Hari Kondabolu: 'I knew that I had a voice'

The comedian talks to Amna Nawaz about turning the tough issues America is facing into laugh-out-loud jokes as a part of the podcast series "Uncomfortable."
41:26 | 04/18/17

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Transcript for Hari Kondabolu: 'I knew that I had a voice'
Hey what's up everybody welcome to uncut after all. The goal here is to have honest unflinching conversations about the issues that seem to divide us as Americans. I am from the united each week in the feature one on one interview with special guest to learn more not only about what they believe but why they believe when they do. With me today. Ari carnival. And congress can they weren't very embarrassing Reza Maine yes do it. Queens there is Brooklyn aids and median those of multiple podcasts including politically active my you have been seen on any number of late night comedy shows. Letterman Conan and Jimmy Kimmel you had your special on Comedy Central it. People basically come into contact with viewing at work any number of accurate. Yeah and that's embarrassing announcement that feels really good. And it's your. I want to talk TO. Because a lot of your work focuses on rates not all of it. But a lot and you especially over the last year for when the first people who really started to talk about it. In a political context. We seem to resonate with a lot of people wanted to understand more about. You again you grew up. And how that came I think they wanted to talk about it let's tell me about. Are pretty go out. Well for well I think it's funny fizzled district eleven talking about the stuff forever in them and now all the sudden it it. To allow more people it's become relevant bits and I'm just counseled on the same stuff or it owns the same. Ideas and now I think it's there's just so much so many more ideas that people are exposed to weather through the Internet or or because you know if you the president. That says summing ants Islam phobic or sexist all the sudden it's easier to give an example because the president of the United States that it puts them. It's a good it's an integrated newspaper. And he's a human on palate I. This happen island an of the story yet how this happened in honor the story of heart. I grew up in Queens New York my father. As a go cart event technician. And Flushing Hospital my mother runs past lab at long island Jewish hospital she was a doctored India and fortunately she can be doctors here it is raising two kids. From. And they emigrated here when they were adults and yes my father first and my mother asked there both my brother and I am a rather show. Would later be the height man the rap group das racist views later. We grew up in that in Queens first and Jackson Heights and Floral Park near the border of long albums make sure it's clear it's. It's as alignments there is a very clear line there. And and in and in Jamaica queens. Went to Townsend Harris high school is where the high school mascot named after main pollutants that if they get three strangest year after year Harry the hawk HA yes that's OK my senior year. High school sophomore had. Raise money to make a mascot can you whatever he wanted and shows me because I did comedy I was really active public school but it wasn't. John assault went toward schools with some really lay. There are other options clearly happy and salt the Hulk is is closer it's coding. And a necklace but they went with Larry a ha how you about. It's real ethical legacy but it it. It feels like Iceland and lived up some and that happened in high schools including immediately as I've done I've had a nice career but I still haven't. John assault again that's that's a hell of a standard. That is what's driving this thing is that just kind of math that yeah definitely have to your career on the line right here credit that. So were you always this way we did you only about things the way that you think about the now as a kid to. No I mean I think a sense of justice and fairness and sensitivity and like that was always there and I think eyewitness with at this from the way your folks raised my mom and am I am I think I'm. Mom and dad very a very different people I think a lot of those characteristics come from my mom and so is. Sensitive buffalo chips quick and especially you know I think. Being. You know she was that she was a doctor and India and her small town in utter. You know in her twenties in future accomplished a great deal and also she lost everything came to this country has to be a housewife which was not the plan and I think when you deal with lots of things a lot of loss losing family and your over here all the stuff. You know I think sense of humor becomes so crucial and I saw how my mom was able. Often collapse awful lot of painful awful things that's yet to deal with. And I think that's a lot of a lot of votes in and I think seeing how my mom had to cope with. The frustrating things in her life and how she was able to finish is a very dark sense of humor. I think that instilled that in me and my brother in and my brother maverick clothes so at that we have this mother who kind of instill this kind of humor and my brother and I are discovering the world together very close I think you know that that obviously. You know leads to both of those looking for moments to make people laugh and I think New York also grant India Tanzania has a funny. What do you. I got queens is arguably the most diverse places in the country yes yes or yes I think the organs and nothing New York is tough it's hard to with the queen's that we it and you know. A fairly decent I'm it wasn't like the roughest areas but still it was like New York. Is crowded it is you know classrooms were crowded we with public school education. It forces you to be a little stronger rate things aren't catered to you and I think. You know as an adult like subways like they're that great equalizer regardless of their class if you're on a subway everyone the same way everyone feel