Climate Change Bigger Threat Than Terrorism, White House Says

President Obama "absolutely" believes media overstates terror threat, says spokesman.
2:21 | 02/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Climate Change Bigger Threat Than Terrorism, White House Says
Back to the president's interview with a box. He was asked directly if if he believes the media overstates the level of alarm that people should have about terrorism and he answered absolutely. Let's interview I guess was Don clearly before this latest news about Kayla Mueller as the president. Still believe that. That the threat of terrorism is overstated. John I think what's true. Is that is threat from terror. That is faced by. The American people in the United States. Is much different than it has been before. Now the president and his team continued to be vigilant because there are. Dangerous organizations that continue to. Exist and operate al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is an organization that operates Indian. And it's a dangerous organizations is probably the most dangerous of the al-Qaeda affiliates what people should be mindful of is that the terror risk. That faces the American people is much different than east. I've tested the media overstates the level of alarm people have about terrorism as opposed to longer term problems of climate change an epidemic disease he says absolutely. So what let me just clarifies the president saying as he seems to be applying here. That the threat of climate change is greater than the threat of terrorists. I think John would appoint the president is making is that there are many more people on an annual basis. Who have to confront the impact the direct impact on their lives. Of climate change. Or on the spread of the disease. Then on terrorism. Socially answers yes the president thinks the climate change a greater threat than terrorism I think that was over the point that the president is making is that when you're talking about the direct daily impact. Of these kinds of challenges. On the daily lives of Americans that more people are directly affected by those things. And by terrorists so. Climate change is more of a clear and present danger to the United States the tires. Well I think even a Department of Defense has spoken to the significant threat to climate change paid poses to our national security interest. A principally because of the impact it can have on countries with less well developed and I'm last week significant product asking if it's a greater threat. Well I get I I I would have a whole lot more say about what the president has said in an interview.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"President Obama \"absolutely\" believes media overstates terror threat, says spokesman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"28874615","title":"Climate Change Bigger Threat Than Terrorism, White House Says","url":"/Politics/video/climate-change-bigger-threat-terrorism-white-house-28874615"}