ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, November 19, 2020

Biden COVID-19 task force member: Transition delays ‘translate into lives lost’; America’s growing hunger crisis; Michigan secretary of state: ‘No legal or factual basis’ to question election results
50:43 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, November 19, 2020
They terrifying close calls here in New York. Authorities say a man push this woman off the platform just as the train was approaching. Thankfully she was able to roll out of the way just in time for the train barely grazing her the suspect was arrested she suffered minor injuries. It was once an unthinkable milestone 250000. Americans dead I fill my my family. Ripped away from me back from an eyewitness that good art in depth report tonight into the lions lost and those forever changed. This pounds. I'm it was. Tonight the president elect once again is urging the trump administration to cooperate there's no excuse. Sure the damage ministry game plan. As tonight to CDC urges Americans. To travel for Thanksgiving. And this pandemic exacerbating America's hunger crisis Sarah night. Most tonight here from just a few of the millions of Americans struggling to put food on the table. And it appears to be the future of film at least for the time being. The blockbuster deal. You'll be able to enjoy rights and the comfort of your home this holiday season. Good evening I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. January 29 that was the day of the first known death in the US from corona virus within weeks America's financial capital came under assault with Kobe killing thousands before making its deadly spread to other cities and counties it's now ravaging America's heartland. As of this moment 251970. Americans have died from coma nineteen. Every fifteen minutes ten Americans die yet unlike so many American track shootings this one hasn't brought us together some Americans still believe the pandemic. Its fate does this is summing leads us off with the impact of the lines loss in the communities that have shouldered the biggest burden. Live. Golden Eagles. Steele's uncertain time anyway I have finally you know my mama doesn't think and Reston halfback pass last night I. And name he's I don't know yeah. Here in the heart of rural Georgia reverend Willard westerners praying for mercy from the corona sped eagle war. To keep it from stealing more lives. I think they now play mean and mean the way. The young lady and when your last moment we must let us. Me. That's artist Baptist Church in Dawson this is what services looked like before the pandemic. These are services here today streamed online with only a few people. Willing to sit in the pews families are still worried. And they come to church they could get sick and die. Even the Wednesday night Bible studies now broadcast from pastor's home Karachi to be latest. It wants you to do. I. We wouldn't be visiting this place if it weren't for these next unfortunate facts there were 32 people here who died of Covert nineteen during the height of the pandemic. Making the death rate here at the twelfth deadliest of any county in the country. This is Terrell Tony George. The birthplace of Otis Redding whose blue songs are the pride of the peak hour tomorrow. Yard. Hated formal school. It is far away from the slick streets and fancy restaurants of any big city home to about 9000 people most of them black. And most of them poor. Across America there is a new sign post on the very tragic road more than a quarter million people in this country have now died from Kobe ninety. ABC news has joined our ABC owned stations in cities across the country taking a closer look at the data. And it underlines the 100 counties in the country with the highest rate of death many of them rural and Cold War. Real and rule America party has. B capacity prom when it comes to health care. There is just not the same level of access as there is being urban Hobbs. What were actually seen when we look at our data. Rule communities actually experience a much more severe spike in cases and death than what we see in urban areas which. Shows that these epidemics are much more drawn out so if you have a massive spike in cases and deaths. The whole systems there that are still even open just can't withstand the week that volume of patients. And thereby from that many people and and I'm just because of lack of access to quality care. Both Randolph and Carroll counties and ruled Georgia are so terribly high on the list. That the ministers here had trouble clearing the red clay from their shoes. Off and had to lead more than one funeral a day. This town start. And it. It was. One of reverend Weston's ministers Polly and Tolbert got sick and marched and died a few weeks later it was a double funeral. The corona virus killed her husband mr. Benjamin Tolbert to. The reverend was set to deliver the eulogy about an hour before the graveside service when the phone rang in his pocket. That is called my fourth of the community. He was the he was like my big drop. We were raised in house together. And so force that he was that gathered always look to the strength when mom dad when Afghanistan. A month. And I grant prepares to act and their perfectly straight. And I'd get a call and we didn't know he was no. Heat peaking you'll quite. A quickly. He says this is how it was for months people managing their own grief. As they were helping neighbors get through tears and giving a hug or shoulder to cry on felt deadly that has to be hard. Because I'm assuming that every time someone went to a hospital. You worry they weren't coming back exactly. And that alone. And