the same thing that once smelled the same things that anyone. It's there's some it very clear current yes and if you you're forced to confront reality and I think you know as a result you have to cope and you cope with humor and I think nudism dark. A ducts at the humorous in New Yorkers. We're very quick I grew up late you know snapping back and forth friends like insulting each other that's normal rain late you know the idea I've met people after the fact who that Michael wise everything have to be elected Cho gruesome unlike. It that's what communicated so we all communicated to congress as the conversation might not the citizens substance of what we're saying but it's it's said through humor and so. I think all of that late you know plus being in Europe where it but it's the most famous comedy scene in the country like. I was exposed to comedy both click informally and formally my whole life. And I feel like asking this question this kind of living up to stereotypes kind of hate task at that he and it will be as Iowa's wonder I'm first generation American pure wonder. How much of that is a shared experience yet it was there pressure. To kind of live out dreams not for your parents to sort of like do battered do more. My hand and certainly but my parents were never. And you have to do this yet but they were always. Progress in the sensibly worried about. You know lake. Us feel that wants to be happy would Everett was happy healthy and of course a mentally comedy was something newer. There's it was a phase the long as it was a phase them as certain practical enough to know that's. I mean now oh. Let's head fifth at that. Much more financially lucrative insecure if this is a phase but when you told them this was the chosen path what did they say I mean at that point was already late I got a master's degree of foreign made this the chosen paths that's finally I jumped into her before college today and I was doing in the high school and college. It was obvious they had idea moved to Seattle to be human rights organizes a keep that in mind went from wine to be a lawyer to be human rights ordinance to a comedians like kind of very. With subtlety. An intention lowered the bar so by the time we got to comedian they were already on board of this is not to be what we want. And to settle for some things he's doing some things. But I do ask you about at that obviously had to inform the way you approach a comedy out your experiences and rights organizer on the West Coast and also. The decision to go in a master's in human right yes right now. I mean you know I'm. I'm somebody who came of age. After 9/11 again wrecked. I remember pre 9/11 and remember what that life was like and I remember how things change pretty immediately after. So from might yet happen I was eighteen so from from my adulthood it's post nine elevenths so. And I grew up in a really diverse place where I grew up in a place that rest of the country apparently fears Ursula been told rent. Something rarely has multiple languages and ideas and religions like you know the idea of being Muslim is and that's a scary for thing my best friends or muscle. In a group in mosques playing you know. And the Hindu I also have the the the weird. Like the thing. Lake there's a a rivalry that Islam but there's that you know that is hatred from years past of Hindus and Muslims and other countries that. You know get carried here that like. Me and my friends don't really think about is like in the air crane lake Villa like generations past legacy and so much more complex than what people have here you know play it SO the like eight grew up with that comes with already used complicated. Multi layered thing which I certainly didn't realize until I left in queen though at a college in Maine which was very different. And that. 1911 happens I'm already being more conscious about race because you home with every I was humane and as I was about in colleges Zoellick you know already in my life was different of them like I was hit with this is what rich means and visible wealthy mean about rich wealthy brain this is all the money. That it isn't a coincidence that your last name is the same name of that building that's like it was. The youth in summer as a verb like all the stuff that a I am I did not do I went to public schools mile live up to that point and already the class differences is there and then the race things you know. Of being seen as an outsider Bradman and when I went to public schools I was a brown kid going to. You know rich white kids school in Maine so. Already that was there but the 9/11 happens and you're getting hit with that already in all the sudden. The whole country the whole country you seen a little differently so what changed for you specifically where there instances that follow he. I mean reading about hate crimes on the country certainly was in which is embarrassing that it it it hit. This is happening to the black community is tennis and has been happening for ever rent but all the sudden as an eighteen year old hits me like. These are happening all over the country in the when they start happening in Queens. That's when it really hit. You know literally hit home because it felt like all of this is all that these or other places. These are diverse places these are not mine people in the Michael we grew up together. And and you know -- immediately as his presence been number up to do we know each other's kids at Amazon neighborhoods and it's happening here it'll say things to you. In Queens in sure is sure you know you before and after you know it's not like ignorance started post nine elevenths. But certainly was elevated you know after that and worked at you know local just attorney's office in the hate crimes BO so I saw what was happening in my view I was definitely informed. I mean all those things really shaped the way I saw the world you know and it forced me to ask more questions and you know the idea that the civil rights movement is a living thing it's not just a