2012 World Series Champions Honored at White House

President Obama holds ceremony to honor the San Francisco Giants' victory last October.
8:06 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for 2012 World Series Champions Honored at White House
I want to -- are recognizing all the fans. Of the orange and black with us today included examines -- Comair -- late -- in the house. One of your number one fans in Washington. Leader Nancy Pelosi is there. Season ticket all -- All the members of congress that we got here today we're we're we're glad you -- -- here and we want to recognize as well. Larry -- And GM Brian. Save him. For building yet a another championship team give them big round of applause. And of course we've got. Somebody -- -- -- -- younger every time I see you. The same executive Willie Mays in the how. And of course we've got a big. Give a big congratulations. To manager. Bruce -- -- just last week -- greats like. John McGraw and and Joseph Torre as one of the one of only 21 managers to -- 15100 games that is an incredible -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one cataloged all of these guys -- -- here celebrating. Their last World Series title. Some things apparently don't change. The giants stole one behind stellar pitching. And smothering defense. And timely hitting. And even though they used a different -- -- down the stretch. This -- still had a beard to fear. -- yet. On the other -- some things -- change. In 2010. It took five games to close -- the World Series. This year it only took full. There are some new faces standing behind me some new nicknames. We got the reverend. -- blockbuster. We've even got new haircuts and -- -- Others they don't right now as many more. And of course there were new moments -- right into the history books as well. During the regular season Matt Cain threw. -- franchise's first perfect game where they record tying fourteen strikeouts. But suppose they return from injury. I wish I was that young you just gotta snap back. Comes back it's it's 33624. Home runs and -- The National League MB -- In the playoffs the giants drop first two games to the reds forcing them to run off. Three straight. -- to stay alive -- that against the cardinals they had to come back from a three to one -- -- in seven games. In all of this team faced elimination a total of six times in the playoffs. It's no wonder that your own fans still refer to giants baseball as torture. But in the World Series. They decided take a little easier on on giants fans. In game one. -- send -- -- came out swinging with a record tying three home runs on his way to. Becoming the World Series MVP eight. Three games later -- were out. It was time for more fireworks over north beach and other parade down market street. And we -- championships this team has added another chapter to the -- legacy of players like Mays and McCovey and parent. And I think it's time -- a few more names that list Lincecum and Cain and Posey and Kung Fu panda. So. As the giants -- every -- A baseball. Can be even bigger than all stars and Cy Young winners of the junior giants program uses baseball -- integrity and leadership. And teamwork to more than 20000 children. Of the team recently won a national award for the support of the LG BT community. Two years ago the giants became the first. Professional sports -- -- record. And it gets better video to help -- viewed. I'm proud to announce the next season they're planning to turn the center field bleachers and AT&T park. In what's believed to be the first ever edible garden. In a major American sports facility. With -- of -- and strawberry is -- plant. The giants are gonna help -- local -- healthy even at the ballpark. I should -- even Michelle would say it's okay have a hot dog once -- while. I don't -- Herbert get carried away and think -- after -- every time ago ballpark. So today. We are proud to honor the giants not only for being champions on the dime. But also being champions for the entire San Francisco community as well. They represent their city proudly and they do a great job -- And on that note let's hear one more time for the world champion. San Francisco Giants. On behalf of the giants I want to thank you for hosting us today -- for recognizing. Not only our World Series championships. But also our community service. In fact it's a -- that we really do take great pride in the work we do in the community. And I think that the deep bond we have with our fans is really a byproduct. Of the work we do in the community. It's truly an honor to be back here in the White House just a short short time after our most recent visit we like to make this a regular occurrence. Winning a second world championship in three years in the journey the team. Took to get there as you mentioned six elimination games and then the sweep against the tigers does speak volumes about the tenacity and character. Of the men appear on the stage the coaches and the players and -- our manager. -- front office your words are deeply appreciated. In your acknowledgment as deeply appreciated. It must also not go unnoticed. That we weren't the only ones separate celebrating a second victory in November. One one short week one short week after the final out in Detroit. You're reelected. I want to congratulate you on that hard fought campaign and we wish you all the best in your current term. As you work so hard to move the country forward we appreciate all your efforts. And now we have a few souvenirs from the World Series championship -- I'd like our future hall of fame manager Bruce -- -- And the reigning MVP Buster Posey to present. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mr. President a personal thank you -- -- -- on behalf of the world champions' here you and San Francisco Giants. We want to present you with a couple view here is there. Thank you for taking time out today for action on -- -- -- thank you very much as well. A got a world serves all combat and you should know that I can't read any other signatures. But it's greatly appreciated thank you so much.

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{"id":19807631,"title":"2012 World Series Champions Honored at White House","duration":"8:06","description":"President Obama holds ceremony to honor the San Francisco Giants' victory last October.","url":"/Politics/video/2012-world-series-champion-san-francisco-giants-honored-19807631","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}