AP projects Whitmer to win Democratic primary in Michigan

O'Connor holds lead by thin margin in Ohio special election.
6:30 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for AP projects Whitmer to win Democratic primary in Michigan
Hey there on ABC news political director Rick Klein here in our New York headquarters along with Mary Alice parks were tracking a number of races primary voting in four states Kansas Missouri. Michigan and Washington and a special election in Ohio. That is now within one point very very close election where check in on that in a second vote we're also seeing some praise and results of our Michigan. And we have giant Republican think on the dollar in our colleagues who is bare. Who's been one of the headquarters. One of them walked parties from a guy who was the underdog but was hoping for a big victory Johnny are you with us. Yes I am nearly. Gas so Bernie Sanders had backed this gentlemen he was hoping to be sort of the progressive insurgent right now it's not. Looking so good what's the mood in the room like where you are. Yep folks are still kind of mulling around here watching result and it's a decrepit not projected the democratic side. But you're right that this really needs to be did speak for those regret that there were open for another upset. And it strayed Albert establishment pick. The associated read this project the rate on the Republican side or the state attorney general bill purity. Who is an ally Donald Trump and Batman another victory for Donald Trump and it. I'm Mary accurate it cycle shooting at the close ally government and talked up front than a lot on the campaign trail at that rally. In April hearing date it heated debate it. And a governor but the back. Incumbent governor Rick tighter and it really stepped up what is sort of beer really changed again and probably one the most competitive statewide race. Despite here. And again no no projection from the Associated Press yet but so far of the Los I had not looking good for him to spinal believe momentum thank you. Johnny I want to flip over to Ohio where Adam Kelsey is standing by. Outside the Columbus area man this is a tight race in a mostly is only getting tighter. As the evening goes on what can you tell us about the outstanding vote what are we looking for particularly in Delaware county and some of these Columbus suburbs. That might tell us where things are are leaning in this very Republican district. Because it's the only two areas written were still really needing substantial amounts of goods to come. Various speeds leave Alderson areas because almost all that could mean as expected. Heavily Republican. Areas I've delivered for slave owners and there's a relatively small talk proportions. It's an outstanding areas Franklin county and I'm his home district. Conner lives solidly blue he was about 30% of outstanding the last time that I look video comments to any. We've only seen. It about a half hour ago company she analyzing Russert back to. Two doubted. Laid out. In the book parties are looking for a morale this from the special election. But what's interesting for Democrats as they could maybe get more on this even if they lives. If they get really close within one or two points scalable back to their donors and argue they made up all this crown in even a ruby red area. Are you hearing that there's possibly excitement even if he doesn't he get out but just gets close. Wolf Mary Alice everything that you said is exactly true harassing more optimistic about chances. It's at Ohio state of acting talent. Killing here in Ohio. Doesn't mean. Like you are seeing everybody. It's a step back and looks at present. Carrey's 35 point. Fifteen Obama. Go ahead. And these guys hope they're not sick of each other reactors phones in the O'Connor no matter what happens tonight they're gonna face each other again about eighty days and one of them so anticipated a weirdest with that is that election season. Our thanks Adam Kelsey we'll be checking out checking back as the night goes on once again tracking primary voting in four states news to the special election in Ohio the last when selecting the year. Mary Alice park some recline stick with us will be back in about 25 minutes. With more here ABC news lot.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"O'Connor holds lead by thin margin in Ohio special election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57099002","title":"AP projects Whitmer to win Democratic primary in Michigan","url":"/Politics/video/ap-projects-bill-schuette-win-gop-nomination-michigan-57099002"}