period. Of time it's something we're still fighting for are always fighting for justice these of things I didn't have instilled until after 9/11. And up to that point I was doing comedy bit my comedy to that point was just trying to make people laugh by any means necessary which meant like. Accents. You know what did I know from house south Asians are portrayed in the media again accents made people laugh. Ray we weren't full people we didn't need to be full people we just have to be Karadzic's. I didn't know any other way to deal brand I wasn't given that many role model eligible Marla really had. Was was Margaret Cho you know and Margaret had a lot of debt I'd I was a kin have depth yet. But I knew from deathly from watching the Simpsons at least that like if I used accents. I would make people laugh and that's comedy was. Q do you access now. My post silent and everything kind of change that regard it felt lake having a public. Stayed to such a privilege even at that level as as an 181920 year old with with a college audience. It was a privilege. And I knew that I had a voice and people will. Listen to and there was some level of influence there. So with all that experience and not just like experience a professional it and think you're seeing you clearly have like eight. Sort of moral awakening that Genesis this is something that needs to be addressed. Which is local something a lot of people young people I think are having now with the trump elections yes and I see that college campuses I see this. This people are alive in no way that I remember posts eleven there was a lot of us that woke up at the same time so why comedy why did you decide to channel all of that there why I mean I like comedy and Tyler comes and those 161516. Years old there wasn't a noble thing you know I loved comedy like it was. You know why you could start a band I wanna be a fight for freedom now because I like music I play in danced and I didn't know how to play an instrument my poetry set so elated at comedy. My love comedy union that was that was that at a comedy well before it became more aware of the bigger issues in the world his love the art form in crystal of the art from intact and so. You know as. Comedies wonderful and because that there's such as there's a direct connection to what you experience whether it's. The macro the Microsemi happen today can talk about it immediately at I've come. I thought about these big issues in my life I can talk about it immediately something so direct about it so as you will evolve as a human being. There there's. It is a very little there's a three small buffer there isn't isn't like I have to months and years to write this novel mind on stage I'm figuring it out with the audience. And talking about things that are happening now yet. News talk about always have current format from that point on I I realize that like. You know you can ignore what's there so I couldn't question because you you can you even do comedy as you mentioned that a lot of different way he's right. But you are very intentional there's almost an activism. A kind yet there. It it's not. I think early on I definitely saw the two things as the same thing you know I don't now. I certainly at the time you know was on state saying these are the things they need to cover the people need to know and I need to say them. And figure out a way to make them funny and we finally to make them funny though those under an as certain point you realize. You do yourself a disservice you do your audience a disservice and you do whatever you care but a disservice if you're not focused on the task at hand returned to something other than just making the task at hand isn't to inform the task it has to make people laugh if you wanna inform people I know all the ways to do that because I used to do that organizer right. This isn't that this is a comedy show you need to make people laugh and if if you do this to the best of your ability in that way that's almost as revolutionary. Like people are actually willing to listen to you there and and not only is that humanize you and relate to you. And I. You know it it's a work in progress. But that's so crucial so yeah I would say early on I was up there saying the things I believe what I Osce treated mice stages a soapbox of that point. And it took years to try to figure out what all the I knew how to write jokes even early on I was good with structure. I threw that way to talk with the things that cared about how to integrate the two how delay of its you know. Continue being great later develop as a writer while talking about things that are close to me let my here roasted. But prior Harland Margaret Cho Chris Rock Chappelle. They they're talking about big issues not because they have to but because that's in their hearts and that's in their mind that's what they think about. So much of your work to focuses on your experience on other communities of color showed a minority communities in America. And I'm I'm curious because like all comics he probably had to travel the country to a lot of different kinds of places in communities. Does years. Material lands differently in some audiences yen the idols a lyric. It's funny like in like if you're an all white room yet middle America DL the same joke the same way. Bomb. Well no because that's a thing it's that in general. That's being a bad comedian I think in general even if it's a different rooms and New York you have to see what's happening in in the room then you have to react to Bryant so. They have fight -- say a couple of adjustments clues some discomfort let me figure out the discomfort address let me find a way to get them on my side and and you know I'm gonna change my point of view yeah. But I wanna try to find a way it's so the so I do my job to find a way to make it work like. You know you've had teachers that stick to the lesson plan regardless of what's happening and they don't care and you know they don't care and and you know of the teachers. That like or in