America’s growing hunger crisis

Parents skip meals to feed their children, and food banks step up in hard-hit communities as Congress fails to provide new relief.
6:58 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for America’s growing hunger crisis
We've talked already a lot about Thanksgiving and travel but there are many families who won't be able to put food on the table without help push this historic number of John's lost another 742000. Filing for unemployment claims its reach and unexpected medical bills have created a surge of families desperate for food shop while a number of charities agencies and schools are stepping auction congress is still at a standstill. Not making any headway to pass another bipartisan rotavirus relief package your Phillips has a heartbreaking told us waiting game is having on our fellow citizens who are in desperate need of help. This is no ordinary walk to school because you won't see sonic rays three children. Or how she usually gets addressed through pacs their backpacks. And their lunch because in this pandemic and there is no school. And there is no lunch. Unless she makes this war. I ninety minute journey one way for my children this autumn. Now we'll yeah. Burst free lunch. Which means dinner to do you have a sense to me and some that my family. It's a time Sean I never imagined it would give his back. Some 'cause embarrassing. List lets you have to go through. Sarah nice that you in your husband or go without food just make sure the kids have food most of the time. We want to make sure that they have had their polish and then maybe another portion before we would eat. Any embed it kind of got to the point of madame really eat maybe once a day right. Let's set SS so now meet the gray family three kids with special needs dad a dishwasher. And Shana a server statistics get a little bit of fools is hard nowadays. Both of them lost their jobs when restaurants were forced to close some milk this morning. Entering their apartment. Is humbling in the shadow what is the hardest part of your day at this point. When you get your daughter say to you. Mommy can we move. This place suspects who meaning clones. Beaumont had of them the mice ran across left feet when I go to bat felt I wanna get them go to bat. Must sunspot appeal has so we have got worked so hard to give him some votes of the bathroom. Which is a test when you have a child is non verbal and she goes to the bathroom and might you look he has failed because his. Candace on this 11 applauses feet. Worried and anxious but thankful. Because they are one of one in every six families getting food from a food bank are Hispanic and black families that hit the hardest. Let me ask you guys this. What are your favorite foods that you get from school. News. Apple was leaked or he when he acts he. Bamboo and hacked. And who. That's sounds delicious. Are you grateful for the food food. Am grateful hearts we're. Fueled by an unprecedented pandemic pace pantry production. This is the capital area food bank. And this is what's happening seven days a week eighteen hours a day Friday here we are in our nation's capital give it to me straight every day how many kids are going hungry we have over 200000. Kids. Who are going hungry every day and that's a 60% increase just in these last few months of the pandemic. See you're getting families Caliendo never expected to ever be in this position never ever because they had paychecks they had jobs. Many may have been living paycheck to paycheck but they were making things seen and they were making things neat broadest says this pandemic is pushing child hunger to the brink. The capital area food bank has gone from serving thirty million meals to fifteen million. So you've purchased five to seven times. More food in this time that's right from ten to an end to peanut butter to rice to cereal in the dry area. And produce 40% of everything that we provide to our neighbors in need disparities onions cabbages potatoes turnips carrots. Fresh healthy nutritious food. Food debt right now is in eternal blessing. Thank you but who's been quote did you let me every day when lines around the corner and every local food bank in the nation's capital from. The big men rain or shine. Things. Time for maximum effect right now. You know be treated panday. If you could definitely be here. The number of hungry Americans tripling in just one year did you ever think it would get to this point where you had to go to a food bank. No and that was their thing that would ever happen and then everything will be dias Hollis. So Amanda Scott didn't see this coming either a grilled cheese dinner is a gift. Has there of in the night or your lying in bed worried about. Where the next meal is gonna come from. Yes that. Yes add to add the word about that. And that story about it opinion on that goal and that's try to figure out what my next step how I have to do to make sure he's old case. He is your grandson come Mari he has asthma and pots. Amanda has a lung condition. Making masks for extra money and depending on the food bank. He's their survival rate now what he wants their kids to know about this pandemic Mari. That this pandemic is that a joke but his standing just taken away so many of my Whelan this family members and some mind. It's what keeps you strong flawlessly. Oh yeah as his CNN throughout destroyed and that no matter how hard this time in this you know what I noticed him that you guys there's a lot of love in your family. Where does that come from and have fun. There is also a lot of lives. Feeding souls to what keeps you going Shana wet Hayden optimism. Does that not had a lot of bad things come good. Good. You know those three little chills and out there hi I'm Mike hey this is see us now on they face the battle what I go through this pain. Still smiling in counting those blessings our thanks so much should Chirac's friends that.

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Parents skip meals to feed their children, and food banks step up in hard-hit communities as Congress fails to provide new relief.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74308556","title":"America’s growing hunger crisis","url":"/Politics/video/americas-growing-hunger-crisis-74308556"}