. Why a lot. Operating on a patient in the video doctor Scott green tells the judge he's available for trial then proceeds to go back to operating. The judge stopped the proceedings calling it inappropriate. Green could now face legal action to medical board of California told ABC news it's aware of the incident and we'll be looking into it. Green has not yet responded to requests for com. And they got us told French bulldogs had been found a woman returned it does the Los Angeles police department over the weekend after. I doubt heard of 500000 dollar reward for their safe return. The dog's been missing since Wednesday night when two men jumped out of a car and shot her dog walker Ryan Fisher and took the dogs. Police are still searching for those suspects Fischer his expected to be okay. And we're hearing from Tiger Woods for the first time since a serious car accident last week. Well golfers pay tribute to woods over the weekend wearing his signature red polo in black hands during the final rounds. The WGC workday championship. Was treated it's hard to explain how touching today was when I turned on the T need. And solid Red Shirts he adds to golfers to every golfer and everything and you are truly helping me get through this tough time. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update and anissina thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see right back at 11 AM eastern new.

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