the moment and scientists say that they haven't rehearsed the same funny line like for six periods in a row wreck but they also know. How to get it to this particular group of kids that's what the but those of the best he does the teachers I remember. Rent the ones that found a way to reach me and it wasn't the same thing and they knew that every class but every kid wasn't the same. You know that every kid was different in every room was different and this is right after lunch they're gonna be. The rule will tire because that is state the first class of the day so they're exhausted because of date in the morning got to change he actually I don't you have to realize what's in the room consulates same thing is. In the same becomes when you travel the country. What just happened here what happened in Charleston I'm to engage in Charleston what leftists and Charleston yes. You know I'm I'm in North Carolina collections done obviously North Carolina went red but I'm men I'm in chapel hill's what does that mean right. AM in Chicago I'm talking about gun violence but in Chicago that means something tears specifically you have to realize what's there. But when you talk about race so much in the way that you do to let you make fun of white people sure it's I mean act and make anoint him on the senses that make from the white Tennessee and I mean yes quite identity go out easily anyway and absolutely. Absolutely because like. Bull won I grew up where you didn't see much of that. I don't know how it is now from little a little better but lake. You know from the people of color rumors the where were the jokes came from. We were the props right. We were talked about weeding it to write the scripts and we didn't get to speak for ourselves cancel what is it like when it's the other way around and it's very interesting when you have an audience. That's I'm very mixed to mostly people of color. For the white people on an audience to hear catharsis to laughter. You know articulate what's going on here you know this isn't just some people don't like it when we knew very adamant about that some people if you had like about experience is silent man in regularly people walked notes people Hackl. I've had people threaten me in the middle of a show. That people say racist things of the of the worst on Donaldson the ones who say racist things. Loud enough so I can hear and what Yukio. Well if that's the thing it's Lama frighten him put out loud enough for a real health community you have to make the call to light disrupt the show is when that happens you know you have to restate that things of that audience knows what's happening otherwise you Armenia yelling at somebody. You would have had to learn the hard way lake I'm so upset I'm reacting vs thinking about. No it's not about them it's about the show this person's going after me how to incorporate this or doesn't distract. At the end of the day. You know if if it's gonna hurt the whole show it's not about this this maniac who's this basis you know. You nor I might ignore book. And the thing is it that I ignore it publicly animals eating field amongst the taking it in have to deal with the fact that this. Person decided it was okay to say this to hurt me. It wasn't to be a jerk it was and to make a scene it was still hurt me don't know hearing from the units in the wrote in the front rows. Like for you know I mean why he had a lot of people and I actually read an accountant and an arm of the name of the gentleman someone Hispanic I couldn't go on and humane comedy anymore. Because the heckling was getting so that end zone nasty it wasn't like hey you staying. It was racial stuff that was sexist stuff that was it kind of stuff that you would you can you'd never think if someone to grant dates. Because I know that of the people I'm. Reaching an people who were laughing. It's more important to them. And that that I'm getting more often them on the positive end and that the negativity the few people are giving me and that they're notice activity in summer comes from feeder who. You know they don't understand this they don't like this the comes from fear. And that always been there has it gotten better or worse every hand is the Thomas has gotten better just because like you know there's more south Asians in the media business operations in comedy is more south Asians with. A broader range of characteristics being displayed you know we're not one dimensional and and so. When our onstage as a twenty to 23 year old in new York and Seattle. You know and that wasn't tuning accents people to know what to do with me pain Michael what is this and he's not being of the idea of addressing the elephant in the room like. Skin colors and on got an elephant in the room when they idea that I have to. Address that and every time the way the a lot of things are women selected as his address that fact that women first hand as opposed as a human being with a set of experiences like. But there's a little less of that somewhere else comes from success like you know it's not like a meal with unfamiliar with you're. I'm not like a wise this guy brown it's it's hurry. You know it makes things a lot easier when people know what they're coming to see obviously you know and it wasn't like that ten years of in the climate has changed like. You know Aziz and Mindy are groundbreaking figures just because it doesn't matter if they're saying groundbreaking things and I'm they exist and they have control and a certain degree of dignity. That we didn't have. For it is as you've gotten more successful we have more more people no you sure it you know. Do you feel any responsibility. To try. To. Make things better to change he used to you don't really formula to make people laugh but now you have a microphone anyway that a lot of other people. Didn't before UN may not. Is there any sense of like how can I need to try to make things. Of course what that is different ways to do that I don't think stand up is that the right. You know what I mean