How Suzy Favor Hamilton Went From Olympian to Vegas Escort

For the first time, the three-time Olympic athlete is revealing what fueled her double life as a high-priced call girl.
6:51 | 09/12/15

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Transcript for How Suzy Favor Hamilton Went From Olympian to Vegas Escort
How does a former olympian rising star fall into a dark world as a paid Las Vegas escort? Tonight Susie Faber Hamilton gets candid with Elizabeth vargas about her life, her lies and the medical diagnosis that changed it all. Reporter: Susie Faber Hamilton has been running for most of her life. A famous olympian known for cover shots and commercials. But now living a secret double life. Why shouldn't I get paid for sex? One day I had run a half marathon in the morning in a different state. Got to Vegas. Had five appointments. Reporter: When you say five appointments? Five different clients I saw that day. Reporter: You slept with five different men. Until one day her world comes crashing down. My life went from the all-american girl to the whore overnight. Reporter: The early 1990s are a time of hope and optimism for Susie. She and her long time boyfriend mark get married the week after graduation. How did you feel watching her, proud? Yeah, absolutely. Very proud. It was pretty cool. Susie Hamilton, U.S. Middle distance runner. Reporter: As the olympics approach the glamorous blond is solid gold. Endorsements from shampoo and shoe companies come quickly. Pump up and air out. Reporter: That was putting this extra pressure on. Reporter: To do what though? To make the next olympic team. To win a gold medal. One of the medal favorites. Reporter: She is at the starting line at the women's 1500 in the Sydney olympics. When I got to the starting line I just wanted to vanish. I told myself just fall. Into the home straight away. Susan Faber Hamilton has fall in down. Reporter: How long did you keep the story alive that you were injured and not that you deliberately fell? For a long time. Long, long time. Reporter: Humiliated the one time cover girl begins to slide into depression. What did it look like? Ugly. It was just anger. I saw anger for the first time in her. Reporter: Mark insists his wife get medical help. After trial and error with various anti-depressants, Susie believes she found one that works. But things continue to go downhill on the home front. Had the two of you lost your spark attraction for each other? Yeah, I was not very attracted to my wife. I know she felt the same. We needed a spark to the relationship. Reporter: Susie suggests a trip to Las Vegas for the 20th wedding anniversary. But she has something more in mind than slot machines and the Celine Dion show. We decided why don't we try a threesome? Reporter: A threesome? Yeah, something we talked about. Reporter: Forgive me that's not on most people's bucket list. I kind of felt like why isn't everybody else doing this, why isn't everybody living life to the fullest? Reporter: Susie is vacay. Watch spenng. Meanini needed watch kki. She'the spenr. M the sar. Somobile king frotd Bankhelps keep trk... E was Ju B we gottao. M Nikki. Man atd Bank. At? Cc1 Test message't get up and say I am leaving you this is crazy. Sometimes I wonder that too to be honest. It's what I did though. I tuned out. You live your life. I live my life. Reporter: Very quickly you begin working under the pseudonym of Kelly Lundy. Yes. Reporter: She advertises her services with these alluring photos. Her price $600 an hour. Reporter: Were you worried someone was going to recognize you and figure out you were Susie Faber Hamilton. I was completely delusional. Whatever it took, whatever risk I was going to do it. Reporter: Any gambler will tell you luck can't last forever. I'm waiting for the elevator. I hear this man go, hey, Susie. I'm like, oh it's just another runner. Reporter: No, not a runner. But investigative journalist William Bastone, co-founder of smoking And he's got the goods. According to Susie, he tells her he has spoken to several clients and also matched the dates of Kelly's availabilities with Susie's public appearances. I just, I about wanted to, just, die at that moment. Because I knew, I knew my life was probably over. Reporter: Two weeks later the story hits with the force of a freight train. Susie Faber Hamilton was working as a high priced las Vegas escort. This is unbelievable. There was so much hate mail pouring in. Said you need to kill yourself. Reporter: Worried Susie might in fact do just that, mark calls the family doctor. Finally the question of how all of this happened is answered. Susie is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Were you surprise to find out you were bipolar? Completely shocked. Reporter: And one other key insight. One of Susie's doctors, Claudia rierdan explained anti-depressants can help some. In Susie's case it compounded symptoms. We see symptoms, hypersexuality. Spending lots of money. Engaging in lots of reckless kinds of behaviors because people generally aren't in the state of mind to think through to the consequences of those kinds of behaviors. Reporter: It has taken years of therapy, medication, and determination for suesie to control her mental illness and confront the horror of her past. Yet the ghost still lingers. Susie hasn't thrown out her Vegas outfits. It is interesting that I kept the stuff. It remind me of this Kelly and this sex and all of the crazy things she did. A and -- Reporter: Today hooked. She is in a world of and freedom. It came back. It was such anexe.trem so .slow in goacg bk toy mrd oyinar .life Or return. This time alone. Reporter: You Peick up a man in a bar and have sex. Dhow you thenak mp jum to I will get paid for sex? Awe thought was thatbulb

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"For the first time, the three-time Olympic athlete is revealing what fueled her double life as a high-priced call girl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"33705502","title":"How Suzy Favor Hamilton Went From Olympian to Vegas Escort","url":"/Nightline/video/suzy-favor-hamilton-olympian-vegas-escort-33705502"}