Biden introduces Dr. Frances H. Arnold

Dr. Frances H Arnold remarks on being selected as co-chair of the president’s council of advisers on science and technology.
4:23 | 01/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden introduces Dr. Frances H. Arnold
Mr. President elect. Madam vice president elect. I am humbled and honored by this chance to serve the American people. At this moment of profound grief. But unprecedented. Opportunity. As an engineer by training there's a certain temptation. To see the work ahead Abbas as a series of difficult problems to be solved. But the truth is. And that's not what drew me to this world. Like the rest of this extraordinary. Team I'm here today because. Of the law. I'd love of science yes. But also would deeper love. Of our planet. And it our people. Without whose science. Has no purpose we're meaning. I embarked on my own version of this love in the 1970s. Beginning a career in solar energy at a time when our nation was in the grip. Of an energy crisis. In his years since my belief has grown that our highest responsibility. In each generation is to preserve. Our fragile planet. Prepare our economy and our workforce for the future. And pass on a better world. Science based decision making has always been out where most powerful tool. For meeting that responsibility. Perhaps never more than today. As a pandemic rages. Taking so much. And threatening all that we love we look to science and technology for answers. Technology to stay connected to one another science to find vaccines. And light our path out of darkness. This climate change lose we look to science and technology once more to save this precious jewel. Of our planet so that we might pass it on to future generations. Intact. And in good health. As it was passed to us. In a time of economic crisis we look to science. To develop the industries of the future. The ones that will breed new light. Into our livelihoods. And provide it could Cha. Jobs that lift up families and our communities. And bring dignity and security to all of our people. And in a moment of torrential. Depictions science offers us a common shelter. A fact. In truth. Within which we can begin to come together. And didn't timed to heal. Science once again is not a bout. Cold solving of problems. It's a war arm and beautiful. Exploration. Of the young who. An expression of human curiosity. That propels us for work. And allows this to fulfill our most important responsibilities. The moment we failed to nurture it we resign ourselves to living in the past. And lose the chance to guide the future. The agenda put forward by the president elect. And the vice president elect resonates with me not only as a scientist. But as a grand mother. When we put science back to work for the benefit of all people. Be vital as saying our economy. Fueling our climate response broadening our perspective. As we read built around greater equity and opportunity. We are making a society. That is worth passing on to our children. And our grandchildren. It is an act of love. And I am honored by the opportunity. To help nurture this effort. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Dr. Frances H Arnold remarks on being selected as co-chair of the president’s council of advisers on science and technology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75299304","title":"Biden introduces Dr. Frances H. Arnold","url":"/Politics/video/biden-introduces-dr-frances-arnold-75299304"}