I think my stance proves to be effective it's used in college in classrooms high school that's on curriculums like I know that lake. Is to it wasn't the intention right now. But that's unify think about that wait for the work's not going to be is as good you know. How Randall pod cast the bright can be blunt clinically mentally and be blunt and also our podcast but I do with the peak mount bout then we have sections we explain concepts of peoples who were on the same page and it. Is that there's there's other ways for. You know from for me to get information people and and two. You know too too too aggressively deal with the things that are. And my heart and head in on don't think stand at this goes on but I do I do think everything there is a responsibility and I'm making a film right now. About up who from the Simpsons why fret about representation it's easier to TV and you know it's part of it is certainly is an identity aspect to rip apart it to me is also like. When you think of 9/11 and post 9/11 backlash used it's not just. As simple as people are ignorant they see the brown people on the attack them to get to that point you have to not humanize that person. And you can't humanize that person because you you haven't seen him be human. Look as. As people of color we've had to humanize lay people we've had no choice Reich puzzles are teachers and our neighbors we see them on television a broad range of life experiences right. That I'm watching a movie you know that's exactly my life experience but I can understand and a human level which is there something in the from grammar absolutely which is why it's frustrating when you hear people say no one's gonna believe that a personal colors playing this part notably an. That this kind of and an interracial marriage in this in this movie will work moments in a believe that the capital like that. To me it's like saying you don't think I can exist in this way you don't humanize me the way I've been forced to humanize you ride. So when 9/11 haven't amounting who denial of that are directly connected but there's something to be said about you are not a full person to me. I don't understand you as a full person. I don't notice seek is I don't know. You know what what your life could be like I can't imagine you with the family. I don't imagine any of those things. Is that ill links Dave two without Asian yes he or anything terrorist. Or terrorists in the red area there cartoon of that that is weak yen has no. Controls their lives ray or you're a terrorist earlier a cab driver who doesn't have a it's something wrong with being convenience store owner a cabdriver. But the UQ are in the servant class or not someone who's actually expressing range what does that have drivers experience. What is a convenience owners experience who whether Pham is how did they end up here that's never relevant to their props. Due process the election. Com. I mean I think it was. Driven by a again as you can't say racism is in the part of you can't because you know I'm not saying that. Half the country's racist but. There are certainly people who. Justified racist things are being says and looked past it because they want something else it dismissed. Dismiss either dismissed it or didn't like it but they couldn't vote for Hillary couldn't vote. For anybody other than Republican and still saw what you make a compromise at this person's racist and saying racist things and I don't like hearing the split. Chops the past believe jobs or you don't know how economics work really so. This man's as a business person vote like being a business person successful doesn't mean you know how to remic come. It's expected a year earlier point you're making if people if it offense large section of the country's only ever known bloom color in a certain contact and I don't live. In the environment your regularly bumping up against those other experiences and passion and humanize and being able to see them useful people this. Dude works in the kitchen and that's the job I could of had this person does construction that's just utterly but it. They could've humanize your there's no I mean you you have to announcing the person has competition of deceit president's part of the community and languages sometimes an issue but the what you do his stroller and each other's language and you try to find a way to connect Bethel community. Tension is let me talk about racism in the election in modern times I think people think prescribing that to the people who support it mr. trump. To say that there was there was an element of race undeniably but that they sort of dismissed it or in small thing that maybe even participated monitoring and whenever. What if it just wasn't even a factor because that doesn't matter in their communities they don't have people of color they're not we're not that used to that impeachment. What you ignore also so some things here. You know if you if you don't defeat it's a brace its. It's not like it doesn't exist there's something to be said about ignoring something allow something to happen you're aiding and abetting in racism even if you are not actively taking part in it. But if you're not UN and I and you haven't experienced. Yes I guess can we can you blame people for dismissing. If they've never experienced it if it's never been a part of there they've always been on the side of the equation where it didn't really affect. Ahmet if this was the 1920s. I might agree with you. But media has changed. Unity eat it they're gonna hear about racism they're winning you people stores and they might react. By saying. You know again with the race card playing it again there's still having did hear the story and decide whether they want to believe it. So yeah at a certain point. If you're given information time and time again those people are you and they choose to ignore they refuse to humanize other people. That's racism. That's racism B you can't say it will they've never had experience with that. I didn't have experience