Bernie Sanders' Full Speech After New Hampshire Primary

The democratic presidential candidate is excited for the large voter turnout, thanks his supporters.
27:26 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders' Full Speech After New Hampshire Primary
Fluently. The polls closed. Secretary Clinton called and was very gracious. Congratulations. I thanked gore for a Paul. And I congratulate her and her supporters. With a back. Take this opportunity. I. Volunteers here writers Tuesday. Or. Our volunteers. Worked night in. Made phone calls and knock and a heck of a lot of towards. It. Want people include your energy back to school. And I want to Julia bullet seasonal. Great. And. The devil. We have sent the message. That real echo from Wall Street to Washington. From bay. The California. Bears. That the government. Outlook great country. Belongs to all all of the people. And not show us a handful. Of well. Campaign contributors. And their super pops. Dying months ago. We began our campaign and here I am sure. We had don't care. Organization. We had no money. And we were taking on the most powerful. Political organization. In the united states of the miracle. Okay. And tonight with what appears to be erected right. Voter turnout. Okay. And I. Voter turnout. And I said. E'Twaun. Clawed its way on earth the energy. And excitement. That that number product audit. To succeed. And don't babble. Oh. Look. Happening here in New Hampshire. And term all of that it asked that an riles electorate. People who can't now. Launched dog that that is what will happen although well. Let us now but yet. Democrats. And progressed so it's win win voter turnout is high. Rob Republicans. Win. When people ought to borrow lives and voter turnout is loan. Tonight we served notice to the political and economic establishment. Of this country. That the American people. Continue to accept. Eight or rock campaign finance system. There. America had the Bachmann seat. Except. Rigged economy. Americans. Work longer hours we'll lower wages. While almost all. Well. Other pop 1%. Okay. One. Your congratulate. Secretary Clinton and ever. Organization. That supporters who waging vigorous campaign. Like well. That in the days ahead we can you. To wage age wrong age or hit the campaign. Had brand. Yeah. I won't slow hope. That we already. And this is a message not just to our opponents. Want that those who support me as well that we will. The club to get hooked it a few months and you like this body. And this nation. Because the right wing Republicans. We oppose. Must not be allowed the game. We all remember. The last time Republicans occupy the White House. They are trickle down. Economic policies. He were all of us into the worst economic downturn. Since the depression of the 1930s. No. We will not allow huge tax breaks for billionaire adds. We will not all the packed you plaques that Social Security. Veterans. Minute maid and it's into the and I. Moon. Allowed back into the White House eight political party. Which is saw the whole. Little fossil fuel industry. That they had not he did acknowledge. That scientific reality. Up climate change. I. Okay. We know of don't have sure. Have sent April found message to the political establishment. And liquor establishment. And by the way. Okay. Though people here announced that it. Is that given the enormous crises facing our country. It is just light. For the same old same old establishment. Politics. And establishment. Economics. The people bought real change. What the American people afflicted by the way. I hear this not just form progressives. Blocked from conservatives. And from violence. Is that we can no longer continue. I have eight campaign. Finance system in which Wall Street and the billion act class are any. It took lie. Election. Americans. I don't lock their political view maybe. That's. That that is not what democracy. Islam out. That is why our loved hockey at the house. And we will not allow that. Look at that you. And I. Super pac. And I do not want anything but laugh. Old world. And I am deeply moved. Far more than I can express in words. By the fact that our walked campaigns. Like the actual support. Columns from more than one million Americans. I have days you more than three point seven million. I they're flawed individual contributions. Than any candidate. In the history of the United States up until this point in an election. Udall walk that average contribution was. Okay. I am of going through New York City tonight. But I'm not going to New York's city. The hold a fund raiser on Wall Street. It. Instead. I'm going to hold a blood raise right you. Right now across America. Fire request is please call. To burnings that is dot com and contribute. Okay. Howell plus. Raise the funds we. Whether it's ten bucks or twenty bucks walked it books help us raise the money. We need to take the pipe that Nevada South Carolina don't thanks much. I. And. So America is not settled fluently pretty quick. A. Now. What the American people at the Stan. Is that our great country. Was based on simple principle. And that principal. Use fairness. Let beat me very Leah. It's not fair. When we have walking club and while inequality today. That almost any major country on earth. And when that top 110 of 1%. Now holes almost as much well at the bottom 90%. That's not. Not that would looked like he wealthiest people in this country. How old Walt well at the bottom half of the American people. You guys ready for it. Radical like do you. Look at he ought to all of it rebate and economy. That works well although Boston not just below 1%. I. Edward billions of people working with starvation wages yeah op where auto race looked at a and we are going to ring and equity. All we're have been. That plan. The best educated. Work lost in the world yes we aren't going to be. Public colleges and universities. Which it very. At what the hell yeah. All of America's struggling with a red dust levels of student debt. We are calling does substantially. Ease that burden. America people should not plight they actually does breath. What decades. What looked brought him. The crime of trying to get higher education backs up our. Well. My critics say. You know a bird it's a great accurate all