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Byron Pitts, Juju Chang and Dan Harris


The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her startup Theranos

Holmes said her blood-testing startup, once valued at $9 billion, could change the world - then whistleblowers alleged her company's technology was fraudulent. Holmes denies any wrongdoing.
Mar 15

Federal investigation into college admission scheme launches new complaints

Two college students are the first to file a class action lawsuit against eight elite colleges named in the case, and new information on the alleged ringleader of the scam.
Mar 15

How police tracked the serial bomber who terrorized Austin for 19 days: Part 1

A year after one of the most prolific bombers in U.S. history killed two people and wounded five others, law enforcement takes "Nightline" through the investigation.
Mar 14

The moment one of the most prolific bombers in US history was taken down: Part 2

Riveting footage provides unprecedented access to the night law enforcement took down Austin bombing suspect Mark Conditt.
Mar 14

'Queen of Versailles' family turn attention to drug epidemic after losing daughter

After Victoria Siegel overdosed at just 18, her family, famous for attempting to build America's largest mansion, devoted themselves to honoring her memory by taking on the opioid epidemic.
Mar 12