was latent white people from the midwest. But I still see them as human beings. Because I've seen their stories over and over and over again you know it to the point where I can watch field of dreams and I'm not gonna be like. Met people in the midwest they're nuts they just destroy their fields for. For for baseball fields and they believe in ghosts knowledge been absurd thing to say because I've seen more than one. White's story about the midwest you know. It's great of the top three sports als isn't that the baseball movie which is great which is also some bank in always connect with people on but his latest. Since miserably but. But pound with. Little League short Little League career but like. Of a you can't I mean I I refuse to believe that people aren't exposed to race in some form at this point we had a black president. You telling me people are really colorblind that nobody notices and if they didn't notice that they didn't hear about it and some press or some relative to children and it was just business as usual no lake. People aren't completely in their bubbles things reach them they have to make choices. And if they're unable to humanize other people in understand their stories at a certain point it's on them. This isn't 5060 years ago it's now things are very different you have access to stories and ideas to your it was believed. You're the last question. And sure it'd be to the people who felt my. This last presidency. Did not speak to their lives their wages went down ten segment of the population non college educated that they did see their wages decline shore over the last decade. If you felt like this system isn't working for me. This president didn't work for me. Throw it all out the window. This guy could be my one shot. You have to be willing to understand that the president. Definitely has impact but some of the stuff is systemic. It doesn't come until a magical person who takes over and fixes everything. Well we've laid clearly discovered is the person in touch can easily destroy everything or make decisions that put the country at risk. But if you wanna but the but it's harder do the other side and it's harder to. To rebuild things that's harder to create jobs it's harder to. Allocate funds elsewhere it's harder to. Bum deal with a congress that you know eight Obama had a congress that was. Was blue when he started. But but at the senate doesn't mean that everyone's on the same page rate these or not you have to understand how those things work. Because if you think that let bull bottles and off as a leading get these things and so it's his fault stylus works plus the fact that lake. You know people to know the difference between Obama care and the American to care Affordable Care Act so. What is that like if you if if you don't understand that stuff. You're not making an informed decision you're making it based on. On hearsay. And false news and what your uncle said that and at it and chain email and we what is the you know. And if you're not exposed. The black people and you just exposed to a few images and the president will easily doing things through the black people it's only cares little about race with them it's like. But he that'll happen if you really don't have a broad range of experience. How do you patty be funny. National and this presidency and is a lot of material America's environment that this heaviest stuff to Armenian so this could have theory. Real serious impacts on people's lives and RD time. This is you know in some ways this isn't new it's just more exposed now some of its new because it's like cheese lake I've never seen. In such a short period of time like. But you've seen the bones of the administration's it's like the hiding very much fumble laying Blake. The bitterness of present its treating from his personal account to you know had to delete tweets about the Oscars to somebody detect tweet of a youth and the announcement. Lake that's new. But he but the rest of it line you know of the racial anxiety you know he doesn't doll with sleet screams like. This is not you know this doesn't know and so there was that mean for your hour by means that like the stuff I was talking about before turning to convince people the first step isn't to say what he said. Loaded on a you know this of freezing established the progress that yet followed bishop president I think cut to the chase I mean look that's the unfortunate thing is that lake of the stuff a couple of this fairly evergreen racism unfortunately is evergreen as a sexism and homophobia there's been. Change in progress and mutations so it looks different but. He's ever been things I can I can talk about them because they're happening and it happens been so for me it doesn't change. All that much it just it forces me to kind of just. I have to address what's happening on top more than I normally do because normally I don't like talking about politics. That stood at sports to me. Some if you're into sports great if you knives and that separates view but. Now I think more people into sports and anemic it's hard when it's so accessible now because he says things that are so blatant the blunt you know. Come here to the point where you can give a speech but his his recent joint session yes. And this beacon stumble and fumble but it's seen as a good speech because the bar's been so different. He has been so low and to the point where he gives. I mean in the joint session in early stumble and fumble that he 88 did you read off prompter volatile days. Bristol stumbled and fumbled and made it a few words that he people who look openly that they together again yet I think we're so used to handling really are as though you're saying does a company speaking there were words he made there was that there are things that I got so used to into the Hamlet OK and we know that. And he'd he'd deftly moved as a Mfume known as a performer I'm like okay he deftly improvised a few words as he yes might have lost his. Place on the prompter any trying to fill