Sydney Cafe Siege Is Over, Police Say

Police were seen storming the Lindt chocolate shop where hostages were being held by a gunman.
5:28 | 12/15/14

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Transcript for Sydney Cafe Siege Is Over, Police Say
This is an ABC news. Good morning for those of you just joining us I'm Amy Roebuck and we have breaking news from Australia. That hostage siege is finally over. Heavily armed police storming the cafe in the heart of Sydney just a short while ago assistant to so heavy gunfire and explosions were heard. As the police to storm to that building experts say likely the noise was out of stun grenades. Although people on the scene described it as a volley of gunshots. The standoff lasting more than sixteen hours hostages you just saw seen fleeing the building. Just before police went in. You can hear the noise there that so many reported we saw at least one person brought out on a stretcher. ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross has been following this the live feed has been stunning to say the least Brian. That's right Amy it was 2:15 in the morning Australian time when police moved in. Number of the hostages had been set free but they waited until this point at which they have the advantage of darkness using those stun grenades called flash bangs. And the noise you hear in the logged. Loud noises and the bright lights are meant to death and and blind the target. That's how they went in there. They'd watched closely waiting for that moment. Dragging out the negotiations counting on the gunman to be tired you can see here. One person being removed on stretchers I counted Nall three people being taken away. From the scene. On stretchers. And Brian the target was we now know 49 year old Mon monus what else we know about this man. He is a man who is a self styled radical Muslim cleric who has been denounced. By Muslim clerics across Australia he's an event emigre from all around. He has been a outspoken critic of an Australian government. He's also somebody who's written offensive letters to the families of Australian families who have lost soldiers if fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I want to bring in ABC's Martha Raddatz now who is in Washington and mark that we don't know if Mon monus was affiliated specifically with any terror organization. But clearly he is doing what ice has instructed. So called lone wolves to do bringing an entire city to a standstill. With the gun. He's doing exactly that Amy one gunman and he hung up that flag or or forced those hostages. To pay up a black flat with Arabic writing. Talking about his faith his mother Muslim faith and he wanted and ice is flagged reportedly. That is exactly what prices would want someone to do is gain the attention of the world he hasn't quite across the street. From a news network news stations that are broadcasting this is getting all this attention to presidential. Bomb have courses been briefed on this as well one man one gun. All those hostages and hanging that flag. Got the world's attention because that is exactly the kind of thing prices would want them to do what you're seeing now those hostages running out. Hands up the police moved in with those stun grenades and remembered they would have night vision goggles another advantage. Going in there but there was some sort of gunfire there might have been an incident that forced them to go in there. The police would have been monitoring everything they would know so much about that cafe. By the time they moved in. Because of those hostages that managed to get out of their earlier I'm sure they have been talking to them all these hours. Finding out exactly where things are located exactly. How that gunman was operating what kind of weapon he had. What kind of threats he was making all of those things they would be talking to those hostages. Who were coated that. Cafe earlier this. And Brian we are looking at now live. At the ambulance there are carrying that so many of those hostages. Two medical attention if necessary as you mentioned you saw. It looked like three people taken out on stretchers no word yet coming in on the condition of any of those hostages clearly we saw many of them. Thankfully able to run out on their own. That's right we don't know their conditions that we saw many of them fleeing in terror finally released nor do we know the condition of the gunman. The police said they did use live ammunition as they stormed. The tiny cafe. So we don't know well what happened and that result I saw one person brought out being given CPR on the sidewalk. Treated in a way that was not very respectful I suspect that might have been the gunman. And there is a report Brian we are hearing that at perhaps a bomb disposal robot ensuring that cafe now obviously a lot for police to do. Now that the scene is nullified that the chaos is over. Are that's right here claimed to have love bonds that have accomplices across in the. I don't think any of that was necessarily true the bomb squad looked pretty relaxed in the last five or ten minutes that's certainly is a good sign indeed Brian Ross thank you so much for joining us our thanks to Martha Raddatz is well again. The scene there in Sydney now over the hostages have been removed we know that several have been taken out on stretches we will of course continue to update you. On the situation is news becomes available. For the meantime we will return now to regular programming. This has been a special. From BBC.

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{"duration":"5:28","description":"Police were seen storming the Lindt chocolate shop where hostages were being held by a gunman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"27609963","title":"Sydney Cafe Siege Is Over, Police Say","url":"/International/video/sydney-cafe-siege-over-police-say-27609963"}