Jennifer Lawrence: 'I Have a Very Weird Job'

'Silver Linings' actress talks career, Hollywood parties and being star-struck by Meryl Streep.
3:00 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for Jennifer Lawrence: 'I Have a Very Weird Job'
She is the 22 year old actress equally deadly with both bow and -- and ironically cocked eyebrow. Jennifer Lawrence has a second Academy Awards nomination to go with her hunger games' blockbuster cred so. It's fair to say she's firmly on the A list now but you might be surprised at how long. She hopes to stay there ABC's Chris -- got to know -- And our series Oscar confidential. Jennifer Lawrence won best actress saying. She thanked her family -- director fellow cast members and honcho Harvey Weinstein and then. I -- -- but I always illegal to light up that. Her views -- arguing seemed pretty for a little bit become apparent drunk and then I left. -- home just 22 with two best actress nominations already -- resident he's got Hollywood buzzing with the life. Both at her cryptic -- range. And at her refreshingly unspoiled self image. I just have a very weird -- who benefit just remind myself about that it's nothing more than them and then I don't. Start I think becoming head of thinking minutes more dramatic those who lose his job. -- Having sex with everything you know things Oscar. Are nominated this year for director David -- Russell's silver linings playbook. He takes what could've been a rom com spy character and humor manic pixie dream girl. And -- her off kilter widow with vivid captivating a motion. On the dance floor with Bradley Cooper. Toe to toe with this -- Ever since she was would -- -- you. -- -- -- -- I'm why today's happens that's right you while black I don't -- the high today happen consistently that would armor and said and human services. Stare into Robertson euros size and tell him off. Nerve -- I'm really bad about like reading scenes. Before and so I was trying to memorize it likening her makeup trailer and that oh my god I -- going to be -- Robert De Niro and I'm Andy messing up and lines and fortunately the adrenaline kicked him and I and I remembered. You let's just memories -- hair and makeup trailer he. And all you're doing with say it's one of the greatest actors and -- American cinema. -- don't see clearly very feel really add. -- feel terrible. I didn't plan well again that was probably hidden planet couldn't. She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky youngest of three spurning the sports -- Brothers loved. An irrepressible spontaneous. Performer from the -- And could have a -- drain work added we think if anything look away and flats. He didn't put on a new shower act like dress up as a person -- knock on the door deck many Judy in my car broke into these -- Connect none of -- ever assumed I'd be back -- At fourteen Jennifer and her mother took a spring break trip to New York City she was spotted by a talent scout. And I am hardy caught the -- is the first time in my entire life that I felt like -- 100% was made for something in that I could be good at something. That I understood something that I had spent so many years being Austin school and feeling stupid unfunded. -- have been looking SNL found in. Her big break came -- -- those intent with this underdog indie film. Playing an ever resourceful team amid meth and menace on the hardscrabble ozark landscape. -- still adjusting for things and still like and Mike good at this urging these tractors just like me. And then which -- -- happened and and they love to -- And then a couple of years later regret the Oscars and it's just unreal. The critically -- drama earned Lawrence her first Oscar nomination. Never ask -- -- -- would be offered but when she was offered more roles in flannel. She flipped the script. We did and ask where she did I had in a bikini and a -- around him. That Adam magazines and that helped to that actually help yeah. Like that in and doing a sort of I cast mean that's I hire professional he was drop dead gorgeous enough to be cast and X-Men first class -- in crown. Requiring layer upon layer of blue paint to be applied each shooting day we'll I have no modesty and -- I was either standing or sitting on a bicycle seat seven women -- need everywhere and it was horrible. But I can't wait to go back. Defense of the Hunger Games Lawrence is indomitable emotionally torn -- this ever be heroine of what will be the movie trilogy. Yet after being cast in the role she nearly didn't do it. Because it exercises that have been because if that's why -- I knew what to expect to think that with that port -- actors -- no idea. What -- you're getting themselves into I was already in my life changing had a wonderful life and I had this imaginary -- Made -- future myself are would be in soccer mom driving a minivan and -- normal family. I couldn't see that future I said yes to these movies it was. But difficult and it took three days but I've never wants for Anderson -- -- -- -- which is -- because I expected to. -- 400 million dollar blow out the doors -- the film's success reshape not just her own life. But those of her loved ones her mother for one Vassar -- -- She -- -- almost every any home -- -- OK but we don't see you get carried home from a club in this neighborhood Nicholas DeLia Christine that they don't like it hate. And at a stoplight. Clubs and I don't have the stomach for getting really wasted four drinks and I'm parking. And relatives and and my Brothers are really -- -- -- when she does venture out to a soiree acting royalty and lease or slap to. Yeah I saw Meryl Streep at a party one time -- -- -- -- to it to Bill Maher I had. And so he was reaching his hand on -- and literally. Put my hand in his face inlets in the -- even -- -- not that Bill Clinton. And I just stared dinner on I followed her -- And drink and -- -- -- -- Sorry. But as Oscar night -- It's her fellow nominees. Looking up to her what happens when you're into younger actors now like fourteen year -- -- -- improve on engineer somebody like that what's it like to. Talk to people who are where you were like four or five years and it's easy thing really fun and then there's also like a sense of relief for the -- Can be relevant -- I'm Chris Connolly for Nightline. In Los Angeles. He'll be relevant for awhile -- to break it to you thanks to Chris -- you can watch the Oscars right here on ABC next Sunday February 40 forcing other works out.

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{"id":18472259,"title":"Jennifer Lawrence: 'I Have a Very Weird Job'","duration":"3:00","description":"'Silver Linings' actress talks career, Hollywood parties and being star-struck by Meryl Streep.","url":"/Nightline/video/jennifer-lawrence-oscar-frontrunner-18472259","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}