The Breakdown: Democrats set to introduce immigration plan this week

Plus, President Joe Biden heads to Wisconsin for his first town hall as president and how New Orleans is celebrating Mardi Gras this year.
22:33 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: Democrats set to introduce immigration plan this week
I'm. Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I'm Diana stayed up and. And I'm Terry Moran president Biden is taking his agenda on the road trying to put. Pressure on congress to pass is one point nine trillion dollar Kobe really package in his first official trip since taking office and president Biden heading to Wisconsin today to make his case directly to the American people in a town hall of themselves and when can millions of struggling Americans expect that relief. We'll get the latest from the White House. Meanwhile Democrats are expected to introduce legislation on immigration reform this week. What that could mean for the millions of undocumented. Undocumented immigrants living in the US right now. And a new look civil rights lawsuit alleges former president trump his attorney Rudy Giuliani and far right groups conspired. To incite the assault on the capital we've got a closer look. At who's behind his losses. What consequences it could happen. But we begin with Democrats renewing their focus on passing a coma nineteen BB Phil. They're up against a mid march deadline when enhanced unemployment benefits are currently set to expire. Tonight president Biden takes his case straight to the people in his first town hall has president. White House correspondent Karen Travers joins us now with more on this Karen what do you expect to hear from Biden tonight and what is he hoping to accomplish with this town hall. And and this is a sales pitch for president by in this is a first chance that he will have to engage directly with American since he took office. Taking questions from a group of people that CNN who broadcast a town house they will be Republicans Democrats and independents. He is talking to the American people but the message of course is aimed at senate Republicans who he is still trying to get on board with his one point nine trillion dollar Kobe relief package. But Diane as we have been saying for weeks now they can do this without Republican support the president has said it is a clear choice for him a pittance did deciding between getting bogged down in negotiations. Her moving forward to get something passed he is going to move forward so house committees this week are gonna continue their work on a bill turning that proposal into legislation we expect there could be a vote in the house. May be by the end of next week and the so Karen is expected to play out and it gets voted on in the house next week and then that where does it go from there. Yeah them off the forces to go to the senate before can get to president Biden and you know you noted that timeline mayor of mid march the White House. He's not saying for certain what data have to get this bill to the president's desk by mid march is what circled on the calendars at the White House because that is when there are key benefits that had been extended at the end of last year extended weekly unemployment benefits that millions of Americans are getting. That's set to expire so they're running against a clock right now that's when they would like to get this done. The clock is ticking but they're still couple weeks to go so we'll see it seems like the next big thing on the agenda is immigration reform what are Democrats plans there. Yet this top priority for the biting White House amid Kobe to relieve talks and of course and infrastructure and irbil but immigration is something that president biting on to a wind laid out his priorities and we're expecting that allies of his on Capitol Hill Democrats in the house and senate this week will lay out of the legislation. That goes through some of those priorities this is going to be sweeping and is going to be is something that keys in on things that I don't want to see done first and foremost of course would be giving that pathway to citizenship for eleven million undocumented immigrants living in this country. Diane immigration reform is not easy and there has been many efforts to try and get sweeping legislation passed to reform the nation's immigration system. He has not happened and that doesn't matter what party is in power on Capitol Hill or at the White House the Biden administration is hoping they could break that trend and get something done. And white house Press Secretary Jen Psaki said today that president Biden supports the creation of a commission to investigate the assault on the capital look at that look like. