Blankenship concedes West Virginia race

Ex-convict Don Blankenship concedes as Morrisey is projected to win West Virginia's GOP Senate primary.
8:34 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for Blankenship concedes West Virginia race
I want to say thank you to everybody came here thank you to for the media for bringing attention. To the issues that that I spells. I do hope that at some point the truth about a prepared branches totem that miners were killed safer as a result of that. You know my prosecution. Still fill comparable will be overturned and a and before the end the year are invalidated I think they call it. I can tell you that. Let's experiences I've had all of you need to be concerned. When the federal government's going into a courtroom and say and that use your free speech should be limited because you're free speech quote troubled United States that's a concern. Macon and action take all your guns and keep them for three years lawyer under a misdemeanor probation should be a concern. When the prosecution can both lie and misrepresent the truth and destroy documents and and admit to it and testified to it. And nothing happened you should be concerned. And certainly I'm concerned but I don't know what more I can do. In Austin from this train nine West Virginia number times and then made a big difference but in this case unfortunately what they were to get it done. And you know I feel good about what I've done not fill very good did not. Feel like I'm going to have a much much more time to dedicate to. Family and to may laying in two travelman. And go on to places like parish and so forth so don't feel sorry for me. You know I know most the well most of West Virginians are envious of what event and you know as Robin don't know you know tell the story which a few of you haven't heard it. The first home I have cost 750 dollars and I was raised by a single mom. We used those second how sort of that was the poor house Psycho the second house. We'll stay out house we used out house for the first eight years of my left before we had plumbing. And for the first twelve years at too great scoop where we don't have like eighteen students. Eventually got a job and coal mine as they teenager. And was first time was able to they've been a place to have left Turkey which was wonderfully warm compared to what I was accustomed to the two bath house. And then I made it to the White House at the private dining table with President Bush. And then they put me in the big house so. I can tell you that through all those how those I learned more in the pour house in the big house and I learned in the other houses. And there's a love a wrong in this country but does a lot of good people left are trying to do some about it and hope that people respect what I did. You know no have a reputation has been radical and have told people that you don't make fundamental change if you're not radical coordinate lectures dictionary. So Phil. Very good about the effort we've made very bad about effectively filled West Virginians somehow we couldn't convince some are just tell him someone that. You know having spent a lot of time in Nevada. And a lot of time in West Virginia. When your heart somewhere like West Virginia action today here recount in you know who's run and and and what the issues are and all that but in Nevada where I'm a casual. You know a resident. I can't even tell you who's run. And I think that's what happens. Likened West Virginia a lot of people that vote that may be gone Bennett to vote for a cousin that's run for county court clerk or something and I just vote. And so I don't you know I can relate to the fact it's you can lose an election like this even though your campaign platform is an exact concert. With what the people West Virginia want and should want Weathers jobs or drugs or. You know bill below whatever we don't we were in exact concert with what has made trump 84 to 87% positive. And lost a selection badly. But again I think it's people not paying attention and again I'm not critical that because that's understandable to soccer moms. People have to get up their morning go to work. You know people that maybe we're focused on church or community activities. They really don't have the time to invest in understand issues and and who's representing those issues. And so can understand that we didn't reach everyone and they that negative campaigning turned a lot of people. But I don't think I can tell you is that's I feel very good about what I did Phil very good about my life you know others and mostly in West Virginia. And I'm going to make the most of the rest of time I have left and we'll take a look at this rest of this of this general election in this race. Because I'm greatly concerned that we're losing 63000. People or yours with drug epidemic and we elected like this directly tied to the very distributor that was very involved in that so it concerns me a great deal. But I exactly what I can do about it I'm not sure to sports. So what set up take any questions that anybody has if you have any. Although most of your program heard to get home optional. Thank you. Actor I agree with that you know traitor Joseph. Don't think about traitor Joseph Aziz an effective to have he would real effective be even worse. But you know. The one thing I'll tell you is that you're not going to get businessmen to come to West Virginia. When both for your senior senators senators are both for your senators declare. CEO who's not been at the operation ahead next to him for ten years guilty before your go to trial. And not gonna have a good country when the president and the head regulator. Of the agency that oversees Manning declares that they know what happened before anyone goes back underground. You have to have processed the only thing that protects us and protects you know our livelihood and our freedoms this process. And when you violate the process of a fair trolley about Rivero pilot to process of an independent investigation. And when your when you've got to media that if you will by us the story a seller by all the time and maybe there is not lost to. Is the vessel are felonies elections and we forget when they get elected to turn in the government. So you gotta be really careful because people. Will say anything to get elected in these campaigns and that's one reason that probably. Not very good at just game. But in any event it's real important that you stay aware of your of the human wraps and stale where. The route to a fair trial on free speech and there up to America guns or have guns protest. There are a lot of people out there that would the very quickly take him away from if they have the opportune. He's saying Elster comments. Yes. You know. Mitch McConnell. Is us quintessential. Politician. Like Joseph mentioned they've moved to have wherever of the Windsor flow and and they don't do anything to take care the country when you got 22 trillion dollars in debt. 600 and some billion dollars in interest and you're fortunate enough to only have a 3% after assuring your editor risk I'm and I can remember the Reagan years when it was 12%. And a 12%. You know we would. Officially concedes. It's race. Republican senate primary. Out one of the message he wanted to send that was once he. This race and selections hijacked by Republicans. We're not in line with the president or in line with West Virginia voters. It's one of the biggest names in the statement came up short. Tonight I think it's important to remember that as much as Republicans might try to extrapolate. Ideas about what this says but the president and the White House and chop its. Slippery year this is a man who had really rocky past. Who has been very well known in the steam a lot of voters we talked to you already how ideas about him while before he got into this race as the one thing that he thinks cost industries president now he says the only thing that he can think of it happened at the closing days a strong to beat everything that happened last seven days just yesterday president can't sing don't vote for this guy when Donald to a and other non. Bad news for him. I can tell you there's like it that folks who are disappointed that don't institute that went decides. The closeness room. And that's Democrats in the state they are really hoping that Joseph Manchin would go up against them like accepting thought that was the best outcome for them the biggest chance that's for adjustments to keep Tennessee. And right now it's a two man race for receivers Jake it's we haven't called this week project has been theory close especially over the last hour. So this could be very important time the next twenty minutes a seat that risk and he can be called.

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"Ex-convict Don Blankenship concedes as Morrisey is projected to win West Virginia's GOP Senate primary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"55032816","title":"Blankenship concedes West Virginia race","url":"/Politics/video/blankenship-concedes-west-virginia-race-55032816"}