Actress Rosario Dawson's Mission for Sustainable Fashion

Dawson teamed up with Abrima Erwieh to launch the fashion line Studio One Eighty Nine.
2:32 | 09/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Actress Rosario Dawson's Mission for Sustainable Fashion
Finally tonight, some unlikely worlds colliding. Hollywood a listers known for their style now putting a spotlight on the true cost of cheap fashion. What does the U.N. Have to do with it? Here is ABC's Sarah Haynes. Reporter: Actress rosario Dawson is on a mission. Far from the red carpet. Amazing. Reporter: To create sustainable fashion that tells a story. People are paying attention to things they hadn't been paying attention to before. Not like going it's sparkly. It's sparkly doesn't seem sustainable. Reporter: Teaming up, the duo launching studio 189, empowering women and low cull artists in pursuit of conscious couture. How can we make sure we are giving something quality, that's why her dyeing skill is really important. Makes it special. That's what you are supporting. In fast fashion where you are getting something for very little. Well if I am not paying for it, who is? Reporter: Dawson a growing number of taste makers pushing back against fast fashion. Arguing that the environmental and human cost far outweigh that cheap price tag. We have to be think about what it means to be making clothes and how you make them and the implications of how you make them. Reporter: Ethical isn't cheap? It's not more expensive because we are making more money. It's because we are addressing negative external costs. You and I have to take responsibility of just asking the question, what is the social and environmental impact you are making this in? What are you doing now? Reporter: This ethos woven into the fiber of row sarthe designs, a U.N. Initiative to create change in the developing world. Going into this was never about a handout sort of idea, it's about partnership. Trying to change that. It's not charity. It's just work. This idea of community and collaboration it is looking at what everyone is doing. They're working with each other. They're doing this work already. It's how can we amplify that. Looking at her and she wants to do vocational training. Looking at let me show you how tie make my beads. A picture is worth a thousand word. The art that well are making have a lot to say. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Sarah Haynes in New York. To find out more about what is driving actors and taste makers who want to change the way we dress, check out the times two youtube channel. J.c.: A very different look at a

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{"id":33554109,"title":"Actress Rosario Dawson's Mission for Sustainable Fashion","duration":"2:32","description":"Dawson teamed up with Abrima Erwieh to launch the fashion line Studio One Eighty Nine.","url":"/Nightline/video/actress-rosario-dawsons-mission-sustainable-fashion-33554109","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}