Superstorm Sandy: Breezy Point Residents Visit Destroyed Homes

Producers Jim DuBreuil, Keturah Gray reunite with residents whose homes were burned and flooded.
3:00 | 11/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Superstorm Sandy: Breezy Point Residents Visit Destroyed Homes
It has been seven days since hurricane sandy tore across the East Coast causing an estimated fifty. Billion dollars in damage. Where the hardest hit communities New York's a breezy point where tonight -- -- our producers returned to the ruins to thank the people who help them. Get out alive here's ABC's juju Chang. They have been involved -- have -- law. -- them -- hundred homes gone. It was an emotional journey back to breezy point -- -- -- To look for people -- last seen sandy tore into the shore community and they were running for their lives. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Less than we -- with the fire. Jim do drilling could -- gray was on assignment for ABC news the only journalists inside the skating community it's like apocalypse has hit would emit eighty mile an hour winds in the thirteen foot storm surge -- fire erupted and began jumping house to house that have. -- the parking lot there were all cars back here it's all done. This is what breezy looked like when -- tour of first arrived on the list. So you guys came here to do serve as a whole the people that. Generally if you want to protect their homes -- just gonna check on. Very apparent introduce them to her neighbors who inspired an evacuation order had decided to ride -- -- They all lived here on Irving walk cooks. Assessments. You -- and -- hamlets when the storm first ruled in. It's not like you -- Mary and her sister JoAnne were defiant and -- -- -- -- Then the fire broke out. I'm really it's it's. This was accounts we were all sitting here you're sitting on the scabs and -- up this window and. Seeing fire coming right at us we're not a -- while we're not see they might not have meted out -- line. I should never really stated we should have evacuated but I'm glad I stayed was able to help you people. Joseph is an off duty New York City firefighter. He led the group through my -- week -- -- to his house was facing a violent side and I cite you on the other they. I can I can be that there was no stopping this blaze they had to fully Joe's house to. All for a -- -- emergency vehicles were dead in the water. The -- all volunteer fire department was forced to evacuate people on both the -- pounding on doors -- it will get out -- -- and got two minutes. And not around one breaking the door down -- -- -- Brian Doyle is a volunteer fireman he was on duty that night. -- in -- -- ended up here at saint Thomas Borchardt. Right now we're at church -- about forty a -- That are as these speaker about to be evacuated and taken out here on -- spot. -- -- community that lost the most people during 9/11 firefighters cops christianity was -- Horribly tonight. This is the first Sunday mass since the floodwaters receded from these pews. -- -- I've given -- want to think about -- right now. And this is Erving Walker now the houses gone. Their residents. All survive and -- miles men were -- -- we slammed down his war but the firefighters to save them their fire truck's hoses even their radios were all lost. Today they're limping out on calls -- and we were there with borrowed two year on borrowed trucks. This one turned out to be a false alarm. But the community of breezy is clearly vulnerable and in these conditions it's obvious it isn't just the fire department -- -- need. This place and so many others like it up and down the coast from the rockaway is to Staten islands to the Jersey Shore. All need help to rise from the ashes. Rebuild her sense kicks my comments. Back to have placed back to. Parties on the fact that -- But -- gotta think thankful for Nightline I'm juju Chang in breezy point New York. Our thanks to the people who breezy as well as do you GM and -- --

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{"id":17649185,"title":"Superstorm Sandy: Breezy Point Residents Visit Destroyed Homes ","duration":"3:00","description":"Producers Jim DuBreuil, Keturah Gray reunite with residents whose homes were burned and flooded.","url":"/Nightline/video/superstorm-sandy-breezy-point-residents-visit-destroyed-homes-17649185","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}