Across the Pond: Russia orders -- and then cancels -- evacuation of town

Plus: New Zealand mosque shooting suspect's letter posted online, and an expensive birthday gift winds up in a river in India.
5:08 | 08/14/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Russia orders -- and then cancels -- evacuation of town
Russia insists the air is safe following last week's deadly missile explosion but meteorologists. They are now confirmed that up to sixteen times the normal radiation levels were detected in the area of the blast. And there's still no independent information on meetings closer to the side. Adding to the confusion the government ordered an evacuation near the site then abruptly canceled it. So let's go across the pond now to do a McFarland in the London bureau for more on back to morning Julia. Mourning Kenneth. Exactly yes today Russia Barry it's the seven people who died oft that. In need clear explosion the five scientists on the two defendants. Officials then not being hailed. As national here is that what's happening today it seems to pretty confusing picture coming out of Russia the town of neon Scott residents have been told to evacuate. And then the order to back it had being counseled. And say there's a lot of confusion as to what's been getting on all what's actually took place Greenpeace the the Chad the conservation chided tables have been monitoring radiation levels they didn't dispute. What the Russian government says was a spike in radiation quite mild something witty adopt the expands to months to to suffer. Any damage. But it's quite a mysterious story the Russian government. Has changed how it's reported this storied initially said there was no. Rising radiation and I she they said that there was that rise radiation as you say what sixteen times in normal level. To put in to cut into some context however additional book explosion that was thousands of times. Higher than the normal levels so a not seeing anything similar. On not but this is dean based. The B biggest need their accident sends. Dots. At pickax and in the 1980s which have of course is now hit age BA series so meridian mysterious fascinating. Situation and Russia. Yes egg and fascinating indeed and moving on to museum on where officials are saying they made a big mistake in allowing the mosque shooting suspect. To send a handwritten letter from this president Celso what's their major and may concern about this letter Julia. Exactly Kenneth B a straight in terrorist who carried out that her fake attack in Christ church New Zealand's. By and much killing more than fifty people he rates he hundreds of lasso from his prison cell. In New Zealand which was addressed to Allen and Russia. And prison officials allowed him to write that but it now appears that it has gone on line in. On one of these web sites which are frequently used by white supremacists. It to pay is divided messages and in this let's say he. Wardens abouts. About a war about his coming we're big threat that is coming. The say this is you know this is very worrying one of the web sites one of the similar website that was used by the El Paso issues has been taken off line but a lot of these web site still remain. Say this is something that is pacing a global threat writ in not just in. New Zealand web Brenton tyrant inspired. A number of other copy cats. Issue to such as the El Paso gunman. And I and others she assistance. Loud just terrorizing the victims all over again. And in India 22. Year old birthday boy got the gift of a pricey BMW. But Julia the Wheeler learning this morning that it wasn't a car he wanted so what does he do with that. Say this. I mean this is an extraordinary story as this is a guy the if he is cold act cast she's known as I cast she's from higher Yana in north India. And take a look at this footage because he was gifted this BMW. Of Fortis but they've from. His parents. But he didn't react how OI guess many of us would have he decided to thing. Drive it into the reverend sped away. He ditched the car and for amendment he was watching again and then action he decided he wanted to say that now apparently it's because he wanted jag you instead but I mean that these 'cause. BMW's cost. Around 50000 US dollar is there a fits right accorded deemed a myriad right. Did pretty Devo mood means they wanted jag got a beamer. And so the pairs and not pressing charges either I don't know I would have definitely kick investigating. How I've been looking the first goodness I RA Julie that's the strange one were met anyone wants to buy me a BMW's. You'll take their eight man I I'll exchange it for Jack my say yeah I can kind of US cup. You do that their thoughts and Evan nick never look at a gift with very. By the American saying that I'm Mary Ann Arbor where we rob an off on you. Oh god I got right in that play it again the convention is under way there there is there it is hey Brent thank you so much good to see you thank initiated.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"Plus: New Zealand mosque shooting suspect's letter posted online, and an expensive birthday gift winds up in a river in India.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64964353","title":"Across the Pond: Russia orders -- and then cancels -- evacuation of town","url":"/International/video/pond-russia-orders-cancels-evacuation-town-64964353"}