Community celebrates boys rescued from cave arriving at hospital

Locals gather around a Thailand hospital as boys who were rescued from a cave arrive for treatments.
3:12 | 07/09/18

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Transcript for Community celebrates boys rescued from cave arriving at hospital
This is Adrian anchored outside the hospital and saying ride height land right here behind us into this tall building fourteen stories one floor at this hospital. Is dedicated to treat the thirteenth. Rescued out of that Kate has so far we know that eight children eight of those used from the soccer team. Have come out safe and alive and are now being treated inside. A health officials actually came and inspected and make sure that all this new system that they put in place everything dedicated to these boys and their coach. It was in place or received them. Once divers were able to bring them out with a focus on infection in fact that the ministry of public health is wrote well as the department of visitors of disease control. Had to make sure that this was set up the way that they wanted it to be taking an ER room in transforming at. Specifically for this very purpose now medical experts tell us that there are any number of infectious diseases that these young boys could be facing. And that is why there is this phoning in on an infection including came disease in just. Com and in the environment that they've been in for over two weeks. We do know that that affects the lungs it's an airborne disease that there could be waterborne diseases that they're dealing with also malnourished snakes because the fact. They went for the sole. Without the rap for so long hearing more siren. So much activity going on around us. Outside the chaos that controlled chaos right here so many members of the press moved down the street we also know that every time we've seen a police aren't boy. With the ambulance lights flashing we've had. This a ray of hope really so many times you've seen those ambulances come through now four times today four times yesterday eight boys rescued in all. And we and the rest of the world could not be any more happier we know that those boys are being told to not touch or hug their relatives at this time. Though they are going to be reunited with family members they just have to be very careful about how close they come it contact with others. It in the event that this could help to exacerbate. The problems that there's. Basic right now again we don't know specifics out there. Individual conditions that we do know that after being in the K for some time they're going to be. Fully evaluated here at the hospital they're also going to be having a full mental and emotional health screening because. According to a medical experts. A third of them could face like that causes a TT ST that could be nightmares that could be a year. Of the dark courtyard enclosed spaces they want to make sure he's Lacey hit complete turnaround. These are eleven to sixteen year old full of energy full of life. Doctor yeah. And again it's now that feels trapped. Deeper and deeper to stay alive and a lot of adulation a lot of phrases onto their coach Smith kept that team spirit while inside the cave as so many of told us. Who are experts in this field that's very few he's not excited that because they are young because they have this innocence because they have that simple trust. But the divers came in with all of the communication with as divers they knew that those guys were in there to save the day. And maybe more fully aware of how dire and how dangerous getting out could be left more for you hear from Chiang Rai. Adrian bankers ABC news silent.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Locals gather around a Thailand hospital as boys who were rescued from a cave arrive for treatments. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56464574","title":"Community celebrates boys rescued from cave arriving at hospital","url":"/International/video/community-celebrates-boys-rescued-cave-arriving-hospital-56464574"}