then they couldn't forget about them and sometimes feel Loewen group. That's been nervous. And a big day. I think that the status about your faith was tested it was it was definitely. North eighth and got exactly. What Tulsa Taylor says she's being tested to her aunt dismissed Polly hand. And after burying the told Kurtz she had to bury her own mother just two months later. This anatomy and raised have. I'm. Now that's. Davis was prayer. Is her obituary. I'm out and me in ways. I'm probably have an open bases. The day. After her fear. In an on the town. Patty cope how do you deal would. My mom's been our labs every now. And their parents exists heavenly. Go away as Phil I and my family of the ripped away from me about something that we and that's the dogs. They were good says Julie just in notably with us today. But they were ripped away. In in state. So quickly. And is down haven't come soon goes with it what do you stage to. All of those people who want to say that. These deaths are made well. I can't he absolutely can't use bad. When I would pay. Three deaths as he begins. They are all hand found relations are coping mine scene. So whatever this virus is. People Bel Air Billy. All our had a preexisting conditions it was really a big game. And people die. Now I've never seen me anything else. And my 41 years of being. There has taken people out like that. So there Heston is some truth so it. She says the corona virus has broken her heart into pieces and believes that if her mother lived in a big city with access to better health care. She might still be alive today. Does it feel like. The rest of the country forgets. About rural areas absolutely. Since the lives that's moll Fabian does not found in ours cannot I would downing fears we're -- them out. When I've talked about. The pastor said something that caught our attention. That in his town there's no hospital but plenty of funeral homes haven't educated and hospital but you have four funeral camps for fumes. Exact. Woods sex. I mean I'm sure that's not by design. But it just is crazy that you have for funeral homes in the lines mr. Mr. It's just it's like it it's almost. It's our serve like who were ready for the dead. But. We're not. Taking terrible and it can. You. But when you look at the number of deaths and take a step back and think about what 250000. Lives really look like. It's a bit overwhelming a match and turning on the news and learning that the entire city of Birmingham Alabama is goal. Oh what about Salt Lake City or roughly the population of Reno Nevada. Or buffalo new York and my hometown of Peoria Illinois with a population of about a 1101000. Everyone gone. More than two times over and when you look at the number who have been infected in this country more than eleven million Americans that's more people in who live and all but ten states. More people than in North Carolina and Georgia the toxic Taylor says like many people here she's tired of being sat. My mom would have been celebrating ahead sixties advent. On Monday. This is live I don't know had to succumb and celebrate. My birthday mr. This is the one place in the world where her heart aches the hardest. She told us to share the she's in counseling. And that everyone needs to take the corona virus seriously. Do whatever you have to did have a tape just every year family. Acknowledges Brescia job. Since being bad. You know is delayed. Becomes an ideal are dying. I'll ask that if there ever. Peabody I here to stay by amber. Bed. You know and deal with the agreed to -- mean less. For ABC news lie I'm Steve Olson Sonny. In south torture. For funeral homes but no hospital that says it all our thanks to Steve for bringing us that in with the virus surging across the country president elect Joseph Biden's once again warning that American lives are at stage. If the president refuses to work with him and coordinate each Mary Bruce reports in tonight from Wellington. Tonight president trump is nowhere to be seen as the country is reeling from a resurgent pandemic he hasn't held a public event in nearly a week. Instead of focusing on the virus the president is singularly focused on the election refusing to recognize he's lost or coordinate with Joseph Biden. On the transition. And local health officials in the briefing room today the vice president not taking any questions from reporters asking. Where is the president expressed. The president elect growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of the American people fighting today meeting virtually with a group of bipartisan governors. My transition team. Hasn't been able to get access to information we need to be able to deal with everything from testing new guidance to all important issue. Vaccine distributions and vaccinations. We asked him about the consequences. How many lives you think are at risk here if this transition army and salt is no excuse. Not to share the data and let us begin to plan. Because on day one it's going to take us time if we don't have access all of this data. It's gonna put us behind the eight ball by a matter and one for more. And that's why it's probably would be lost as a consequence I can't tell you. Almost all of the president's legal challenges have been dismissed. Hitting dead ends trumpet his campaign are now looking to friendly state lawmakers and election officials to try to overturn the results in key states states -- in one by tens of thousands of votes. What do you think the president is doing what are Americans witnessing here. We choose my words. I think through and is seen incredible irresponsibility. Incredibly damaging messages being sent to the rest were all about democracy