Looking Ahead to the Pennsylvania Primary

ABC News' Kenneth Moton visits iconic Philadelphia landmarks Pat's and Geno's to get a sense of what Philadelphians have to say about the 2016 election.
4:42 | 04/20/16

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Transcript for Looking Ahead to the Pennsylvania Primary
Kevin Perrier dedicated area OK we've got your file we want I actually when she states that mine and that my phone went down. We figured our your your by Gina doesn't pats but you classics that houses I think. I am I met the iconic cross roads of South Philadelphia here aware that he thought up yet you. Eight Billy cheap date. So look I've got to you know behind me and I've got on the other side of the road where it right there and then you got there at the Philadelphia right now and if you. Walk this way with me right now I can tell you that orders when it comes due to these days I have to admit I like apple will be a better. But yeah I know right. Let me telethon right quake there miles that they hello right at the W fortified with the guy. That's the may 26 because we all another the Pennsylvania primary is next week it's critical for the keystone state. Vick is. Everybody's watching New York. But as a lot of focus on it's you're walking with him right now that in the eye and side of the house you know. Where people are getting their teeth fixed right now I want to show you this group of what we talked to a Pennsylvania voters of its what's around. Back. Who look at that right there that it's just that this iconic right here come the Philadelphia gets some Nazis win is. Because plant and stuffs like the people that haven't been that detailing what the with or without this. All right so for those lay in and out there we don't know what we're all yet we'll let out. Over there. Yeah. I can scored a little bay here that means with which is that means we're ahead onions and she went out is with out. I like that aren't that that's an Alamogordo and went on Clinton and how do you have years to. You know I like to have a lot of and whipped with a lot of its use with -- it -- lap Saturday right on there. And so yeah so that you know what yet you. Yeah let me get to the point why I'm here with the talked to some voters not about the cheese stake but about. I'm hungry cats are improvements over there it's primary night where I'm Erik health. And I daughters. I'm gonna get down the business here and I'm trying to get down a bit and we have here that made it makes. A comment. Third you know we got the VA primary coming out you think about we're gonna vote for Y fiercely in the the fight. That lead here for the Tuesday I gave me. A grateful. And Utley are easy it is to give everything away public debate board. Generally Clinton I each line about that they did not widely shall. We've got crews I don't. We lost the signal Americans. And I don't I just aren't out what we're gonna have problems voting so I was really interest. Clip there he was explaining and getting to vote for now and am hungry now I think we have can back inside the steakhouse there let's go back to cancer can. You left us hanging in the air just when your signal went down but but I think I did make certain what's at wit's end they. Anybody but yours is telling us he was he had some concerns of robbery and Hillary. DeVon death what. Thomas back. Given that read about it well like I said. You got Hillary. Who I think it is line about a transcript of election would turn them ownership but. Got pretty standard would give everything away which somebody's got to they've ordered duties the middle place out of nowhere comes from. You got proves I think he's a little sneak in these bitten apple he knows it's they think withdrawal but I think font size he owes nobody nothing. It's no wild in the lobbyist at the worry about these little prudent way he presents itself. I think he houses act a little bit EP AB a great candidate likely would be great for the economy which is double walk the American. And I think he would be good help the shorts out with the medical ridiculous it is country. And as far as it being aggressive like that in all. Let's face it hop congress annual stop anybody. Economy would audit dictator in his country so I actually liked don't know what we're people think he's do this a bull. I mean I'll just the runs country for years with it. Every inner cities broke. 68 years ago perch on next week almost definitely most definitely because like I certainly the only tell me which opened his plea.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"ABC News' Kenneth Moton visits iconic Philadelphia landmarks Pat's and Geno's to get a sense of what Philadelphians have to say about the 2016 election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38524377","title":"Looking Ahead to the Pennsylvania Primary","url":"/Politics/video/ahead-pennsylvania-primary-38524377"}