New details on Pensacola naval base shooting

Gunman who killed three and wounded several at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla., revealed to be a Saudi national.
28:00 | 12/06/19

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Transcript for New details on Pensacola naval base shooting
Everybody welcome to the brief here about Devin Dwyer in Washington great to have you with us on this Friday and we start with some breaking news from Florida the second deadly shooting. Under US military base in the United States this week just before 7 AM this morning. Authorities say a suspect opened fire at naval station Pensacola in Florida killing three inside a flight training center before. Being killed by first responders officials have now confirmed. That the shooter was a member of the Saudi Arabian military. It's unclear whether the motive was terror but they are investigating at this hour for more on this town torrid. Our chief global affairs anchor Martha Raddatz colonel Steve January ABC news contributor great to have you guys Martha wants or would you. There's so much that we don't know yet about this incident but it does seem that the shooting has a lot of hallmarks of an insider attack that was well planned. It certainly does the shooter went. On two floors apparently entered the building shot someone there went up to the second floor and and this was a training area to protect classroom it's a huge building. But they were doing their preflight training which is what they do there at Pensacola. The shooter had a handgun. Entrance entered the base at that point into that building he was there doing flight training the US military trains foreign nationals to fly airplanes that we have sold to them because. It includes training. It's well Steve you know the space pretty well you've spent a lot of time there this is a facility that's home to the blue angels which our viewers are probably familiar with. Mark alluded to is how common is it for foreign nationals to be getting training at a US base. They're actually hundreds on the base in Pensacola and so anytime any nation buys as Martha said an airplane that the US bills they have to learn to fly that airplane here in the United States and so we can put people from all over the world through flight training here. In the US including saudis including saudis from all over the world. Mort Martha and the US and Saudi militaries are close partners obvious that the Saudi serving customers of US military equipment as you say what impact. Do you think this will have on those relationships going. Worked well I I think greeted the president just a little while ago that they want bomb some answers about what happened. Who this person was what's the background mean clearly it was that you it was someone who was vetted. Who was gonna go to flight training right in the United States so I think what everybody is looking at is just we said is this pre plan. Was this just something in the moment of passion but it does not seem like that getting of a weapon on a base like that particularly if you are her. A foreign national. That's what they're going to be looking at how they did that I'd I know people often think. Oh wait it's a military base everybody has weapons they don't they're not allowed on that face the commander said they're not allowed in lecture security personnel. But somehow. The shooter got the handgun on to that base and managed to get into those and those training class. He did in our charge for a whole America too risky just now reporting as well that tour the motive Steve that they're looking at here. Or they seem to have narrowed it down to that a possibility of religious or ideological reason but they also say maybe this was some sort of just. Personality dispute as a member of this class that the training facility what would you be looking for is you sort of investigated this in military custody. Those are probably the Q2 key things to look at you look at it from is it sort of the major Hasan Fort Hood shooting where there was no ideological bent to the he Rampage that he went on. Or was this just something where this person and not adjusted to did not like classmates. It was more like a workplace shooting that we see domestically so which was more like the Honolulu that you mentioned the Pearl Harbor earlier this week they said he did not like his commanders and panda. Well. Martha don't know these. You've covered so many of these military be shootings you know. All levels of the ranks pretty well what sort of soul searching do you think is gonna go on in the wake of this particular incident is to turn too early to kind of tell intern I would change everybody. I think everybody will be thinking of motive what what prompted this is it something ideological and that will be. Something they will really have to look at it that will affect every one Steve preference that the Fort Hood shooting over to Fort Hood shootings in the last decade. The one with Nadal Hasan who's still in prison today he was he was an army psychiatrist. And opened fire aren't in so many people it was twelve or thirteen people were killed. Our unmet army base at had a devastating effect on those families because Steve knows well to. These bases are the only basis their little cities they're not they're not in or some military installation particularly. I think Pensacola Steve is it's it's appealing area there's stores the restaurants there the sniping you know your kids are out there so the hat has an impact not just. A member of the military that their fame. And then you think about what the security precautions how will things change and based like that's Colin has so many civilians coming on and off. Tens of thousands of people a day go through those gates. And so there's no car searches. You know you're not allowed to have and also to Italians think on this yes you have so lots of millions lots of people coming in and out it's a training base it's not you know these are not these are not front line forces. So not allowed to have a go a weapon on base but who's to say can't slip something under the sea. There's really no way they can inspect every cars it comes through you know our. It's sort of like the country you know I mean we think that is some military base in this protect area but it really is the same thing as what's going on all over the country in the sense it's. Our lot of investigations to be in our thoughts are with the families of the victims today we don't know the identity he's of those three victims three Americans we assume. Killed as well but we will keep him in Arafat's burst thank you both. Very much as we head