functions. And I think it is. Well I don't know is motive but I just think is totally response. And he had strong words for the president's actions questioning if they're even legal. Fuel wood down in history. As we were most irresponsible presence in American history. It's. It's just. Not even within the norm at all his questions whether it's even legal. Some scathing words there from the president elect Mary Busch joins us now from Wilmington Delaware and very there was news today from Michigan where the president lost by nearly 150000. Votes first we learned the president called the two Republican officials who percentage they would not certify the votes of majority black Detroit H then changed their minds and then later tried to rescind their votes but now the president is inviting Republican state lawmakers to the white. Else. Yes let the heat it and this is all part of a really shockingly bold last ditch attempt by the president does not trying to change the election results in this state you know today we saw the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani holding that link the press conference he was laid it with false statement and again no evidence. Of any voter fraud and in fact tonight the government official tasked with ensuring election security Chris crabs or colleagues he's the one that the president fired earlier this week for simply stating that there was no voter fraud he's calling that Giuliani press conference the most dangerous hour and 45 minutes of television. In American history Lindsay. Wow and married just moments after the president elect's briefing finished a White House corona virus task force brief the public from the White House for the first time in amongst each we know the Democrats have called for collaboration but what are Republicans saying tonight about the calls the administration to work with Biden's teen. All we have seen some growing calls from Republicans on the hill urging. The White House and the trauma team to go ahead and cooperate with the Biden administration but of course they either going to many Republicans who still refused publicly even admit. Did you nobody willing fact be the next president and they have very little power here in the can try to persuade publicly try to ramp up some pressure but of course they Marty adjourn for the Thanksgiving holiday and all of this really comes down to president dropped his team in the official at the GSA is in charge of ensuring that the transfer in the transition. Actually again. Mary Bruce from Wilmington Delaware thanks so much. And for more on the presidential transition we now bring in doctor Celine downed era member of president elect Biden's comment nineteen task force and an infectious disease specialist at Bellevue Hospital Center doctor Janet thank you for joining us especially during this extremely busy time which of course president trump has not conceded defeat in the GSA has not officially started the transition process what contact have you had with the current administration's coming task force and how much. Has the lack of coordination sent back your teen. One partially we simply cannot have formal contacts with the current administration with our counter part. On the White House colonel Myers task force until the GF Amos forward with ascertainment. Every day that goes by without ascertainment everyday that goes by we're not having those conversations. Is a day lock in terms of moving forward on plans or testing for vaccinations. And so on end and all of that will translate into lives lot. Now you could be talking with the White House corona virus task force what types of conversations would be happening right now. Well it really liked to know a few things one is. In terms of the supply chain. Where we act in terms of personal protective equipment panel leaders in my iron hammer earlier this year we discovered that many of the battle leaders in the stock pile didn't work. So we really need to know what supplies we have at our disposal where and how easily they can be redeployed based on where they're needed we also would really like to know where things are. Are at those terms of negotiating. With pharmaceutical companies for. Vaccines for the monoclonal antibody treatments. So that week. And figure out a district is energized about distribution and and some of that also including conversations with other. Members of the private sector so for example retail pharmacy chains or state and local officials again this kind of distribution is seen Matt Ridley adjustable challenge and Americans probably don't remember her. The polio days at the last time we really had to do that scale of mass vaccination. And Joseph Biden of course safeguards on January 20 to the same time it's believed that a vaccine may already be authorized how earlier task force handled. Well in terms of how how to scale up the vaccine. You know we're really gonna be emphasizing distribution youth Frontline health care workers essential workers. People who are at highest risk so that include people for example living in. Nursing homes. Assistant think facility is. And then we also realize that communities of color had to face a disproportionate burden. The primaries endemic they will be among those ardent. But you know at a partnered. Part of Billy just six years also figuring out which of these vaccines will work for which of these populations that's. Because of the characters. In the patients the vaccine and and the distribution characteristics. NIH director Francis Collins said that when 19% of Americans need to take the vaccine this pandemic to end quickly realistically. How many Americans do you think will actually