Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris After Terror Attack

ABC News' Alex Marquardt takes us to Paris where Eagles of Death Metal perform for the first time since the November terror attack.
8:54 | 02/16/16

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Transcript for Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris After Terror Attack
Hey everybody I'm on the devised a bittersweet moment it's being marked in parents tonight. Where the band the Eagles of death metal who were performing at a theater attacked by terrorists in November of last year returned to the city for their first concert there. Since that attack the deadliest attack in modern French history a 130 people were killed in coordinated attacks across the city. 89 of them were at that concert and we want to take you live now. To the site of tonight's concert. Where ABC's Alex mark Hart joins us live he was there at the show Alec there had to be a flurry of emotion inside that room tonight what was it like. There there were there was a flurry indeed on I can see by behind me to concerts actually just gotten out a few moments ago this was a long so over two hours long. In fact Jesse uses singers that you guys will be it would get me off of this state. We didn't quite know what to expect we know that it was very hard for the bands to play it was obviously they've they're it's been a an emotional roller coaster. They had said that they wanted to come here to finish their concert to finish this that they. People two in November. As soon as the tickets went on sale for the show they sold out. Very quickly this is a relatively small theater. 18100 people they gave out free tickets in fact for those people who were at about that whole theater on November 13. When the show was interrupted. By the attack that attack of course leaving 89 people dead you can see it here behind me there is. Significant security. Dozens if not more police officers several barricades yet to go through several checkpoints just to get into the theater in fact it go all the way around the block. And then inside. Now it was the sold out show there were in fact some sees that we're left empty perhaps some people. Decided not to come at the last minute of course this is going to be very difficult for people. Who may have initially wanted to come. To the show but then had second thoughts there were. Site therapists and psychologists were were supplied if you will. Inside the theater in case this. Dredged up memories for for the people who had been at about that also there were all sorts of emotions. Tonight none more so on display than those of the lead singer Jesse Hughes who was clearly very happy that be back here in Paris tonight on the. And I think this economy there everyone that tonight's venue is not that that's upon the different venue where they held the concert. Tonight that you mentioned some people may be decided not to come at the last minute or for whatever reason for those who did choose to attend did you get a chance to talk with any of them about. Why they thought it was important to be there tonight. That is a good point to make sorry some specimen front. That this is not about the whole theater this is the Olympia theater which is very well known it's one of the oldest about the oldest. In Paris in fact about techno is still closed. They're still very much a memorial out front with candles flowers and other things the owners of about their moments that they do hope. To open this year towards the end of the year though that's far from certain. There was a very emotional moment towards the end of the show during the on core. I was seated in the upper balcony and Jesse use the lead singer came upstairs. To thank the people who are higher up. At one point he went over to this young woman who it was. Couldn't have been more than 2526. And talk to her inner ear for about a minute and I went up to talk to her afterwards her name was many. And she had been asked about a small theater when the attack happened. And what she had told Jesse Hughes was. That she'd been trying for three months to get in touch with the manager of the band because as it turns out the manager. Had kept the door shut to the room where she and other people. Were hiding and she said that if it weren't for the manager. That they would all be dead and so excuse apparently responded that he would try to to put her in touch with him but that was a very tender moment tonight on. Until I think we all remember so well some of those horrific accounts when they came out in the days and weeks after that attack. Did the band there at the front man as he mentioned Jesse use any would make reference to the attack before or during the show was it brought up an anyway. In directly there were no direct references to that night there was no mention of the bouts affluent so there's no mention of November 13. It was an upbeat show there was no mention of of death there's sadness or over how is or anything like that but there were certainly interacts. References write off about halfway through the first song the band stops. They asked for a moment of silence. A couple songs later. Excuse again stop the sentence and and told the people there how much you love them and and that he was now a reason. And then at the very end of the on court he came out by himself. With a spender telecast or guitar that had the friends Tico are on at the the red white and blue prints like. On on the on the guitar so. If you had just gone into the into the theater and didn't know who was playing you might not know right away. Who they were and and and why they're playing and why this was so special but but if he knew the story there certainly were those indirect references. Ask someone asking well while we have you there just for your take on this the front and Jesse Hughes gave an interview recently. Spoke out for the first time I think since that attack and talked about something that cause a little bit of controversy. Gun control in France where they're very very strict gun control laws vary he had made me believe that in the interview that very carefully and you'll understand. With French TV. And I want to get this writes all read a quote I think he said may be until nobody has guns everybody has to have them. Basically saying he thinks some people there might have been protected in the theater had more people had access to guns how that landed. There in Paris. Well of course is Americans that's this is an argument we hear all the time after after mass shootings that is. An argument that's out of the norm here in Paris Oxley right this is a country where practically no one. Owns guns they're very very strict gun control laws if if anybody does have a gun it's it's probably strictly for hunting purposes. This is an argument that I that the vast majority of of French people would disagree would. And and this is certainly a country where. Very few were arguing that that more guns equals more security so there it there has been some disagreements. About them those arguments he made to to French television. Well we see now the folks and getting out of this show there behind the out support religion does he need to tell us how is the music Alec the crowd I think it's down. Well this is it's people who don't know Eagles of death knell frankly I didn't know anything about them before the November. It's not death metal it's not heavy metal in fact it's it's pretty traditional rock and it's it's harder rock if you will. And so. It was it was a really live show. They played their classics the band responded well. They've played a couple covers. The parade brown senator. At the end to him and so is this it you know that the crowd was clearly very happy one thing I should note also is that. All of the members who were there in November. Were there tonight as well as Josh Holmes who is one of the co founders along we Jesse Hughes. Of the band you might also know him as the front man of the bands Queens of the Stone Age so they were all there homemade. Threw him in an effort. To come here to be with his band mates tonight so in fact there were two drummers up onstage. And so this was this was. Clearly a special moments I think it wouldn't be so too much to say therapeutic moments not just for the ban but but for so many. In the crowd who who had gone through those attacks but also. Paris as a whole this is that this is a city if you look around that looks completely normal everybody's gone back to normal average everybody's gotten gone back to work. When the same time if he speak with the reasons you speak with French people this is still a place where the nerves are raw. People think about that day. Very often and and unfortunately the fear is still there that as something else that happened. Not just in this city but in this country and across Europe in fact much of Europe bracing itself. For what many consider the next inevitable attack but for tonight for tonight. At least several hundred people several thousand people were able to enjoy the show. Unarmed Ray Allen thank you so much for getting its insight into what had to be. A memorable and not emotional night for a lot of people there in Paris at ABC's Alex mark mark joining us live. From parents decided tonight Eagles of death metal concert thanks to all of you for joining us for all of us here at ABC news I'm on in the five in New York.

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{"id":36986829,"title":"Eagles of Death Metal Return to Paris After Terror Attack","duration":"8:54","description":"ABC News' Alex Marquardt takes us to Paris where Eagles of Death Metal perform for the first time since the November terror attack. ","url":"/International/video/eagles-death-metal-return-paris-terror-attack-36986829","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}