ABC Gets The Red Arrow Diner Welcome

Pres. Bill Clinton, VP Al Gore and even ABC's Diane Sawyer have visited the Red Arrow diner during major election years.
27:31 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for ABC Gets The Red Arrow Diner Welcome
Everyone on the Nevada New York preventing infant behind us this morning you know are dedicated political reporter Brad milky. Has been diligently making his way across New Hampshire polls this gate. He's doing it by visiting five diner is in one day and making sure to get a meal and at each place to we're gonna check in with him now at stop. Number three. This is the red arrow diner in Manchester, New Hampshire Bratt are you still alive and aren't you only. Well I'm feeling prey on are you kidding me. Some of the breasts breakfasts I never had. And this is the granddaddy of them all this is the red arrow diner. It's been in operation since 1922. To lighten the heart of downtown Manchester so it is a favorite. With all the candidates that come through New Hampshire and all of them come through New Hampshire which means this diner has seen more than presidential candidates than perhaps any other. And and it still plays host to a ton of regular customers that I think were hopefully will be the second. Really really feel good from the outside a million and a half men and more importantly I blinked. Oh absolute. We have been over. Man I should point out by the way that. That is. That is because they've actually does not order a huge renovation yet but I wanted to point out it was a bit low but they're rock music here he regularly hears them. Blasting here. Has had a draw in customers but is blasting rock music and almost all Howard today. Four hours. And seven as it. They go into right now. We'll let out some other patients. Like getting your merely your hand you back. I love it but the loss. A private dinner you. I was. What should I guess. Equipment they give them an answer Vegas I think that's I should point out that Manchester has a nickname. Caribbean means Vegas and the reason for that is that there are some areas for electing gambling in Manchester. So he see behind me right now. Read every diner and you lunch rush right now and the owner of the red arrow diner right Carol Lawrence are you there. He's right Harry gold at. Around in his. Diner I feel. I think people like to come to diners. Our issue really hit and in this place. President southern residents can. Watson life. I'm not quite sure how great a aero. That famous actor you know we we got a little bit of time alone a lot of media were voted. Put us on the map service. I really nice. So they they they come and they come and. Aquinnah that is not the biggest Dyer Tennessee today we were just let me Iranians fearing that he didn't see. This. 6036. Seats ahead as best. That's right try to come here actually just couple weeks ago. And I thought it was sure to come. You know check it out he stuffed myself with some breakfast here. We figures in homers and get my zone and you can get a different language. Tonight's home. Hardly believable in order and I am currently. Laurie. Place that he might take an asylum. Through this. OK well. One instance of great season we started we'll bring me things. So patients eat animals that are. Here's Lynn why don't I actually turn the camera they can tap let's take a look it. Here you. Smoke free. And desperate it's I was. Yeah. He believes it's more than just president Ali. Stars. Ahead please. There concert I I don't play. They sang songs. Read error they know friends who eat well. 24 hour diners are probably helpful to the rock groups just as much the presidential candidates that are really grinding her us. A quarter. Well you look at how he gets home him and get earnings and all around we have here it was a that's was when vice president Al Gore and that's kind. Almost. He was one of them her house so we start. Some planes for help oversee the one of the people when candidates have put their name on the map here crack and a few rednecks here. And so McDonald's it's funny business hours yeah she was so. What happens next going to really. We mainly when he's not there. Each humor and she's fun of the masters who already went indoors even ask simple it is bats. It was parents. That's great yes so long as you can see a turn the camera around here. But as you can see already a lot of history and we're barely just in the first little ones. Of the place right now so we keep taking look what your political what's the connection. Your wife didn't think is only thirty feet and you know really aren't must stop plea from president candidate if you can't have eight. Maybe thirty in the hands. That's it's incredible clean this place has become one of those places they've been. It okay. Yeah you can see behind me here there's no. Let's face. Imagine the news media all these guys and and all the reporters that a flock era has apparently have driven effort to people stand back to the mall here's a look. It's always but I suppose for 36 seats and let's. Bring. Carol Beckett answered. Here's this shape financially and has to do it all. Some of them they haven't especially don't know when you can't handle the money and he. Humans and I would actually every single person in the diner. All exists here. And now at an event. Do. From Arkansas. He actually finished second to Paul Tsongas and we called himself the comeback kid. But he's doing I feel. OK but there's been a favorite of this whole time he's been. He's angry. Barrett who made twinkies and I nice sitting. Think that six week. Milk on the united talking all day about Hillary Clinton as not until windy so far this cycle. She has not done seminarians and dairy so my question can you tell. Has Hillary Clinton being here that's not where you keep. When she hasn't been here this time grabs but she was here. It means they about a dozen please yes. Where is extremely gracious I was very pleasantly surprised when I'm when Hillary Clinton payment. And it whenever any any confusion if they Don't Ask Don't Tell us