Americans Vote for President as the Candidates Make Their Final Push

Hillary Clinton tries to rally supporters as she attempts to make history as the first female president.
4:11 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Americans Vote for President as the Candidates Make Their Final Push
From ABC news election headquarters right here in Times Square on this historic night a presidential race unlike anything we have ever seen one of the most divisive campaigns ever. Will it be the first woman president or will it be that billionaire outsider when this election is all over. 47 million Americans casting their votes early that's a record. Nearly a hundred million expected at the polls today to millions voting across this country as we come on the air tonight. This room will be a buzz here in just a moment when the first polls close but look at the lines in the meantime across this country they've been enormous the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania. They are still waiting to vote at this hour in Ohio tonight lined several blocks long no Republican has won the White House without Ohio. Ed in Florida tonight a razor thin race going in early voting setting records there millions more turning out today. And tonight the first clues from the exit polls this is preliminary information but take a look it could reflect some of what we'll see later on this evening first on the question of race. In America when you break down the voters the polls 70% white 30% nonwhite that's the lowest white number we've seen. And the highest not what he'd seen sort of the changing face of America. On the honesty question going into tonight candidate's honesty and trustworthiness voters were passed and 35% say only Clinton is honest. Even lower for trump only 30% say Donald Trump is honest. And perhaps the most important question of the night when voters were asked which candidate is qualified to be president. 48% said only Clinton 32%. But only Donald Trump is qualified to be president. George Stephanopoulos standing by right here in the studio with what he's watching at this hour what he believes all of you at home to be watching as we move throughout this evening. But first tonight with these battleground so tight going into Election Day we begin would ABC Cecilia Vega. Out the field. Did a good evening to Hillary Clinton hasn't spent 576. Days on the campaign trail she has made. 280. Campaign stop she isn't it 37. Of these states and tonight she is trying to make history. Hillary Clinton holding her husband's hand as she walked into hoax. Okay. Campaign indeed trying to clean news. More than 33000. People on Philadelphia's independence mall the nation's first African American president hoping. Clinton breaks barriers to combat. The men across this country will have no problem voting for be more qualified candidate who happens to be you want. Then the passing of the torch the president helping Clinton to the podium. Not presidential seal in. Police and on the front. We have to bridge the divide us in our country. I regret deeply. How angry. That I own of the campaign. Became. Eric ha. The night. What the need night. Clinton looking on. There's. A film in tears witnessing the moment. Today in Chappaqua. One last moments to voters. Do the very best I can have time fortune of two to win today. Most victims of writing off to prepare for another election nights. And Cecilia Vega live outsider headquarters right down there are no yuck twirl map tonight and Cecilia. You were telling us that Hillary Clinton is watching the returns come in before she heads over to or headquarters tonight and you've also learned she's superstitious. She is famously superstitious David so much so that she's working on two versions of that speech. Right now in that hotel room not too far from way away from here and that is where she will be watching returns with her family tonight David. Cecilia Vega witness tonight to sue you thank you yeah.

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{"id":43396904,"title":"Americans Vote for President as the Candidates Make Their Final Push","duration":"4:11","description":"Hillary Clinton tries to rally supporters as she attempts to make history as the first female president.","url":"/Politics/video/americans-vote-president-candidates-make-final-push-43396904","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}