Malala Yousafzai's Message to Women

Alicia Menendez and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai discuss why women need to get involved in politics and why politics should invest in women.
4:20 | 12/11/14

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Transcript for Malala Yousafzai's Message to Women
When I'm be spending so many based on have been climbing because tried diet Yvonne. Audit and let an advocate for education for changing his eyes the women's eyes what I think and I'm doing and hide behind Massa thing. Gaidar nobleman may be a woman and seventeen now a woman who is fighting for life savings act of education and equal an AT them inspect. When we were preparing for this interview we talked a lot about the fact that we've done interviews before with people who are under the age of eighteen. And we prepare for them differently than we do when we're talking to someone over eighteen can be considered an eminent topped and yet when we were preparing to talk to you. We all decided that we were sitting down with an adult you. And I wonder if we should be extending that same courtesy to other teenagers. If we don't do a good enough job of taking teens seriously. We want this thing mega huge agent being bootlegging imagination leaking that all of plaintiff it's not my adult issues it's not my darkest week about. Citing its name barking at being cut is him to speak out. And just and then extend it and highlighting issue was in this society in many communities and that's been blackened but analysts attending Agnes and being. The existence and to listen directing in the conditions sane. In the US women are outpacing men when it comes to education to college attainment. And yet. We also know that women in the US make about 77 cents on the dollar for every dollar a man makes. We know that the US is not without gender issues UN fact write your book women are show pieces in American society to. It is education and a. We're looking at that education is embarking but then shipping it. What kind of education to start to change and so is this. Education doesn't want to quantity in the temple of justice so that he did things need to be critical of them went to children's iPod and what dissolution media and if things I found it time. Spain Italy still. It's not buying the books to an attack needs its elated that this team that detects Stevenson pounding what's on tee you what's in magazines. At the end making these things are going and making a franchise that he had Allard. Future thinking and we sit on it in Jamaica there hasn't been any Willman. President yet so that's a big fact and we also are not that would mean I'm not. Given those bake in high high jobs. Which woman should be given and individual and should have their foot participation in fraudulent. Son I'm looking forward dating Emeka they would be he's. It it would be thankful opportunities phone. To your point about how America has never had a female president Hillary Clinton is widely rumored to be in the running in 2016. If she were elected what would that mean for women and children worldwide. They should I give a message to women on and on the one won't get a woman can become a pack president a prime minute staff and by the time we had a woman. Prime minister then as it put pressure he was short and something to women in bucket hanging on his team get better many men and women in defied him incapable of taking their dornin. They get actively practice it baking. In other foods that I as I think. If she gets an update and at age she would giving somebody delivering on her on the run that they should also come to defend a fighter takes and they should not considered dead. It's not a day do teel is just Mendes still sacred beauty and goodness it's. When I see you when I see those women were advocating for their educations not Terry. There's a question comes to mind which is how do you reconcile tragedy. With opportunity. Reflecting that when Allen and slide analysts tragedy like that bound and there I was cool business and I found that there would be no solution flame but then. I thought violent that he has two options right now one is to remain silent and not to speak and they couldn't get a by the tennis. And then mystic analysts to speak up is my voice and then became and I took the second one. It is important that it is a voice is if you want to fight the issue is not because you know they then have to stand up against those. And this is what they did in slightly it is our voices in the fourth two would be well enough and hinted to the web and a book we did not pick up and gun. And this is a message to everyone that Google Voice is so often that it can fight any kind of get his immoral war.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Alicia Menendez and Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai discuss why women need to get involved in politics and why politics should invest in women.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"27534600","title":"Malala Yousafzai's Message to Women","url":"/International/video/malala-yousafzais-message-women-27534600"}