Amy Klobuchar talks impeachment post-Democratic debate

Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar speaks to ABC News Live at the fifth Democratic debate about 2020, electability and the evidence brought forth by witnesses in the impeachment probe.
5:03 | 11/21/19

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Transcript for Amy Klobuchar talks impeachment post-Democratic debate
I just feel out there tonight. It really means that opportunity to make a few cases I hand me before. And that is that. When I look at the fact that we have had 45 presidents and about the men and I'll vice president that our men I don't really whined about this I am not a Weiner. But I am someone that says okay what's going on here and I wanted to be able to make that case. With regard to mayor Pete who I'm bad with on the stage just mean I think he's qualified but my point lies. I think women are held to higher standards. In politics and that's. I'm and me I will meet those standards we got to ask you about the 171000. Dollars in donations he says your greatest story friends particularly I employ 2006 senate race he says don't timer. My all time record act that I've found perhaps you. Even with the investigative ways we'll find someone with a prior record at its highest record that I know part of weren't on hundreds of re taking a subtle jab at. But former vice president he has often argued that he is the most electable and you seem to be saying. Hate Joseph is right because they're on an OK so I have sometimes you're on the stage you're like a normal human. That's heartfelt today one I wanted to get involved in so many questions that I couldn't and. But the second thing is I am you know years. He's a great campaign he's won a lottery says but I am the one that's led a ticket. Act in -- them very conservative district and brought people with us every time I have run in my state which is a purple state when you look at how close it was in the last presidential election. I we have with the state house from Republican to Democrat. That means that I don't just run for personal victory for me but for a national victory. And I wanted to make that point and I am all respect for him but I do it tired of people saying I'm the only when they can do this I'm the only at a human reaction. Which frankly when mayor Pete. Was talking about all those agriculture. When I've negotiated three farm bills when he was talking about all of the. Campaign thinks he wanted to do an election reform which I support it. At some point be able to work across Ohio and actually either get the bills done or get a cooperating get in an accused is gonna matter when your president. Best about the impeachment hearings. Yeah I'm Matt you've caught some of that over the past few days have you seen enough evidence. A high crimes and misdemeanors can you say that much. I have been very clear about this I think this is impeachable conduct which is I am I am so glad this is happening to the American people can finally see. Com and you've got all these brave diplomats coming forward people have served our country in the military in the State Department. And really as lieutenant colonel Benjamin and I and I ended with that today expect that it was so important and captivated the hearts of Americans and he said. Hey dad this is a country where you can tell the truth and you're not gonna get killed. Are you not going to be sent to jam it's at that's really sad so you know I think that these evidence is mounting it is. Going to be up to the house to decide. But I don't know how you can argue. That this wasn't against the what do you make if if no Republicans get on board look at the failure of the democratic process. Asked this is my hope that they well we've seen some. Voices like Mitt Romney's over in the senate has been willing to say that this is serious stuff and you don't put private interest in front of the public's interest. I we will see. I rightly you look at the past what happened in the Nixon case which I think is really the most relevant here because again you had a president. Who. Was. I am trying to get dirt on an opponent. At this point he hired people who are through his committee to break into a file cabinet. Modern day version this president makes calls to try to get dirt an investigation. By another country. I'm and in that case you had Republicans have ended up of course he resigned after I voted on the house but in that case you had Republicans that stood up. And right now you're seeing some Republicans in the diplomatic corps. And in the military that are willing to stand out. But now we have to see that translated to elected officials you talked about yourself as a juror and and the senators will be. And here you're talking about impeachable offenses potentially but hinting at an idea that your should stay impartial until there's a trial do you think it's inappropriate use of your democratic colleagues talked about being ready to convict I think people can do what ever they want it to you right you know that's up to them. For me as a lawyer I always look at the evidence. I'm in I've made very clear I think this is impeachable contact. However I wanna look at each count in a evaluate each count and work with my colleagues. And one of my hopes is that we can convince more and more people in these articles come over. What happened here and that includes my Republican colleagues others rise. Now that failed to have Stuart jobs senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota thanks summoning her to see the performance tonight.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar speaks to ABC News Live at the fifth Democratic debate about 2020, electability and the evidence brought forth by witnesses in the impeachment probe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67188971","title":"Amy Klobuchar talks impeachment post-Democratic debate","url":"/Politics/video/amy-klobuchar-talks-impeachment-post-democratic-debate-67188971"}