'Joy' Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper on On-Screen Chemistry

Lawrence, Cooper and Robert De Niro team up again for director David O'Russell's newest film.
7:09 | 12/15/15

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Transcript for 'Joy' Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper on On-Screen Chemistry
Test Text1 plain The all-star team that brought us "Silver linings playbook" is back together. Bradley cooper, Jennifer lawyer rence, Robert de Niro combine forces again. What's the moment cooper says he bonded with Lawrence? Here's "20/20" coanchor Elizabeth vargas. What are you doing here? Reporter: In "Joy" Jennifer reunites with her "Silver linings playbook" and "American hustle" costars Bradley cop cooper and Robert de Niro playing the woman who invented the miracle mop. All races and all classes can meet and make whatever opportunities they can. A lot of people have talked about the fact that so many of you who have worked so many times together now have a special chemistry. David, what sit? What sit that Bradley and Jennifer have? When we met her she was 20 years old. She had not had "Unhunger games" yet. She asked Robert de Niro what it was like to be recognized on the street. I asked cooper. About tabloids. The tabloids say you're dating J. Lo, is that true? Well? I do remember that. Then David called "Action!" Reporter: It's loosely based on the rags to riches story of joy man noun go, who became a mega inventor, business mogul, home shopping superstar. I don't go through a single day of my life without using this product. Reporter: Edgar Ramirez plays joy's ex-husband who lives in her basement. Julia Madsen plays her mother. You're like a gas leak. We don't smell you, don't see you, but you're killing us all. How many of you met joy? We all did. What did you think of her? Awesome. Fantastic. She's amazing. She really inspired David and I both with joy's energy. She just has this very calm, strong, very kind, very maternal, strength. And it inspired both of us. We were really impressed by her. Jimmy: Joy worked with zone rivers at QVC. In the movie Melissa rivers make at cameo as her mother. You look great, good luck today. Reporter: Alongside Robert de Niro's daughter drina. Robert's daughter, who's completely transformed, she and Melissa rivers, daughter of Joan rivers, could have gone for an hour, we were mesmerized by them. In the film the seen with Joan rivers, with Melissa playing her mom, definitely pulled a heart string in me for sure. Reporter: Bradley cooper plays Neil walker, the QVC executive who gives joy her big break selling the miracle mop on live television. Do you know what QVC stands for, joy? No, I don't. Quality, value, convenience. I'm curious, as actors do you know you have that chemistry? Yes. Do you only see it -- yes? Yeah, I was just thinking about when he was talking. Like yeah, what sit like when I'm with you, I feel very safe. Safe? I feel like I can turn my brain off as an actor and just -- yeah, I just feel safe I guess is the word. David made us a bizarre kind of form of siblings in a way. Really? I think going through -- having to learn that dance routine. You're right. We didn't know each other at all. "Silver linings playbook." I think that had a lot to do with it. Reporter: Robert de Niro is joy's father. He has no place else to go. He's been living in my house two years. Dad, I'm so sorry. Tony's living in the basement. Your ex-husband shouldn't be living in your basement. That's not the proper way to be divorced. Well, he's a loving father. I think he's -- I guess we were talking about this -- he's a romantic. It's a family, you don't know what the hell's going on, who's what, why, the reasons, you have to learn to forgive. Maybe you don't forgive certain bad behavior. And that's my situation with her. You encourage her but at the same time you shut her down. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. It's painful sometimes to watch. You're sort of laughing but you're thinking, ouch. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah. I was valedictorian in high school. I got into a fancy college. I stayed here because my parents are getting divorced. Reporter: It's no wonder Russell cast Lawrence in his very first film with a female lead. A doctor, a lawyer, a nice man instead of this -- I don't know what to call this guy. Are you seriously talking about this right now? We have to do it in a new way. Had to be quite. Quiet fierceness. Which many people have said is more powerful, first role we've done where she's not crazy. Reporter: The real joy approves. I never had a doubt. Not 1 minute did I ever have a doubt he was going to do something amazing. Having Jennifer play the role of joy, it doesn't get better than that. Reporter: Lawrence dug deep for the role, even learning a little Spanish from costar Edgar Ramirez. How'd she do in Spanish. She's great. Really great teacher. You're a great student. Reporter: As joy's depressed mother, Virginia Madsen's character forces joy to be the de facto matriarch. I feel so much better about being with -- Don't answer that. There's no such thing as a Normal family. All families are eccentric. All families are a little dysfunctional. Reporter: Mangano may have served as the film's executive producer but the inside scoop on home shopping came from one unlikely shopper. Bradley cooper's mother was an unofficial consultant on the picture because she religiously watched the show. This was a precursor of the internet, of 24 hour -- She ordered a couple of products the other day. Your mom's a big QVC shopper? Massive. She told me why she loves spokes models. They were the only people she could stay up all night watching. Have any of you ever bought anything on QVC? Cooper -- cooper's mother -- I tried but I forgot I tivo'd the episode I was watching, so it wasn't live. I love that you're using the term tivo, which makes you as old as me. You tivo'd QVC? When I wanted to watch joy. Reporter: David o'russell's golden touch is translating into golden globe nominations. She should be in a skirt, she's got long legs. Joan rivers wants me in a skirt, I want pants. You've been nominated for a golden globe, best actress. Amy Schumer, one of your best friends, said you're going down. I hope I am. I want to see that sweet little ass up on that stage. I'm trying to organize us wearing the same exact thing. That's my dream. You going to root for her, for you? We're both rooting for her. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Elizabeth vargas in New York City. "Joy" hits theaters Christmas day.

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{"duration":"7:09","description":"Lawrence, Cooper and Robert De Niro team up again for director David O'Russell's newest film.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"35769587","title":"'Joy' Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper on On-Screen Chemistry","url":"/Nightline/video/joy-stars-jennifer-lawrence-bradley-cooper-screen-chemistry-35769587"}