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is moving forward to set up what would be an independent commission that would investigate the events on January 6 and things leading up to that it's not been made up of members of congress this would be people from the outside is similar to what we saw after the September 11 attacks in 2000 wine you could have former members of congress why his elders from both parties experts in security who would come together and do a deep dive into what happened. The White House said today that president Biden supports that this is up to congress they said to move forward on it but that he wants to see a full accounting of what happened that de and anybody held accountable if it comes to that. All right Karen Travers forests in Washington on his face talked to Karen thanks. Thanks. Karen while the impeachment trial may be over but today. A new civil lawsuit takes aim at former president trump for his involvement in that January 6 riot at the capitol ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas and our senior. Editorial producer Jon said to cheat. Both join us with the latest welcome to both peer. This lawsuit today filed by congressman Bennie Thompson who's a house homeland security committee chairman. And joined by the NAACP alleges that trump his attorney would you Lowney the proud Boyd oath keepers as far right groups. Conspired to violate a law from 1871. Call the Ku Klux Klan accept what I'd lie and tell it was the accusation. About us is have been a long time says a lot has been use as far as we can tell Terry. And basically the law makes it illegal for groups to assist the trying to block congress from carrying out his duties. And it seriously. Congressman Thompson in the NAACP is making that. That claimed that this act the insurrection if you will was themed and blocking the certification. I'm Joseph Biden as the president of the United States to block congress from doing its constitutional duty. And in Macon is claiming they're actually going the civil route to try to hold president's top. His attorney Rudy Giuliani accountable and some of these militia organizations like an oath keepers who were involved. And that law written to address the rampaging Ku Klux Klan was trying to block black lawmakers. In the nineteenth century from doing their job it's a sign of the times that's where we are. So tonight Pierre and Jon you both featured in our new ABC news special airing on Hulu. It takes viewers through the final chapter of Trump's presence he's shown that senate trial. From multiple perspectives. Here's a preview. As the weeks have gone by the charges have gotten. As serious conspiracy. To obstruct government activity in this case the actions of congress there have been loaded felony charges some carrying penalties as much as twenty years. Problem is now acquitted but you have his supporters. Breaking into the capital. The are going to see significant consequences. I was following my president and I thought I was following. What we were called to do. Jacobs can sleep is the man that left and I know it's on vice president Mike Pence is dad it's only a matter of time. By January should exploit oil was cheating the president's call them. Just shave our news. Dominic to Zola otherwise known as saws oh and number of them the cowboys. He's charged with conspiracy destruction of property and basically interfering with congress they were misled they would do to the hole stop the steel. Mr. to solo along with thousands of other people. Bought that. They went to the capital and responsibly requests the instructions. It almost pulled the orders of Donald Trump this defenses to some of these today idiots have put forward as saying that that president trump. I was urging them to go and engage in any aspect of unlawful activities absolutely absurd to president told you did do it but that didn't mean he had to do it. Heat inside each. Worst fears and here patriot did but. That's your hatred. And that's your fears because he did to train your country. That's our dock on Hulu Renner Jon let me go to you we actually hear from some of trump supporters this who were involved in near got instructions attack that day what to what's the takeaway there. Well Terry we speak to people that went to the rally on January 6 or heard president Trump's speech and it. And they actually joined the crowd that was heading off to the capital however the people were talking to cherry support president trump bush didn't. Enter the capital they actually took a few steps. Consider this seems like it's getting out of hand and don't blame president shrub the actions that. And on January 6 most and still support the president stated that he was to run again in 20/20 forty would indeed be in his corner but it's interesting to hear from other people on the ground cherry. Sloan don't. Whom he knew none knew were. Or on the Wall Street Journal the door and people clear they didn't. And tensions but we these least seen that damage and death. That was caused by those individuals that TD infiltrate the capital had a lot of bad intentions as we saw played out in video that senate trial. And the story of every mob and has two people who didn't have bad intentions get caught up and do bad things but let me ask you how one of things we see ya during we saw during the trial. And that this documentary explores is some of that surveillance footage that never been seen before sept like. Terry is we saw play out in trial in orbit we did in short specialists like right now well on Hulu. Actually get a sense that bird's eye and he was happy listening to your cell phone videos capture some angles they. But we explore more what was happening to members senator Mitt Romney running down a hall being ushered by Wall Street Eugene Gooden and not as the mob was coming down the seam hallway we see video what leader Chuck Schumer who was heading down one hole quickly was turned around by his security detail. Because they were also about to common touch them and the footage cherry that we shall try. I L but I think