now. We knew she was coming I'm thinking that's been crazy happens the Secret Service so it was very. You know thought that he could have sweetly designer my customers who were very happy man waiting for us. An interesting thing. But she was so nice my my my weight. Like my political waitress Hawaii. She really loves Hillary. And Hillary had requested to be myself and only after her when Kandahar. And it was just three of us with. Green was talking and time. Urban eats them please just want you here on in the eyes you know that's why don't tell when NB some of the some reason. See him somewhere else and one in particular picking up but. All right you've got an area. Yes. She's got a name names writes Hillary Clinton is on the good side of the spectrum as far as connecting it to you. Who's not and on your good side. He it. When he was Rudy Giuliani. So Rudy Giuliani of course had a anticipated. Did it as a New York City mayor. People thought he was gonna walk away with a Republican nomination and that was in 2008 of course we all know what happened. Senator John McCain seemingly came out of nowhere and weird he hoe that come back to. New Hampshire could overall. The town halls here really made an impression on the people of the granite state. And he ended up securing the Republican nomination. She speaks to how important estate is how. Different type of politics is here you might. The message across the country apps and I will leave it alone at all back there's a red hair Lake Erie county his press herald. Nall went downhill from. Yeah that's right you don't impress if you don't impress Carol and the chance like in countless details it is. Any other piece of history here that we should know about any easier. So gracious. From here my brother actually. He's always always he always this moms. Sister brother. There's so many of my. We're getting into the presidential. Alia let's see the president. Down residential care. Often severely. Here is the guy we were talking. Hello yeah I think it is time we'll. I never mind. Violent anti. Melissa President Obama like when he came. In early. And please. Saturday morning when he was here. I wish everyone in the. Summer. And I was pulling up and I'm like I'm Mike respect these. News guys yeah. I'm like. Just might. I have a park back from seeing who Senator Obama I. And you knew he might be honestly I don't know if we didn't have electricity costs I had no it is my. National park in the back. Got it we'll what's. To walk out here I had. Children that are signals kind of breaking up so I apologize. For an excellent. Without here just a little bit closer to the street for me to become more reception. The fact. We gonna say something else well what does it say when you come to the diner and a friend and we do this sort of Richland and maintenance act and getting ready want to let you know that his going to be very laugh and. So who's right here we have we Brian death. Friends who what it would united. So what's what's the ritual humanism and is. That okay. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This treatment at all yeah. All right well friendly had a chance good. There yeah. I had done. They're very rapidly bring homeless seeded Princeton. But is that got me there you know our area go back. Steve Burton eyes red arrows diners ahead. Our lives. Lady Hillary. They call and ask you know we've we've spent time on the lately we'll oh yeah. We hear they need so. Sort of yeah action. Oh yes we're realizing that. If. Well thanks so much for taking us around here. If we have time for an actually hear what diner has come here several times. Come here I'm put in. Payroll so yeah. Cutting daily during the week and then let's listen you can hear it he says that users are these people who just can your neighbors we're your actual plan. When I moved here five years of my work strange hours in his coming hearing get breakfast and read and good to be any counter where. And we became violent front Stahl. Now when I have days off and they have been he had alum and all. It leads. Right now what's the first thing I shouldn't certainly gets best Carroll actually what's what's good what's that mean disenchantment. That you did. There aren't you pretty long arm hurts the Erica sexually I don't know what that is but I. I don't homemaker sounded pretty. And can't park here no yeah. Tell me twinkie in fact the homey twinkies. Or right. He's an hour and hour regulations stand. Three balls on the he's in the chocolate. All right and Glenn may be let me read all the math. Oh yeah what season. These guys are cold and dyeing your fingers I don't see why are dying. Yeah she's the hostess named. It will loans are her past. The US senate to rebuffed when he. Andre will then yes I can get a an American shops and it's. Do I get although they're giving me an American just ridiculous ask you then what you mean Michelle Michelle. You know and presidential candidates and a computer and. I have as they come through IMAX. Mitt Romney. Campaign N news IMAX Georgia Tech community every day for this campaign minutes. Interesting and very clients. And very polite and milking and he let me. Think that you were able I really like that I know we harvest to protect its. But you know it was really quiet and under the radar and some people come in and they take over the entire place and a lot of handshaking things happen this. Manner really friendly and relaxed and easy to talk to us. I think I got opinions from happening actually the person to see whether there friendly and relaxed they're really. So tight so what are your impressions of this race that you've gotten a chance to meet a couple of guys here. You think we'll rubs you the right way to. Well I will send them. I had and it wasn't here jockeys when he was. It's. He was. Start really can't do you think you may you can tell just from their actions of the red arrow man who would do better well I know what I want us now. For you could not. Interesting New Hampshire of course in the general has gone Democrat the last several elections