taken and how can change hearts and minds honest. Well unfortunately there are a lot of vaccine skeptics there are a lot of people who are hesitant to get vaccinated even before on a virus. For any number of reasons some of them don't wanna be told by the government and do some of them are suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry. Some people think while natural infection is better which it is not. And then now it you have all of this when his position and injected into the approval of this. Current vaccine or the current vaccines are buyers. And so I can understand why people are skeptical I would say. That we are not putting pressure on the FDA the Biden Harris team we're not putting pressure on the FDA she expedite. The approval of the corona virus vaccines you really want them to conduct their normal scientific betting odds of providing emergency use authorization let people can really have confidence. In this vaccine we're also gonna have to do a lot of work. Around messaging about reaching out to all of those different communities who do feel skeptical and are hesitant and understand where they're coming from an address their particular. Concerns the president elect said today he would not lock down this country but if the worst fears about holiday travel proved true would you recommend a national locked down. Only learn a lot since the spring I think of the spring. As the on a knock light switch and now we have a dimmer switch we can be a lot more targeted in our restrictions. We don't have to lock everything down. We know that certain types of settings for example indoor dining. Credit RD her. Are higher risk for transmission and then aren't safe schools so we can be targeted geographically by zip code is on a community transmission and we can be targeted by the hype that sending the most like. The trans. The president elect Biden stressed the need for national coordinated plan to combat this disease how difficult will a national plan B after the trump administration gave our church to the states to craft their own strategies and you expect governors like governor Christine on most South Dakota to get on board. It's important to remember that we aren't Federalist society. Federalist government and so you're always going to have differences among the different state. And terms of what they're doing some of that Brinkley appropriate because they do have different. I demographics different settings not urban verses role it's not going to be necessarily the same strategy that makes sense you do need and nationally coordinated plan. And I injured Tennessean and power of the CDC in terms of being able you. Julie disseminate guidelines recommendations. And importantly technical assistance to the state and local health departments to really help them. In partnership. Doctor downer thank you so much for coming on the show we appreciate your time. My pleasure. Now to late morning from the CDC urging Americans not to travel this Thanksgiving and to consider the risks of having a Thanksgiving dinner with people from outside of your own household and more officials also sounded the alarm today especially about college students should the mayor of Boston telling them if you go home stayed there are Tanya honest isn't passed. Tonight as spam -- debate how to spend Thanksgiving millions are rushing to get tested. And though the CDC without warning strongly urging Americans not to travel for the holiday. And only celebrate with people in their own households the guidance creating a particular challenge for families who once either kids away at college I think look at test before it leave just I don't. But my family in danger put experts cautioned Epstein could provide a false sense of security a single negative test is not. Passed to say I am fine I can now go do whatever I want. Because you may well still be infected in incubating it can't just your way into Thanksgiving dinner. Boston's may you're telling students if they go home. Stayed there you go home for the holidays less than not to combatants they do the rest of the semester and at Boston University. They are recommending students not go home at all in a perfect world. You want students to celebrate Thanksgiving right here in camp. It's absolutely we're encouraging all of our students to stay here on campus we know that travel. Increases risk of viral transmission sophomore amid a bit there is one of those students stayed on campus I didn't want to go back. And act box and. One doctor you'd tossing think about the most vulnerable people in your family and people around San you know. Gather at Thanksgiving. REIT gathered for your funeral and New Year's Day. That's or leak way to put it. By at this point we really have to be artists governors from multiple states with the new PSA mask up Illinois. Mashed up Ohio mask up Indiana those same governors now pleading with Americans it will Boyd big family gatherings. Writing in and you walk bed. Quote as hard as it will be not to seat and this Thanksgiving a magic how much harder it would be if their chairs are empty next year. In many are saying anything to hold off this holiday India would be when you're handling of friends the holiday in 20/20 one timing honest joins us now from a testing site in Boston's Logan International Airport in talks officials have warned for weeks now to wait traveling for the upcoming holidays and tonight are learning that some people may actually be heeding that advice. That's right Lindsay American southwest and united all reporting a spike in cancellations. The TSA saying they're expecting trouble to be significantly lower this year. That last Thanksgiving