into the weekend now shifting gears members of congress. Are gearing up for another major impeachment hearing on Capitol Hill on Monday that's when house investigators. Planned to lay out the entirety of their evidence against president trump as the Judiciary Committee. Begins to draft those articles of impeachment today a group of 500. Constitutional scholars from the nation's top law schools. Signed onto an open letter affirming that the standard for impeachment of president trump. Has been met hears is a segment of what they wrote. They say quote only treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors weren't impeachment. But there's overwhelming evidence that president from betrayed his oath of office his conduct is precisely the type of threat toward democracy that the founders feared. When they included the remedy impeachment. In the constitution. So what exactly do Democrats plan to impeach Donald Trump for what are those specific charges. Going to be I put those questions a short time but house Democrats. Roger Krista Murphy of Illinois and here's what he had to tell us as you know our report was released. Maybe. Last week. Obviously this all the days are trying to blend into the I get it together bit I don't think that everybody is had a chance to read the report is 300 pages. As a basically what are council will do this coming week is essentially explain it you know give some life to it answered questions about it. Obviously be cross examined on it. Com and explain how the witness testimony the documents. And all the other information we've learned kind of fit together. So you've seen all the facts are of course had a hand in writing that 300 page report. Army as this most of the Judiciary Committee as they begin their process of drafting articles. What you think those articles need to be. Well I I don't wanna get ahead of my judiciary. Committee colleagues. But. Broadly speaking we've laid out facts that. Kind of fall into two categories. One that you know facts related to the central allegations. That a pressure scheme was in place where trump. Tried it. Pressure is a Lynn ski to investigate Trump's political rivals and leverage his office to do so that's one bucket of facts and then the other. Is essentially the obstruction. Of the inquiry itself so. This White House prevented the defiant Defense Department the State Department the Office of Management and Budget. All the key agencies. Who had information about. Withholding aid to Ukraine and so forth. From releasing. Those documents and preventing a lot of witnesses from testifying that being said. A lot of courageous witnesses did come forward and testify and we saw them they gave compelling indeed riveting testimony. But still there's a lot of information out there that we still don't have access to that would be very significant to the investigation. What happens after these articles are are and as expected passed by the house does your committee the intelligence committee keep investigating the president. And if you cover more information do you send that do you anticipate sending that forward. Four for further consideration to be included. I think the answer is yes the investigation has not concluded. And as additional information comes forward to the X and it's relevant and significant. Com I think it's incumbent on us to investigate and then supplement our previous report with additional findings. For more on this now on join our Capitol Hill investigative reporter Catherine folders who's been on this story from the star Katherine. Isn't the question is why haven't Democrats settled on the charges against president from. What sort of what's in their calculus is they look at how to how. I think there's a lot of factors but to break it down simply you know there's some moderate Democrats for example that he or won't make you more details maybe not to be as broad. There's also some Democrats who are really pushing for the mall are related obstruction of justice justice charges here some others don't really want that so. The bucket so we've heard from Democrats I would spoken to on Capitol Hill what they wanna see its abuse of power. On bribery. And obstruction of justice now whether that today's put those in the three articles that still to be determined they could just due to a do abuse of power bribery. But then what we're hearing under the obstruction charges they will also. I had may be similar or related. Information not necessarily a separate article of impeachment and each of those articles as we talk about a more charges will get a separate vote right if they once it lands on the house floor so each one will be voted on separately. Exactly so all of those factors are from going into their determination on here aren't honest I was they. Craft them right they don't want any defectors they really want to look united as a caucus so all of those factors coming in the play here or not they aren't. I'm they do have meetings Saturday and Sunday all day the preparing for that Monday hearing and there are also gonna have more discussions about. There's a lot of had big presentation of evidence some money we know you'll be covering the hearing extensively we'll have a for a right here on ABC news lives starting now believe that. Not here are 1089 fascination. C 9 AM eastern time that's right I kept her father's thank you so much have a good weekend. I shifting gears now to the growing outrage over the death IBE teenager in US custody down on the US Mexico border of the teenager. Died in May from the flu. And disturbing new video obtained by a Republica shows his final hours in a Border Patrol holding cell you can see some of that video here it is disturbing the young man there in the back by the toilet. Obviously writing in in some pain from from the flu members of congress now demanding answers the Department of Homeland Security. Tells us an investigation is under way and today our Nightline anchor juju Chang pressed acting deputy DHS secretary came Gucci Nellie. About why the agency didn't do more. Let me ask you about the video we cannot yesterday from a public. There was a young man who died of the flu. He was seen lying on the floor are writing in pain for hours. Big government reports said that he was found during a routine medical check and yet that's clearly not to be OSHA. Rate this is back in May at the height of the humanitarian crisis earned 45000 apprehensions that month and we were quite overwhelmed. And mind you this is a crisis that a lot of people on the left. We're calling manufactured crisis. And we we were not and are not equipped to deal with those kinds of numbers either from the