Migrants in Tijuana question future as asylum bids stall

Some Central American migrants in Tijuana consider returning to their home countries following clash with border patrol.
3:07 | 11/27/18

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Transcript for Migrants in Tijuana question future as asylum bids stall
I don't wanna talk more about what's going on at the border now we spoke to yesterday at a bit and you saw some of the images that were coming out of the border yesterday some. That are quickly becoming iconic of tear gas being used on on women and children and it's turned political very quickly but at before you know we talk about the politics of this I also lose my touch and has about the humanity aspect and I want to bring in government approve of who. Is a new friend of ours in mind here at ABC read a newly met once and now. I'm pumped to have you on the debriefed because a you're right there are on the border with all of these people and I think what still is crazy to me that it has been Meeks for these people. And there they are behind you just still living trying to survive what's it like for you weren't there today on the border. Yes Maggie it is crazy and they've been here for her over a month and Canadian traveling for over a month. So here we're outside of a sports stadium. In T want on the border of US and Mexico the wall is right over there. And just in the last hour so much has happened here thirty minutes ago this was a sleepy Rhode outside of the stadium where. None migrants have created a tent city this is there home now. And now it is a bustling road people are getting up for breakfast behind me someone. Came from the US with this pot of water they're making had just gotten a ticket for the night and staking about closing giving out food. On the other cut a line has formed for people to get breakfast this morning. Again thirty minutes ago this was. Totally quiet and sleepy and now it is bustling people are getting up they're starting to make moves. But there is a mix sense of emotions here for summit the end of the road others are reconsidering going home. I spoke to one woman that yet are idiots who showed me the palace is on her feet. After a month coming from and fat. And she was saying the pain is now behind that. They have a new sense of energy here they feel like they've arrived somewhere. They're still looking for that better life but she looked at and as you know this was behind them and now. They're sending to look forward to look at the same time I spoke to this woman Unita hula. Just an hour ago with sleeping here with her family. She's getting breakfast now. She was telling me they came final summit are about a month ago they've been here for four days sleeping here with her son and daughter and friends and she's saying that every reconsidering going back to El Salvador they're gonna give it may be another week. But when I asked her if she would consider looking for work here and you wanna she's and now she would rather backed El Salvador. At the same time I spoke to two young women who Wear getting out of the stadium and the sun was just coming up this morning. Looking for work they said they had met someone who said they could arrange some work for them. And they told me that inside the stadium there is a restlessness. People are whether they're waiting to seek asylum in the US or stay here and you wanna. They're just restless and it is needed to go do something and find work today so. There isn't mixed sense of emotions here but everyone is just looking for a better life for themselves and for their families. All right arena thank you hearing about that and you describe the woman's calmest feed is just a reminder of all of the week they party gone through in the fact that they're still there in your with some thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"Some Central American migrants in Tijuana consider returning to their home countries following clash with border patrol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59446097","title":"Migrants in Tijuana question future as asylum bids stall","url":"/International/video/migrants-tijuana-question-future-asylum-bids-stall-59446097"}