Vice President Biden's Son Visits 3 Hospitals in Week

Delaware attorney general went to the hospital after feeling weak and disoriented.
4:51 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for Vice President Biden's Son Visits 3 Hospitals in Week
This is a special report from ABC news. Hello everyone I'm Devin Dwyer in New York with a special report on the health scare for vice president Joseph Biden's son. Beau Biden became weak and disoriented while on vacation -- his family last week he's been seen now at three different hospitals but the latest. Cause of the cause of this latest episode is still not -- what's -- to ABC's mom Bradley. Who's joining us now with the latest details hi -- -- Hi DeVon it is another -- care for the Biden family. The vice president's son is being evaluated at a hospital in Houston it's his third trip to the doctor over the past week. Raising concerns about his health. According to a staff. Vice president Joseph Biden is in Houston where his son -- is undergoing medical tests. The younger Biden who -- Delaware's attorney general became weak and disoriented. While driving to a family vacation in Indiana last Wednesday. This morning Beau Biden sent out this tweet. Touched by all your well wishes thank you nice evening in Houston with -- we'll share update when we have it. His condition is unclear younger -- is considered a rising star in the Democratic Party. An Iraq War veteran he's mentioned as a candidate for governor or for his father's old US senate -- first things first. Make sure focus on my family. Folks in my job after Wednesday's scare Biden sought treatment at northwestern medical center in Chicago. The next day he consult with physicians at a Philadelphia hospital he was later discharged and spent the weekend home in Wilmington. The 44 year old suffered a mild stroke in 2010 and was hospitalized for six days and spent a month at home recuperating. The vice president's office will not comment on beau Biden's tests or his condition but they say more information is forthcoming. It's into money we're just learning some new information the Biden's were spotted -- A hospital in Houston just a few minutes ago what do we know what that. That's right -- it was MD Anderson hospital in Houston. And we know that that is that cancer center but again we do not know beau Biden's condition are -- mom Bradley thank you so much for that our team coverage continues now I wanna bring in. ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- Doctor -- thanks so much for being here are just first -- get your reaction to its interest seemingly having confirmed yet where Beau Biden is being treated and he's invented. It struck me as interest in that he's now -- to three different hospitals what do you make of that. Well you know it's it's hard to know exactly what that means especially if you is seen at MD Anderson hospital in in Houston. That hospital is known for cancer treatment. In someone with the symptoms that have been attributed to it to Beau Biden the disorientation. And and the weakness. I would be worried about a recurrence of of a stroke he had a stroke as as was mentioned back in 2009. And that's right be thinking about first that's with the hospitals would probably be looking for when they had been when they first saw him. Now that he's being seen their referral hospital it raises questions. Could this be something else. And very very interesting -- you mention the stroke possibility of a stroke hearings only 44 years old how unusual is it for someone. This young to suffer a stroke. -- -- it is unusual but not as rare some people may think they're there are 700000. Strokes per year in about 10%. -- people younger than 45. The -- -- though are are different in the elderly people it's it's hardening of the arteries. In young people -- it did the vast majority they don't find a cause. Other causes our heart defects. As well as tears in in arteries very unusual things firfer strokes in the in the elderly. And again we don't know right in this case if if Beau Biden did in fact have a stroke but. Certainly those symptoms are what are some other symptoms that people should be looking out for and and possible in this case. Well you know we don't know that he had a stroke but it's a good time for people to learn those symptoms if you remember the word fast it could save your life at stands for facial droop. The -- stands for arm weakness if you ask them to raise their arms and one doesn't go up as -- S is for slurring of the speech. If if someone has any of the symptoms -- time it really matters you -- to get to the hospital. Because -- they have a clock that's cause that stroke you have four and a half hours to give a clot busting drug they can be absolutely likes it. Great advice great things to look out four and again. How were all watching Beau Biden and his health as we learn more details the vice president's son a good opportunity. To take stock for all of us and look for those symptoms ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- -- thanks so much. My pleasure this has been an ABC news digital special report and Devin Dwyer in New York. This has been a special report from the.

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{"id":20013075,"title":"Vice President Biden's Son Visits 3 Hospitals in Week","duration":"4:51","description":"Delaware attorney general went to the hospital after feeling weak and disoriented.","url":"/Politics/video/beau-biden-health-update-vice-president-bidens-son-20013075","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}