but as you mentioned we are seen a new trend at the airports because some people still have to travel. Pilots still have to work in people up to work at the airport there are now testing sites right here at the airport. They do rapid testing you can make a reservation and employment just like other testing sites but they also tend to run out of tests just like we're seeing across the country. Lindsay. Tommy honest thank you. And when we come back prince williams' response to the investigation into an incident this interview with his mother worked forged documents used in duke Diana. Blalock one's husband is reporting to prison she's still behind bars the latest on the college admissions cheating scandal. But up next suffering in silence so many families struggling this holiday season mothers going without food so their children won't stars stay with us. Welcome back we talked already a lot about Thanksgiving and travel but there are many families who won't be able to put food on the table without help push this historic number of Johnson lost another 742000. Filing for unemployment claims this we each and unexpected medical bills have created a surge of families desperate for food and while a number of charities agencies and schools are stepping up. Congress is still at a standstill. Not making any headway to pass another bipartisan rotavirus relief package cure Phillips has a heartbreaking told us waiting game is having on our fellow citizens who are in desperate need of help. This is no ordinary walk to school because you won't see shine a grace three children. Or how she usually gets them dressed packs their backpacks. And their lunch because in this pandemic. There is no school. And there is no lunch. Unless she makes this more. I ninety minute journey one way for my children this all work. An album sales of them burst free lunch. Which means dinner to bring you are less sense some handsome at my family. It's time Sean and never imagined. We get this back. Some 'cause embarrassing. Let's let's you have to go through and Sarah ninth that you and your husband go without food just make sure the kids have food most that it. We will make sure that they have had their polish and then maybe another portion before we would eat. Any and then it kind of got to the point of man we only eat maybe once the day. All right. Let's let us also now meet the gray family three kids with special needs dad a dishwasher. And Sean a server statistics get a little bit of schools is hard days. Both of them lost their jobs when restaurants were forced to close some milk this morning. Entering their apartment. Is humbling shadow what is the hardest part of your day at this point. When you get your daughter's eighties. We can we move. My suspects who meaning. Almonte had of them of them mice ran across my feet when I go to bat well I wanna get. My son thought it painless as though we have got worked so hard again at some boats of the what does that tell us when you have a child as non verbal. He goes to the bathroom and might he won't he is because he's and it's up. This one went losses feet. Worried and anxious but thankful. Because they are one of one in every six families getting food from a food bank. Hispanic and black families hit the hardest. Let me ask you guys this. What are your favorite foods that you get from some. And I'm not and at sounds delicious. Are you grateful for the food and grateful hearts. Fueled by an unprecedented. Pandemic pace pantry production. This is the capital area food bank. And this is what's happening seven days a week eighteen hours a day brought a here we are in our nation's capital. Give it to me street every day how many kids are going hungry we have over 200000. Kids who are going hungry everyday and that's a 60% increase. Just in these last few months of the pandemic. See you're getting families Colleen and it never expected to ever be in this position never ever because they had paychecks they had jobs. Many may have been living paycheck to paycheck but they were making things seen and they were making things meet -- says this pandemic is pushing child hunger to debris. The capital area food bank has gone from serving thirty million meals to fifteen million. So you've purchased five to seven times more food in this time that's right from Kenton two peanut butter to rice to cereal in the dry area. And Prodi's 40% of everything that we provide to our neighbors in need disparities onions cabbages potatoes turnips carrots. Fresh healthy nutritious food. Food get right now is in eternal blessing. Thank you put this little girl did you let me every day headlines around the corner and every local food bank in the nation's capital in. And and then rain or shine off. You. Trying to provide promote them right now network. No the included and then. That if you could let me be here. The number of hungry Americans tripling in just one year did you ever think it would get to this point Reid had to go to a food bank. No and that was their thing that we have a half and then everything will be gives Hollis. Amanda Scott didn't see this coming either a grilled cheese dinner. He's a gift has their urban night or your lying in bed worried about. Where the next meal is gonna come from. Yes that. Yes I had to add the word about that. And that very about it you know that code that try to figure out what my next step I'll have to do to make sure he's old case. He is your grandson come Ari he has asthma and pots. Amanda has a lung conditions. Making masks for extra money and depending on the food bank. Is there survival rate now what do you want their kids to know about this pandemic Mari. That this