Chris Christie Imitates Donald Trump

While campaigning for president in Iowa, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie does his best impression of Donald Trump.
3:28 | 11/13/15

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Transcript for Chris Christie Imitates Donald Trump
It's so when Donald comes in we speaks. And he says everyone want them. Always always in Washington I don't know it was right people go yeah yeah. He's got up there. Remark loser. He's rich nation that make them aware okay. I don't think people are thought about it in great depth yet. Cut Bob. We're counting those of us who are also in this race are carried out of people that I would Hampshire. Now that you know Thanksgiving is coming Christmas is coming also think. That's our thinking about the fact that that. Sent him it isn't good set. But then. Anybody can burn a building that. Not everybody can reveal. And after the experience to know how to do that. Anybody knew you can hire any. To do demolition job. Anybody's way. And demolish office. Higher very different people Sweden bill. So I would ticket if you want someone who is opera Washington DC who actually bill itself himself. That's JaJuan. I don't leave anybody for not want to let anybody from Washington. It seems I think surgery in the water they forget that someone yelled we United States senator in my state passed away about. Two years ago so right now and I was governor times so I get to appoint to replace it with a first things the press asked. Was are you put yourself. I do that you put yourself units except that I would rather commit suicide. They've bee in the United States that got a lot of publicity around the country. Say I would rather be dead that he the United States said but I got pictures. You what goes on down there. You know so what's up washing up along its job commitments have slightly which she would vote for up to that doctor or as well. These people look absolutely no experience in this of people said well they're clearly not part. In Washington and that's why they're taking papers they are but. But you also need to go after 81. Than what's that. With that. If you don't have experience of how to do this again before. What's he what's that you can look bad. Way. Who it works. Very careful not to actually. And Darcy Rea operation for Donald businessman. Incredibly successful TV star. And he. That. But. All that apple is its based on. You'll. The please. See if the speaker how the postal those cute here. It's not the way words. A lot of us know your father. And he goes back to his office capitalism D'auria. What is your investment you now you need to preschools.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"While campaigning for president in Iowa, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie does his best impression of Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35170428","title":"Chris Christie Imitates Donald Trump","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-imitates-donald-trump-35170428"}