Chris Christie Slams Obama, Media in CPAC Speech

New Jersey governor attacks the president's leadership and urges conservatives to "take on" the media.
3:00 | 03/06/14

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Transcript for Chris Christie Slams Obama, Media in CPAC Speech
That's because governors. Republican governors across this country have stood up. And done things. Not just talk about. What you see in Washington people who only want to talk. They can't stop talking. The most dangerous ten feet in Washington DC is between anybody. Who wants to start talking and the camera. This is what they are now. And you could see it as an example not only. With the dysfunction in congress. But one story that I above. About the president. You remember when -- set up this whole super committee thing right. Way back when they were try to resolve the budget problems and all the rest is that a super committee that consumers can be got nothing god. What does the White House -- The White House that the president never met with the super committee -- -- Bob them because they he knew they were doomed to failure. -- leadership -- -- You're the leader of the government you see something getting ready to go all the way out what you decide to do is stay as far away from it is possible. Well my question then is the same -- now the big question bad dad if that's your attitude Mr. President what we pay you for. Leadership is about getting getting getting something done and making government work leadership is not about that the other side -- -- spit balling. And that's all we see. All across Washington DC but it's -- we see in the states. Here's -- -- we've got to stop doing. We have to stop letting the media. Define who we are and what we stand for. -- -- -- For no matter what state -- in our ideas -- -- -- what does the New Jersey. A state that Barack Obama won -- seventeen points. In 2012 up. Today. The fiscal year 2015 budget I proposed. Just a week ago. Has 2.2 billion dollars -- -- in discretionary spending in the state was spending in 2008. Now at Hewitt said that the blue state would do something like that you -- that we were crazy but we continue to talk about our ideas that government needs to be smaller. We have 6000 fewer state employees to New Jersey today and that that was Morgan's -- But the after five years featured ten year has been reformed so we could finally have accountability in the classroom teachers who tease today teachers who don't go. And -- they said it could never be done. Now twice its winds for the first time since Roe vs. -- New Jersey gets elected a pro life governor of New Jersey. It. In this. Media I got to ask the question last year the governor you're very popular -- -- blue state. How can you export that to the rest of the country given the intolerance on social issues in your part. And -- -- it's a question. -- you -- Republicans are tolerant. Want to tell you this. And our national convention we got people like Tom Ridge and Colin Powell and Condi Rice. Speak -- national conventions even though our party platform and I don't agree with their position on abortion. Tell me sure. The last pro life Democrat. Who was allowed to speak -- -- Democratic Convention visited by the way don't -- yourself who's never been one.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New Jersey governor attacks the president's leadership and urges conservatives to \"take on\" the media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"22805276","title":"Chris Christie Slams Obama, Media in CPAC Speech","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-slams-obama-media-cpac-speech-22805276"}