Confirmation hearing begins for treasury secretary

Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen made her opening statement before the Senate Finance Committee.
5:03 | 01/19/21

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Transcript for Confirmation hearing begins for treasury secretary
Mitch we stick to the TS win this mini. Rebuilding the American economy. From the sharpest down Sharon in history. It's unfortunate enough to be confirmed. That strived to be include our net where. Extend almost my entire life speaking at an arm. And how would compel people during hard times. My father Reese is doctrine being reached were. We slur for working class neighborhood. There. Is patients would take the bonus up from near jobs at factories are docs. In the country or soon. Because that there might be an excellent disc lies. In her basement. It kind of Doctor Who treated the whole nation. He knew about our lives. That we need it and fired or clean game. District meet some of the clearest moments in my child. Parents have been children if the depression. In the head visceral reaction to economic. Hardship. Economics is sometimes considered a drive subject's. I always try to approach my silence. Say we my father approached he has as a means to help people. In this committee I believe is viewed it does seem Wayne is safely during these last few months. When economists look back on European Indian. Sikhs say they'll conclude the Congress's actions. Averted a lot of suffer. But we must be done. Economists don't always agree but I think there is consensus Nan. We doubt free direction. We risk longer and were keen to recession narrow. And longer term scarring that the economy and later. Can't gimmick has caused widespread devastation. Cool industries is almost here where. Eighteen million unemployment insurance leans you're being eat every week. Trumping Chelsea Cohen M to. The damage has been sleeping. And is that Chris into licks in masters in our response must see to it. Over the next few moments we're going to need more he should keep the vaccine. To reopen schools. To help states keep firefighters and teachers on channel. We'll need more funding to make sure unemployment insurance Jay next still going. And to help families who real risk of going and Britain are losing roof over their kids. Neither the president elect Barack. Is reach relief package. Yeah appreciation for the clintons get her. Right now with interest rates at historic lows the smartest thing we can do is me. In the long run at least benefits for read the thoughts. Sick leave would cure helping people. We've been struggling for during our time. People worry about key she would cook for. But will be for Kofi 1950. Single American. We were living in peace she economy. One winner well built upon will. While working fee at least so far during Lockerby mine. This is especially true for people of color. The fee and Eddie Keane accustomed to the institutions. Dual mandate. To promote stable prices and maximum. Limit. S Treasury Secretary. I think there will be dual mission achieved it. Hoping Americans into her final months it is endemic. Keeping people safe while getting them back to war their terror first asked. The finished the longer term projects. We have to rebuild our economy should that you he asked spirit or more people. And insurers sued American workers can compete in an increasingly competitive. Global economy. The empress of the committee tease you very ambitious goals and I know when we'll meet to work together. You can count on need to do that in a bipartisan way. My husband and son watching nonsense cease CN from yeah. Even not only wonderful people. You're also wonderful. And it can you name it economists themselves. So I'm used to debate about these issues in the Harris. And I will commit in the senate. Thank you and look for routier questions.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Treasury Secretary nominee Janet Yellen made her opening statement before the Senate Finance Committee. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75343683","title":"Confirmation hearing begins for treasury secretary","url":"/Politics/video/confirmation-hearing-begins-treasury-secretary-75343683"}