we really good job in the special tonight at. Bond acting here is what was happening in Nancy Pelosi office keynote speaker was secretly evacuated. But her stamp. Unfortunately. I didn't have time to get out the high club and barricading the doors and we see just seven minutes very dirty barricade themselves in. The mob enters an anti close he's all there is easing credit for. Can. And dare we mention that president Biden warned support immigration about nine elevenths style commission to further investigate the attack on the capital so. What are the outstanding questions to be explored and do you think it commission has the right place or. As was done of Watergate and Pearl Harbor and so many other major moments in our history that congressional commission might work. Well it's clearly there are a lot of outstanding it is very specific details that we don't have all the answers to. Exactly what was all of the intelligence. That. Law enforcement had available to how much of it was made available to the capitol police. Exactly what did they do what the intelligence how forceful for example was the FBI in making the case to pay you could have. Farm to. Insurrection is show up and tried to attack the capital why weren't there more people on the outside. Of the buildings why wasn't there more physical security on the outside and obviously they're a lot more questions. Quite frankly about what was going on at the White House what did the president do an intra. How much pressure was put on him to call the national garden was he asked specifically about calling in the National Guard. But lots of details of me unpacked and the commission went to. What the speaker seems to be doing it'll be interesting to see is just how bipartisan we'll lose be. You have to have a congress approved this measure. President will have to sign it and when she may be trying to do is get some independent nonpartisan people who go just for the facts. Aren't and John we have yet to hear from former president trump since his acquittal what do we expect that to happen. Well Jerry you know someone in this documentary and Asian (%expletive) he Aaron I says the line day but don't count. Donald Trump he might just be back soon enough and I think Terry Moran. That's what I. Message from this Jerry weeks we don't think she's gone just yet but. Our sources are telling. President trump actually going to be quieter Laurie. Sex he's obviously as you point out in quieter the last several weeks and seen or horror from him there were rumors. The president was gonna do sounds like that press conference celebrating. These vindication as some people around the call it being acquitted by the senate but the momentary. I don't think we're gonna seeing former president trump for quite some time. I think you're right for what it's worth he's Biden is time picking and choosing his spots to reemerge I think he's going to be with us for a while our thanks. Did John send to achieve and Pierre Thomas for that and trump the reckoning is streaming on Hulu now. Well it's Marty dropped but New Orleans isn't letting the pandemic stuffing party this year when we come back. Why does city is turning Mardi Gras ND ERD bra lieutenant governor of Louisiana. Joins us with a look at. How the Big Easy plans to pull off its biggest celebration of the year. Safe stable. As of last summer on virtually here this weekend. Mid pandemic. The other thing that other situations and we didn't he get right now. Celebrating Martin drive marching. But we can't. Because this is the fourteenth month of a pretty horrible here. Here's your people. Media and I worry. The Mets are fever breathing and anybody that cares a great record high now being absent specialty throes of dancing. From being steps can hit outside of city and trying to spread the Chileans. We're. Happy or not. Now the main party our own good coming I think Grammy wouldn't hang. We're celebrating famous Roswell road and we'll. Who was finishing up support. However there are reading other. We've ever. Reacting. Those there's some people in New Orleans bring the party and from their streets to their front yards porches are. Filling in for parade floats this year in the Big Easy finds a new way to celebrate Mardi Gras and a pandemic. The Orleans native Bryan Batt has a closer look at security Barbara. I'm Brian batten I'm coming to block from my hometown New Orleans they usually think Charles avenue it would be homeless people and beautiful floats celebrating lot of profit. But held mid nineteen. What. Yeah yeah. We are eager is bringing to monitor on homes and we can't celebrate on the streets and parade from the porch floats well we convert. Scored since an actual blows. More than a Rodger Fuller. You're gonna arrive at a dozen people become do you wind trades were officially canceled by the city I'd say about a third of the workers relief. New Orleans loves its artists just how close in general the whole city is behind and I mean thousands of people are decorating. Chris read dean's it is a twelve year old neighborhood marching created for carnival here in New Orleans thought it was great idea crowd times to create jobs for Mardi Gras artist because they were getting laid off as the Braves were canceled and basically two months we've raised 300000 dollars and for the forty people to work and also created a lot of money got magic. Usually all the floats will