World champion rock climber's history-making free climb in Africa

Sasha DiGiulian became the first woman to free-climb Madagascar's Mora Mora, documenting the heart-stopping vertical push along the way.
6:36 | 09/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for World champion rock climber's history-making free climb in Africa
The view above the clouds. Never gets old for Sasha de Julien. Even though this is her day job. This is the view. Reporter: The 24-year-old is a Columbia university grad. A rock-climbing phenom. And social media sensation. More than 500,000 followers. All the cookies for me! Reporter: She's once again looking to make history, to become the first woman to free climb Africa's mora-mora. A massive natural wall of vertical granite at over 2,300 feet to the top. It's really a personal journey. It's like climbing isn't in competition with anyone else but yourself. Reporter: We first met Sasha in 2014. The then-college junior was attempting sardinia's mad man's journey. This is by far the hardest I've ever attempted. Reporter: Sasha lives for cliffs so steep, so remote, they seem impossible for any human to conquer. Sasha is definitely the forefront of female rock climbers. She's certainly one of the best in the world. Reporter: With a camera crew in tow and her climbing partner Ed jumaren, they took their shot. I'm almost invincible today. Fy fall, I'll be falling fearlessly. I came over the ledge with my left hand. We made it! There's eddy's face with a big smile. All we could articulate was, whoo-hoo! Reporter: Sasha rates that climb as one of the most transformative in her life. Her father had died suddenly just two months earlier. You know what's special about being here is that he's Italian. I know that he would -- if he was around, he'd pull out the map and be like, this is where the family's from! It really makes you feel like life is really sacred. The main thing that has increased in the last three years is my confidence in myself. Reporter: This time that confidence is pushing her to Madagascar's mora-mora. Only one person has ever successfully free climbed it before. Looks pretty big up close. Reporter: Free climbing is no joke. Sasha and edju can't use extra aid to get up the wall, just their hands and feet. Sometimes just their fingertips and toes. Every move is super delicate. It's like tiptoeing. And dancing on your feet. Super balletic climb. Reporter: The rope only there in case they fall. Once again, her sponsor, red bull, documenting the effort. Scramble to the top. Reporter: Sasha and edju scale different sections of the wall every day for nearly a month, mapping the best route to the top. It's an intense experience, forcing them to work closely. My favorite thing about eddy is I can trust him a lot. My favorite thing of Sasha is always it's happy and always a smile. And for sure it's super beautiful as well. Reporter: Their chemistry is clearly visible. On and off the mountain. For sure I have love with Sasha. It's my preferred partner. No, I'm not answering that, no dating questions. Reporter: No doubt their relationship is tested on this climb. I think we're about done with each other by the end of this. Reporter: For ten days they won't come down to sleep. Their nights will be spent on this. We have just mounted the portal edge. This is what it looks like. This is the view. Basically going to be sleeping like this tonight. Reporter: A port-a-ledge, a 4 X 7 foot piece of material. Amazing! . Reporter: That Sasha calls a flat hammock. At that height everything you take for granted on the ground becomes a challenge. We have bread. Seafood. Silverware. Coconut shells. So luxurious. Keeping that dental hygiene up. This is the way I live. Reporter: Those all-important private moments, not so private. What's happening? I am here. He's peeing. It's a good test for us. Because -- we don't have wine coffee. No phones. Maybe like 11 hours of waiting. Nothing to do. Nothing? Nothing. Something? Something. Maybe. Reporter: The final push takes three days to get from the bottom to the top of mora-mora without falling, requiring both physical and mental toughness. That's something Sasha was working on last year when I met her at red bull's performing under pressure camp, where extreme athletes sharpen their mental game. When you're hanging literally by your fingertips, what kind of fear enters into your mind? What are you thinking? In climbing you enter different Zones of thought. When I'm performing my best, I'm solely thinking of what's inside of me. Today is the third day on the wall. You can see what we came through -- Reporter: On their last day of climbing at mora-mora -- Yeah! Reporter: Edju and Sasha's helmet cameras capture the final push to the top. I see the summit. You see the summit? Ten meters. Reporter: Sasha claiming her spot in history. We made the summit! Finally. Amazing experience. Reporter: We can harly wait to see what her next challenge will be. You can be feminine but also a bad-ass. There's no sort of mold for a certain identity. Be who you want to be.

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{"id":49840023,"title":"World champion rock climber's history-making free climb in Africa","duration":"6:36","description":"Sasha DiGiulian became the first woman to free-climb Madagascar's Mora Mora, documenting the heart-stopping vertical push along the way.","url":"/Nightline/video/world-champion-rock-climbers-history-making-free-climb-49840023","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}