this free stuff how you gonna pay for it. I will tell you how we gonna pay for it. We're going to win eight tax on Wall Street. Speculation. Three the recklessness. And illegal behavior of Wall Street grow our economy to its. The American people bailed out. Wall Street now it's Wall Street's mind that help but middle class. And when we talk about transforming America. It means and being the straits. Of this country having more people in general. Than any other country in the world disproportionately. African American and liked to you know. Okay. Not all good. Are we going to fight and institutional. Racism. At A-Rod and criminal justice and Bob. We are going to provide. Jobs and education. For our young people not Giles and a possible registered. Or a the city. It's a memoir of the energy committee in the senate and environmental committee. But debate is all talk climate change is real. It's flawed by human activity. And it is already causing devastating problem. This country and around the world. We have a moral responsibility. To work with countries. Out there. To transform. Our energy says all away from fossil fuel. Energy efficiency act. I have been criticized. During this campaign. For many many things. Every single day. That's okay that's or like. They're throwing every day at me. Except the kitchen sink. And I have the feeling that kitchen sink is covered pretty so. Out of campaign it's about. Is thinking day not small. It's about how. The urge to reject the status quo. I picks up outside a bit at a time. With every day's sharp poetry on earth. Guarantees. Helped him out to all their people we should be doing the same in our great. I I. My view on the president Obama's leadership. The affordable care Iraq has been an important step forward don't arched at about. What we can. And must do better. Okay. Went being. Billing it Americans. Should not. Sure. And even rated though. Should not be on there are insured with large deductibles. And co payments. We should not be paying by fall. The highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and eight time. Listen to this when the top three wrought companies. In this country 845. Billion dollars in profit. At. Is an obscenity. And let me tell you something. When we make it to the White House. I. The pharmaceutical. Industry will not continue to ripple the American. Okay. Further it makes little sense that as a nation. We continue to spend off all blocked for capital. Then to the people of any other nation all of whom Garrity oh yeah fool all of the people. And that is why I believe. Inning medic cap for old single Payer program. Guarantee. Health careful. Locals say the average middle class Wembley. Thousands of dollars a year in health care course. My friends we all know that we live in a dangerous and complex world. As president I will defend his nation. But I won't do it responsibly. I voted odd jets. The war you know Iraq. It and was the right boots. While we must be relentless. In combating terrorists. Who would dorsal. We cannot. And should not be the policeman. Of the world. I. The law or shoot we've been out there were a fighting terrorism. Alone. In the Middle East the United States must be a lot of an international collection. Sustain life nations in the region. That have the means to protect themselves. Took GAAP. We must it will destroy crisis. What we should know what it away that does not put our young. And women in the military. Brooke actual walk payout in the plaque by. Okay. Like Ryan. We must the next. Our broken immigration says that divides families. And create eight. What citizenship. On working. We must strengthen it and it's bad Social Security. And increased the benefits that seniors and disabled that's recede. So that people can't live in dignity. Abbas. Rebuild our probably. Infrastructure. And when we do that we great millions up decent paying job. We must assume the fight. The women's rights but gay rights what disability life. Oh. You must get stronger. Inch hole early opposition. Protect the right bubble woman to a patrol are all of body. Oh. Okay. You must protect a bed at Whitman. Who serve validation in uniform. And protect all veterans who put their lives on the line to defend. Had. My friends. We must the billionaire class. And the one person. That they cannot happen at all. At a time of massive. Wealth and income inequality. The wealthiest people and largest corporations. In this country. We olds thought paying their fair share of tax. Or. I am the son. Of a polish immigrant. Who came to this country. Speaking no English. And having no money. My father worked every day of his life. In government date a whole lot. My mom and dad and brother Ike wrought. In baseball three and a half rule rent controlled apartment. In Brooklyn New York. Well I bought a boat died at a younger age always free. Of the holding out hope that appalled and getting ahold of your home but she never realized. That actually. The truth is that you don't want like parents could ever three. That flight would be sheer and light standing before you as a candidate for president. Am. Okay. Oh. Okay. This. Is. A promise of America. And this is the promise we must keep alive for future generations. What began last week and I won't. When voters here in New Hampshire. Confirmed tonight is nothing short of the beginning of a political revolution. Do. And I. And it is a political revolution. That will bring tens of billions. Of our people together. It will bring together working people what given up on the political process. It will bring together young people what befell participated. In the political process and. It will bring together blacks and whites. Latinos and Asian American. Native American. A three and gay male and female. Well what Warner and America. And people who immigrated here. Well all of Africa. Say it loudly and clearly. That the government. I'll loan rate nation. Beat wolves to poll arts not show us a few wealthy campaign contributors. It's blocked this campaign is about. That is what the political revolution. Is about. So go have sure thank you looked dead and now it's odd. Thank you don't have yards and now it's on to that. South Carolina. And beyond.

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