pandemic is that a joke. Is standing just taken away so many of nonviolent this failing me others and some of mine. Who keeps you strong mostly. Okay there as is the theme throughout is still only. It no matter how hard this time it's you know and I noticed that you guys there's a lot of love in your family. Where does that come from. Behind. There is also on lot of long. Feeding souls to what keeps you going Shana. Not Payton often as. Own does that not had a lot of bad things come pet. You know those three little children out there hi I'm Mike hey this is see us now they face the battled what I don't go through this pain. Don't want. They're worth. Still smiling and counting their blessings and on the last our thanks to Europe for bringing us that and we still have lots to get to your own watch somebody questions tonight surrounding the latest tragedy in taxing or Bonnie brown. Who is lost another child. And and that's the best day of your life being called a super spreader and then we'll speak to the couple whose wedding is being called just that. And so many lawsuits from the president targeting the election results we have an update on if any of them have been successful. But first are treated the day Merry Christmas ended earlier in the show it's from the former official who oversaw election cyber security and lost his job after he said twenty E'Twaun it was the most secure election ever. Just read his reaction to the press conference from the president's attorney. Rudy Giuliani. Welcome back everyone we turn out of the trunk campaigns crumbling legal strategy as the president and his allies continue to make baseless claims about voter fraud in a stolen election sure we don't look now by the numbers how they're losing this battling courts across the country and nineteen. That's how many election related lawsuits trump campaign is filed to date in five different battleground states since Election Day. Sixteen of them have had unfavorable outcomes so far they've been denied just mr. withdrawn and at least some of those rulings are now on appeal to trump campaign has had just one win of Pennsylvania case to toss out a small number of mail ballots that arrived after Election Day but were postmarked on time where the voter identification was incomplete. In two cases there being no rulings yet but none of these cases can realistically change the outcome of the election. Fighting is projected to be trumped by 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232 votes and Biden is ahead by Hamels six million in the popular vote so far. Despite the trunk teens conspiracy theories and patently false claims a trump one Joseph Biden will become the 46 president on January 20. And we still have lots to get to hear on five president trucks invited leaders of Michigan's Republican controlled state legislature to Washington as he continues his historically. Unprecedented. Campaign to change election that he lost. We'll speak to the Michigan secretary of state next. And the surprise found in one scene this Christmas tree but first a look at our top trending stories on Number from the. From. Let me exhibit Leo weeks from Thanksgiving this CDC album we think new advisory urging people to avoid traveling for the holidays and miss all fifty states seeing increasingly in nineteen cases airlines say they are seeing a significant increase in cancellations for the Thanksgiving holiday united American and Southwest Airlines are all experiencing a dropped and looking at Sandia to -- cancellations as a result of the recent spike in coming nineteen cases. With a number of travelers flying in the US is down more than 60%. I'm just to your account. For Lorillard Clinton's husband possibility in Italy has reported to prison for his role in the varsity blues college admissions scandal and the the 57 year old fashion designer behind a popular Massimo clothing brand. He was sentenced to five months behind bars and ordered to pay a quarter million dollar fine and after pleading guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit crimes the couple accused of paying half a million dollars to varsity blues alleged mastermind Rick singer to get their two daughters Olivia Jane Isabella Indy USC. Upstaging him millions growers to recruit them for the team and note neither ever participated in the sport we love playing the best known for playing the whole summit next young vocals they must be Rebecca. No things it's probably best that has been behind bars since October 30. On Tuesday two days before reporting to jail Ginobili was spotted in Beverly Hills and sporting a new look. The shape heading growing a beard a far cry from its previously clean cut image. As the investigation begins into mother Princess Diana was content in just sitting down for her infamous 1995. Interview with the BBC and Prince William is now weighing in and saying he tentatively welcomed the television network's decision to launch an official probe calling it a step in the right direction and saying it should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the panorama interview. 