be going down saint Charles avenue under the beautiful oak trees for now. Can float to the jokes figure in city park this is the part the house with a basement but these are cute. But some of the house looks pretty used to it we came up with women of YE. Because securing this pandemic time there's been a lot of darkness that we wanted to really share the life with so many other people. You can game with a bald is wonderful women who. Could have changed the world it and just phenomenal just to see. What a small little idea has thrown into in the whole city. Artist that really brings the vision until reality show with this fifth and enabled him that the workers know. Well in every single all this mean more money in six and should not get all year it's a beautiful ways for us to take. What on its face is a terrible situation. So Liz and carnivals. And actually transform it into something inspiring and beautiful this is one of my favorite houses. To celebrate but we'll be important health care workers involved in the Pacific Airbus but also celebrates the beauty of the flip audience. This has been the first time the Nordegren construed as well all of the more integral part is has come together to help each other right. We may not have a parade will still have. Are we feel needed and we feel like this is a thing that's gonna kind of pulled people through this difficult time I don't think conflict is going anywhere I think it's here to stand. That's what we love the work. Given adversity we try to do the stuff. Thanks to Brian bad for that report now yarn rob originally started as a social media and joke but now thousands of New Orleans residents. Are participating lieutenant governor of Louisiana bill nine dancer joins us now with a little more on how this all came together. Thanks so much for being on average is to start things out just how do you feel seeing. How New Orleans has rallied around this tradition and around its artist to make this all happened safely. I got to answer I want Jeanette only Louisiana has so much love and passion. Hold water into all pro life you're Louisiana. Went holy Louisiana through this happened over 3000 homes or Korea. So it is critical forty states in one form country. Decorated homes it is smaller liberal candidates Louisiana. But I love that guy is Terry Moran lieutenant governor to Mardi Gras obviously huge economic boost every year for the city and the state. They've tell us about the impact economic impact by not being able though welcome tourists as usual. Despite this this joy that we're seeing it on the porches and houses. Fears over a billion dollar yeah. Flex in front of millions of people or the note oh all the people feel beautiful costumes. Also has more on regional track. This year Putin were drop upwards of people who are poor who owns. You know if you were what are newest map. We usually injured were brought out there probably captured your period yeah. I don't believe that as well it's heading governor. He also partnered with Michigan's lieutenant governor on an op Ed in Newsweek calling for more -- nineteen relief now as a Republican what do you think of the package currently being debated in congress. Well just when you get some who don't. Is special there's artwork is around the country. That in tourism industry every student who saw according. And those people are don't make a lot of water and really need help now there who will Mark Pryor lives here. It's who oppose you Democrat he's getting the Murray in the hands of who's been blue police. House fan all over 200 dollars or that he pretty good people. And I think we just didn't push congress that room agents the two MP. So that they are I remember I was I was in New Orleans for the first Mardi Gras. After Hurricane Katrina at mingled with Tesoro was this incredible. Almost defiance defiant joy he could feel the courage and resilience in the streets. Talk a little bit about the spirit of Mardi Gras importance to Louisiana. Howard came back fast you're. The current turn nine and what it says about the resilience of your community and stayed in general. Do you really did we do see these home greeted all Louisiana. Syria must look weak stupid people Libya. And even those people who were these little. Decorated home due to form restates it she's shows he's been special. It's all here in Louisiana. Have broad security crawfish but he credible and spirit of their homes. Sean every year around water. And lieutenant governor for those of us who don't have the pleasure of being there are New Orleans and seeing these floats in prison how we celebrated home. Well actually I know how dropped into water you know download huge beautiful tool. Close they're actually throw a reason people walking. And they'll beat you so much pride and look your order by next year. Next year will be a special year. There's always bottled up more advantage will be damaged recent roads roads you're beautiful Lindsey got loans you don't want to miss Florida anorexia. Terry you heard that we are invited next year lieutenant governor we will take you up on that thank you back. I'm there great to have you searched and that does it for us here on the break down I have DRA grad to all of you at home Monday missing out. Everybody there I'm Terry relative back tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great.

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