Boy Scouts Delay Decision on Gay Membership Policy

Decision to potentially repeal ban on gay and lesbian members won't come until May.
1:53 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Boy Scouts Delay Decision on Gay Membership Policy
Not so fast the boy scouts of America are not ready. To accept gay members just yet the organization has postponed an expected vote on its anti gay policy. ABC's Karen Travers has the latest. A potentially historic change for the boy scouts of America may not happen for months. The organization's national executive board delayed -- -- day. A decision on whether to overturn its ban on gay -- members -- leaders we're trying to do whatever we do with. The young people that we serve in mind. Over the weekend Boy Scouts and former scout leaders delivered a petition with one point four million signatures to the organization's Texas headquarters. Urging -- into the policy. Jennifer to -- was fired as the den leader for her seven year old son's cub scout troop. And told her sexual orientation. Did not meet the high standards of conduct we -- scouting. We just want to be part of it in an interview with CBS news on Sunday President Obama indicated his support for the change. The scouts are great institution. That are. Promoting. Young people and exposing them to. -- opportunities. And leadership. That. -- will serve people. For the rest of their lives and I think that nobody should be barred for them. While Texas Republican governor Rick Perry an eagle scout. Said he hopes the organization sticks to its values scouting is about teaching a substantial. Amount of life lessons sexuality is not one up. Polling shows a major generational divide when it comes to allowing gay adults to be scout leaders. 60% of Americans under thirty say yes but Americans over fifty just 39%. The boy scout said today that due to the complexity of this issue they need more time to deliberate. Karen Travers ABC news Washington.

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{"id":18422322,"title":"Boy Scouts Delay Decision on Gay Membership Policy","duration":"1:53","description":"Decision to potentially repeal ban on gay and lesbian members won't come until May.","url":"/Politics/video/boy-scouts-delay-decision-gay-membership-policy-18422322","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}