123. Million people watched as Princess Diana sat down with a mounting pressure and pain to you that shook the world about the royal family. Over two decades ago when you think this is par couples will suffice. The breakdown of I was famous and smash and those hesitate I just. Powell machine called the princess and told him he is now under investigation will be a brother Earl Spencer. And it is understandable handled lies and smears from doing it convinces Diana to speak exclusively to remove what she has yet to respond to remains in the BBC saying he's particularly vulnerable they are. Tragedy continuing first singer Bobby brown and his son Bobby Brown junior was found dead end in Encino California Condo Wednesday afternoon. No foul play is suspected in the deaths between zero to five years earlier Bobby junior's half sister Lonnie Christina dies when he was just when he was doing her discovery in the bathtub and eerily similar to that of her mother Whitney Houston when he was found dead and 2012. We're still in the month of November but talk about Christmas miracle is already blowing up my social media and the buzz around a 75 foot tall Norway spruce that made it you today 170. Miles you -- from upstate New York get a ride this past Saturday at Rockefeller Center. We'll crews are decorating it for the annual tree lighting ceremony did. Turns out that tiny Powell. Also made that driven hiding on a branch deeper inside that tree the burden. When three days without food or water and now it's recovering I don't while lights Senator Edwards staffers say it's on a steady diet on the blue exit. And mice not surprisingly they mean to Rockefeller. A welcome back our democratic systems are currently facing a stress tests with the trump campaign based socially claiming there is widespread voter fraud without any evidence and losing a lawsuit after lawsuit in court now one state to try to campaign has tried to focus on March is Michigan and we should be very clear your president elect Joseph Biden has won the state and by roughly 150000. Votes far paso margin Donald Trump won that state by four years ago coach joining us now as Michigan secretary of state Jocelyn Benson should thanks so much for coming back on the show let's dive right into this to ninety go to Republicans declined to certified results in heavily democratic and heavily black Wayne county each that spurred this angry public outcry take allison's. You talked about not circling Detroit just blow you know once people don't know us any good way to know you know it's 95%. White. Her experiences in Detroit we TV person. We understand. How when you try to sleep tonight so all. Your side. History won't be hundreds your postings from the genocide and board knows when you go to meet your maker your school he's going to be period period war. Some damning words there later that 92 Republicans reversed course and certify the result is now a day later they want to change their mind now can you bring us up to speed about that situation and what can we now expect when the whole state posts to certify its results on Monday. I think it verses of the voters of Wayne county and Michigan Haskell and and it made a choice. And there's no legal or factual basis. Or anyone in question that choice or challenge it. And so we accepts the Wayne county certification just be accepted every won every county certification. As it was properly made public in a public meeting an hour early boarding calling on the border state canvassers to do the same. Now how sir is it that the president of the United States actually called looser Republicans. The answer blamed Robert for any candidate on either Saturday I don't pretend to inner ear and her instructor process that is very well ingrained in the Long Island and I torrents that processes protecting who will voters. So you know that is what it is and as I've said repeatedly throughout this entire election I certainly sense polls closed November 3 and they don't issues. You win an election the voters and I and the voters indeed do so in Michigan and end their real will carry the. And again let's be very clear here you've said publicly where evidence exists of actual fraud or wrongdoing should be submitted in writing to the bureau of elections has any evidence been submitted. It is interesting certainly there has been no evidence of widespread. And there's been no evidence an earache or eat then I'm the only only issues emerged during the Jerry can just open meeting of the range anywhere. Or. Currency errors are actually let's. I had this time around and there weren't on sixteen when the board did certified then. The results and our lives will be after the certification is done as we all ducking performance they started to look into any clerical errors. As well as the State's first wide risks Lemony. I and again under law we have to wait until the occasion urged to do that have actually not prudent and place your shorter murders of the accuracy needs grieving process in order to continue to all of those per thousand. We think everyone else to do their jobs inducing. And here are you talking about after the certification are you confident that the state board of canvassers will certify on of a third. Certainly when the expectation for calling on them what is. Very clearly laid out a lot once each county. Certifies that and his son is eight or lady administrative role formerly an answer buying his line. Election and then move forward from they are. A post election audit. I'm so we expect everyone's assembly job that they worry that there aren't you under the law and analyzed it clear he administrator at all or state or. Now if this morning is deadlock like the Wayne county board William immediately pursue a remedy in the courts. I actually Mormon question ready attorney general were really focused on just making sure this board has what it means do its job. I came very leery. Again this is really should be just as simple protocol and an element is rated. I it is important for us now is on that and she earning Irma C org or intentions in the same. Now as I mentioned earlier this appears to have to be a stress test for our democracy in your mind is Michigan passing this test stench are there any reforms that you