but in general it's considered pretty purple states. And I guess we'll see if the American chop suing is going to. Airs in the kitchen I'm not here yeah. He's just real another Sunday morning to spend a couple of days ago we. Jointly in major renovation would hurt me. And our system in the kitchen and. God and does it look pretty similar ballot was compelling. Charming. Now there are all its you know we're we're doing the series. Encounters. This showed he. The bar here this is a home. Marine view and I'm okay. Just a couple weeks ago combined trichet five. The first time the line was too long the second time they were ripping out the war and the in that kitchen and account certain there was nothing here. Just a few days ago so this is all looking us in stand now is candidates get ready for the long haul. Pat I'm glad they did it UH time around and you can barely mentioned that he is. The fifth opener they played around with things we do. His sons and that she has that they're kind of like. Politically the scene people who right now but if you. There diner that's been real institution in the campaign. It was interesting because we were talking about this with Carol and killing minute sound like. It's as classic as these visits are. Common pain until the late eighties and early ninety's when it she said Al Gore was here righteous kind of recent development under your watch as an owner. That is true. Disease you're just seems to. Stores. Customers react. Just fine. Don't they get a little. You're SE but some. Oh Brad what if he's looking for this campaign. What if you wanna feed from the candidates including C hope come. So yeah that's a great question on the kennel. Successful. Strategy for a candidate. I'm six cans of the state we don't give anyone the chance and if somebody wants. Somebody walks in the door is sort of a state where. A Democrat from somebody votes Democrat off and we'll still talk to a Republican and try to figure out what they're about his a lot of people that are sort of frightening. Puncher who didn't vote. What works anymore so now he's. The backing given facility will where. What is common the American pop is I don't know the day and I'm convinced he can explain what they don't etiquette in the morning. That's a good question some so maybe Caroline while we're waiting for this American shops yeah. Where it. I think he's got it's a brand had a chance they say just give me a break it's a brand new engine and the well you can tell us. He's living. Parents are suing his. It's basically when you're sitting here. This could be things. People ultimately his. Elbow macaroni Woodson Hamburg who needs peppers and homicide and Hamilton and maybe Nowitzki here breath and I did and our society. Banana stuffed. French toast later it still sounds delicious he you give each right now at a breakfast I. Everybody's Seneca tribe has also keep an eye on each other candidates are coming. I'm not going it's. Beauty regime. Getting different I hear he's doing the right path and always even. Thanks well armed you see now your legal economy. And ran a serving it up. Apparently does. Oh yeah on every on the. So here we it is a ground it is ready it is. Let's break it is. As important as I have kind of I was absolutely. That would he. I love that Turkey club because we apparently turkeys. And I get the Turkey with all lightly on. All right with that shippers we have shippers. Anything like all right well let's just try her first by care. And it just you know mine's gonna it's blown out for second half. This tastes like on the districts like some in your mom would make right and his some just. Very iPods and needy Scott and noodles and there like think you macaroni noodles with some extra meat balls thrown in his eyes perfect. I just want to recap here day so far you opened up with bat and creamy egg Benedict. He went straight to the banana French toast from man and that you're gonna rock some American popularly. I don't I don't even wanna yes yup that's right what comes teleconference between peace they have some still try to think even by the way. We've got several order for the right central rate that we can now the U wanna make you get a Chinese. Click on this and I think what you're saying I think you've got several orders for those who believe he's coming in mark little room friends here at a live stream that though. Make sure you get. Many if you had nothing bangers. I. Great yes I will. I don't want an outbreak at some brand you've been calling it assembles and couldn't. Twinkies these are Dinah finger right still you know we make them here well let's see maybe we should rather AI you know almond chocolate. Excellent try on newstalk. Oh my tech that's the wolf the vending. In this freezes your advertisements and exiled. That looks great now. It's 183 and a half. And here we have our. Are dying a finger from red arrow and it's the right thing to do. Really get a Diane logical via yeah I mean you could see this all the way through the. Yeah eight I don't want to do anything half. Flames were in New Hampshire this is the place where you've really got to go full throttle you wanna in the primary but got the full throttle if you wanna win in the the food to work. And you are winning is eat I don't think anyone is feeding you today three diners in. Today five diner tour sticky heat you visited afternoon. ABC Brad lucky joining us live from new Hampshire at the red arrow diner an institution for political campaigns. Making their way through that early primary states. Sick witness here he's still got two more diners to go I don't know. How he's gonna have the room but somehow. I think he will power for a they can hang with worth.

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{"duration":"27:31","description":"Pres. Bill Clinton, VP Al Gore and even ABC's Diane Sawyer have visited the Red Arrow diner during major election years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34604412","title":"ABC Gets The Red Arrow Diner Welcome","url":"/Politics/video/abc-red-arrow-diner-34604412"}