in space that are moments moment of his sting eagle has driven and so prone to want to sort of. In provide embellishment here and there scrapped its so and that's not a part of the ever steady through in the catch phrase he makes money every on the hat sold lake. That's not normal and also link with peoples and to be ignore -- believed that he addressed the hate crimes stuff and its duties of that you have right off the top ready and he also in the Middle East slipped in the voice businessman he's sly and Mike the homeland security office for us people to report crimes committed against them that I immigrants rain. It's not a small thing. Yet and somehow it a secret police force the but he slipped that in the middle. So let's focus on the actions late words are words that doesn't mean any thing late one of the actions and so. Now I think we were were the bar is so low. That he can give us lip service about late hate crimes are bad well it. Yet wow yes they are bad throng with a of course a bad. And and he basically. You know tacitly. Is saying that violence against immigrants is good because we have a government agency. That's as went immigrants are hurting you specifically that the dome brand of violence he should reported. When your tacitly. You know. When you are pointing at a specific group sensing this specific group is trouble. Here tacitly giving permission to people to react to it just like with the war on terrorism during the bush era if you know if you since I he was instead fast enough. I think especially early with talk and how we're all Americans. Muslims are Americans. So a lot of hate crimes early on you when you Philip you know. Blinked but more than when he sailing getting people out of their caves in need to humanize Muslims off the bat it's hearts at. To get that back in the Bachmann ticket out and so that was enough. I'm charity gives outsize importance to use something that's not really a problem Bradley the actual crimes committed by an document they missed me. Non existent. So. Your albums toys for a teenager debut coming album rent waiting for money for you do yep sounds very threatening to suck and if it can't think that's the area that white majority is supposed to become technical minority which it's funny is that the album is about the fact that that's not important to pry the head. Fifth split you know I can't you can't really wait for 2042 but it's really none point ultimately we needed. Not entitle Mecca that and it won a ST on apple is on the first suspected in wanted to get that they two point. Mainstream American comic is related yeah. I want to ask you about the cover the very thick that they have viewed its provocative. Lieutenant. A UN of the truth he. Its it department that nurtured this but. The photos actually soda asked to be in a sexy Asian and callon their cool also oh lead my friend Katie we took a bunch of pictures from the counter. And easily cover for this album and in this is one of the outtakes. And so if it works so well already as it can you do your best describe it is telling you shorten your its Meehan a USA flag jacket on no undershirt. Provocatively and zipped lake chest hair all up in your face. Tom in in my. South Asian man goodness like it's that that you know it's the I'm very proud of that picks are you how you feel about it when you look at it I'm handsome man look handsome. An argument and the funny thing about it is there's some people who late because they think it's funny just funny. The some people who like because it's like Omega fully confident and also some people's votes really picture. I love the faculty of those things that list. And that I've gotten to do all those things that it was unintentional under the name of the album is going to be mainstream American comic and decided that but. But it is perfect and it looks like an American Apparel ad. It tough thing that and that's intentional. Again now it's that it's both albums really you know they're they're similar in that they talk about. Complete lake what is the place of a person of color and society. And talk about it and the deal I talk about racism and violence. And class and gender and sexuality in the idea of of marginalization and the fact that lake. Being marginalized identity like being a minority groups though makes you mainstream. You know because of that the story. Of the oppressed is the story of America. And so analysts say that was is not funny but late that's basically the theme you see that the route. Both records and the last one units called mainstream American comic. Also because I talk about you know politics for the first and only about. Republicans and Democrats all that much I did for this one so that wasn't an attempt Elton reaped what it can do this thing too which have done so you don't. Anything more do now but like it it's it to me and historically it's kinda like. I don't. I'd rather talk about Obama and the drones as opposed to getting legislation through and let rather talk about. How the legislation is being described what people know roses like. You know the Republicans are being obstructionists they are being obstructionist but to me that's missiles and meet there is more meat went stuff people can relate to in the dated July. You. I commendable. He's immature act if man let me and I absolutely thank you for listening to uncomfortable. If you like what we're doing take imminent leave us the rating and a quick review it helps others define these conversations. And we really does want to hear what you think. Plus we've made it easy just click on the link in the description of this Pakistan. If you have an idea for a show topic Torre asked pleaded and their use or tweet happy about this that's an aide WAT. I FDA Ann Liguori use the hash tag uncomfortable talk. Uncomfortable with the production of ABC news new episodes post every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning. I'm on in the five thanks for listening.

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