With Pistorius Verdict Near, Friends Remember Reeva Steenkamp

Friends of victim in Oscar Pistorius murder trial reflect on who she was.
2:17 | 09/10/14

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Transcript for With Pistorius Verdict Near, Friends Remember Reeva Steenkamp
That's something special about a from the day that I'm Mason and I think it was a last about three something that just radiates it's true that seat. You could trust that she was genuine. That. She was summoned that I could have a long lost -- -- longstanding relationship where she had a knack of engaging with people in the way she looked to achieve. And the way she she was she was so Bryant and she had so much in the genes to pick in cheated and she looked into her room she just -- -- after. -- -- -- Amazingly beautiful. And -- I think it works. Made it even in the extraordinary was that's if it's an amazing personality. She was funny she was ambitious and Smart. And you know she was really -- just very ambitious -- hasn't seen. She wants being TV -- -- amazing. -- -- -- -- Sort of -- this in a pointed south Africans have other aspirations and she wanted to show that -- had a brain when asked -- to him one among Christians was was. What do you went to cheat what is it that we are going to be -- for -- this year. And her on so was I wanna make enough money. To be able to sleep at -- this accident and have to worry about paying -- -- and off to my parents I just want to make sure that everyone is financially. Comfortable I think. Remodeling was assistant Houston. And to actually becoming. Something greater to the world an Angel has been taken away from -- she was -- she was such a good comparison. It's just it it was just it was hot -- It just feels -- -- -- -- -- She. She was too she dated to -- too much warmth too much -- the need to speak about it it's a lot has gone on to hasn't gone. She's physically not with us but there was something about -- -- than. And I think maybe that's why the last night she's needs to -- now.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Friends of victim in Oscar Pistorius murder trial reflect on who she was.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"25414539","title":"With Pistorius Verdict Near, Friends Remember Reeva Steenkamp","url":"/International/video/reeva-steenkamp-25414539"}