might recommend ahead in the next election and what happens in a few church future elections if people refused to certify results particularly. If their share. That's exactly right and do very clear what is happening right now is. Just tomorrow and we'll get this and will keep in Michigan and you're a country. Really hurt. Well once we get through this moment you have to examine in Michigan. Entry -- and come together and issuer voters on both sides of the aisle than you Hillary voted for. This election is sure it was a success and moving forward we need to work together and she can she knee injury Germany in rural voters confidence. In our area where else short and accessible. Elections process that is the word out about again in Michigan and nationwide. And I'm I'm looking words that it will have you. Address the negative implications of this essentially she arm political. Campaign ads and wage or demand in the past few days and and again I'm confident. That we will move forward and load Indian port works stealing our democracy when. Jocelyn Benson thanks so much for your time. My pleasure thank you asked. Now until wedding day turned it super spreader an end to young Ohio couple is speaking out after several guests later tested positive for Kobe in nineteen. Including the newlyweds themselves are will read reports. Newlyweds Anthony and McHale of vowed to support each other in sickness and in health. But they didn't expect that solemn promise to be tested at their own wedding as they told Cincinnati's WL WT and an ending that. Almost for our wedding guests regarding its. Now 32 of the guests at their Halloween ceremony have contracted cove in nineteen. Including the bride the groom and three of their grandparents. Even though the couple cut down their list to 83 people provided masks and hand sanitize or. Their wedding is now being called a super spreader event. Well let. Me secrets are very Dantzler veterans. Taxation and known. This is just one of multiple weddings linked to cope would outbreaks nationwide. And October wedding in New York with 113. Guests led to at least 34 cases. Put 159. People in quarantine. And forced the closure of several schools in Washington State at 300 person wedding is now linked to more than forty corona virus cases. The sort of advanced. His is very frustrating to public health because it it increases those numbers hit makes our job a lot harder. And in rural Maine the CDC blinking an August wedding of 55 people. 2177. Confirmed cove in cases. And at least seven deaths weddings can be perfect storm where we let down our guard since seeing. And many let doctor carpet especially when weddings have people traveling in from a lot of different cities. Just increases arranged. Beyond an average day you're going to beat her ex. Our thanks to will for that and when we come back new release blockbusters from your couch is this the future. US greenhouse gas emissions are set to drop to the lowest level in three decades of struggling economy and fewer Americans traveling by car plane has resulted in dropped in the burning of fossil fuels and produce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide should the study from the research group Bloomberg any ash found emissions will be down this year to its lowest levels since 1983. It's one of the most hotly anticipated movies of the holiday season and twist it may not have to go to the theater to watch it Rebecca Jarvis has more on the decision to stream the sequel to Wonder Woman to coach and what could mean. For the future of movies. Welcome to the future and it appears to be the future. Warner Bros. announcing its highly anticipated what. Work will be released on Christmas Day. Primarily screaming I'm Time Warner's HBO Mac. And that is born from life. In these unprecedented times Hollywood studios have had to resort to extraordinary measures. Trying to lasso in audiences. But this bill. And when he's seventeen Wonder Woman bringing in nearly one billion dollar. It's my turn to. Did you suing. You use a trying to come up. Formula that can go online it's going to work it's going to make them some money at least some of that money back that they invested in these big tent pole movies. Many major film studios have delayed theatrical release dates until when he took when he won. For sent them straight to their streaming services as our parent company Disney did with Newmont. Released to Disney plus 1050 plus now. Chris Christie. The Pixar films sold starring Jamie Foxx heading to the streaming service the same day as Wonder Woman. Warner Bros. release Christopher Nolan Tenet only in theaters but with audiences. Is reluctant to return. Fox up his numbers were disappointing in the US the film earning just 56 million dollars in the US since its release. Does this is unprecedented this is nothing like we've experienced before and until. Hoping. You don't know. Our thanks to Rebecca for Benedict Oregon tonight our image of the day but first. Take a listen I. Yeah. We'll loosen cattle sold need. Intimidated unable to speak I'm playing his violin nonetheless Hopkins retired orchestra teacher and he wanted to use the power of music to inspire. And thinking about a hospital staff so. Everything and you. She wrote a note to listeners. She made it and he saves for hours over two days after battling cold and for more than a long series recently discharged. And is now in the south and I and that is our shelves and. We should missing eighteen to ABC news on for more context and analysis in the day's top stories I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for sharing with us.

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