Darrell Scott Excites RNC Crowd for Trump's Strong Leadership

The senior pastor and co-founder of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries speaks at the Republican National Convention.
6:30 | 07/21/16

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Transcript for Darrell Scott Excites RNC Crowd for Trump's Strong Leadership
Lock and Darrell Scott. New spirit. The Bible centered ministries. I first met Donald Trump's several years ago. In that meeting he stated was vintage bubble about the direction that our country within. I listened to his voice and just and shared many of the same concerns that he expressed. In the main. That we haven't met since we have spoken about the economy. Race relations immigration. Jobs. Urban relates to the revitalization the military and many other issues that are critical. Swelling nations will be. That you visit dobbs top of the conservative father and grandfather who feels that his best days are still in front of him and that behind. And despite his. Deals of wolves. That he's. And only be scaled back service to his content and service to his fellow Americans. The two. And I liked it is the we are spiritually. Empty and we are marked the but right now. People. A broad we. Will not be a ballot at best there is an hour winds cannot come. And we need to make us our. We need to put into practice the great ideas and principles that our country was founded on and wins after a the source of strength of that isn't made this nation great. This is done our best inches and it's in the best interests of the world because the that America is the greater the entire. Okay. While some people may call Donald Trump a populist I called him a pitch. That's because by definition a patriotism I. Their country that supports itself dog and promotes its interest. Not many. Best to use this work. That we are an instant just like any. We know that we are not and they sit just like any other wee hours of the greatest net he said any tips. I. Proud to be an American. And we are proud of the Howard patriots. It. The militant not. Diversity and we stand poised to make history by standing together at the man. By standing together as one country one nation. The miserable at. It. At the Americans. Regardless of race regardless of creed that we got of the product we are. As those who hold these truths to be self evident. When Sargent. Oh. Do you. Let's move. Donald Trump. The broken trust that now exists between our citizens and Alec government went over that. Past eight years has brought the rhetoric of hope. But the reality up high they're a minority unemployment. I am not use with Morris civil unrest and national debt stress. That's. Been one of the most crucial elections in American history. And I. Let me tell you something. We'll talk has played a big stakes. And he's a master negotiator in dealmaker. And Donald Trump knows that all of this are available at all of this sharp were. All of that rule illegals and all of the hard feelings. As bringing people ticked up. Tell you live by and to get them from no take tax. Go out and then moving forward. The boy himself but the and he now wants to take that experience to get the best deal for America and the best deal bought all Americans. A. He will prevent. Donald Sloan from doing everything in his power to create. President that everyone can beat. It's and does. Eads and its you believe and I believe. That we can. Day again. Yeah. Guillen we had. Have sought leaders. And I can't think you'll know Sloan the leader who looked plays down the left hand one up Bible that they believe. Them raised their right hands and solemnly swear to put. The execute the office club president of the United States went to the. 'cause the Joseph. Stay there and die. June. It's no. You and god. Or.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"The senior pastor and co-founder of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries speaks at the Republican National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40754081","title":"Darrell Scott Excites RNC Crowd for Trump's Strong Leadership","url":"/Politics/video/darrell-scott-excites-rnc-crowd-trumps-strong-leadership-40754081"}