standpoint of facilities that we have that congress has a lot of sense for the man who. Absolutely not absolutely not let. You know. It's you know way. Who died in US custody if there is second heat. Who watched report who use these children. And watch. What are you doing to people I. What we're doing is. A course in May. We were that was the height of the crisis so we were in the midst of responding we rush coastguard medical. Personnel to the entire border to the extent we have that manpower that that is our best source of medical back up. And we were overwhelmed. You know I freely say that that the reason we were overwhelmed as because congress hasn't given us the facilities or the manpower. To deal with the numbers that we're confronting and our southern border with. The line. Is incorrect how can we trust the other news. Is clearly in here. Well that is something that and a CBP is looking their leadership is looking at and it I have the same concern you do mean this is a sixteen year old. And whether people come here legally or illegally we want them treated with dignity. And we want them taken care of it as best we can. But at that time with those numbers our ability to take care of people. Was stretched to the breaking view seen video of the boy and I've seen part of it and what was your reaction it's just sad. And tragic and I hate to see. And our thanks to juju Chang for that much more on world news tonight and Nightline on ABC news and here on ABC news live I'm joined now by our immigration reporter Quinn 01 who has. Reported on the death of this migrant at the US Mexico border since may queen it's great to see let's just remind everyone at the time of. This young man's death three. Migrants had died US custody for more since that incident the Zhu Zhu was asking about. It is very hard to believe that their only defense is that congress didn't provide enough resource. Says it's right we heard curtailing pointing a blaming congress once again something the administration is Dunn's. Throughout the past years we've seen thousands of unaccompanied kids trying to cross the border attempt the ending up in CBP care. And getting held up in Border Patrol stations just like the sixteen year old was before they were AB able to transfer them. In two the Office of Refugee Resettlement which has more appropriate and fully staffed. Camps and it's shelters for kids to. Stay for the duration. And of their asylum attempt and it which is the plan the appropriate way that they deal with them once they enter HHS care is to connect them with their families that once those that are here and he. But still this and their resources certainly weren't issuing came correction only refer to that you've been down you've been inside. Some of those facilities in that this event happened in May. Raise a lot of questions this video raises even more questions we know there's investigation but. Did you see that conditions change did things. Improve after this death and the subsequent child deaths. So we notably it could telling us to talk tells you to shame that they are still not prepared to handle the massive influx of kids that they saw earlier this year they still have the money to really handle those folks at Border Patrol stations Beazer Cuban Monday's Border Patrol. Field station they're like local police stations are not suited for caring for her kids are and that of any number. Now the situation has improved. On their front just because the number of folks attempting to cross has declined it's freed up their resources at the peak of this crisis in May win win this. Child tragically died there are about on average 20000. Kids. In US government custody you in UC BP custody now that some numbers down to about 15100 on average. You know when no one doubts the challenge and the influx but it is just still so hard to believe many people to believe that a US. System could let so many children die in their care are really really troubling knowing sensory Quinn on thank you so much. Next to the race for 20/20 and the New Hampshire primary now just over two months away. The candidates today swarming nasty Elizabeth Warren and people who judge actually trailing each other and doing campaign events today both candidates. Trading barbs on politics and policy of late. ABC's where Johnson is up there and recently caught up with mayor bridges himself tickle. Hey Devin that's right mayor Pete has been rising in the polls not only here in New Hampshire but in Iowa he's trying to carve himself out. As a more moderate alternative to candidates like senator Elizabeth Warren in fact I asked them. In a one on one interview a short time ago about this escalating rivalry between him and senator Warren. I also asked him about recent criticism that he's received from members of the LG BTQ community take a listen. How would you characterize this ongoing feud between you and senator Warren. Arafat called a feud what I would say is that we have real policy differences. You know she believes that it's okay to kick people off their private plans for health care I believe people should have the choice and we can still deliver health care to every American. Without forcing on anybody. The YouTube and going back and forth on a variety of issues it's not just health care. She also recently criticized you for of the way you were conducting some your fund raising behind closed doors she says you should be more transparent. To that specifically how do you respond well the odd thing about that fundraising as she restored before chip against it so I think what we need to have is a conversation about policy and if you're confident. Of being able to win the policy argument let's have because we have real honest and respectful differences. Whether it's health care. College where I believe that we should focus free college tuition. On those who would benefit from the most but let the wealthiest Americans paid. For themselves she has it different view. Now we should have of those policies conversations so you wouldn't call a feud before rivalry and held a competition with everything and everybody running for president needs to be able to explain. Why each of us is better than the others might get that that's fair game and that's what would have to ask you something on a more. Personal level you've been criticized recently for some of your volunteer work. With the Salvation Army. An organization that some say has a history of discrimination against people in the LG BTQ community. How do you respond to those attacks. Raising money to help poor people it is something that I believe we can at all beyond portrait of is a worthy purpose. Salvation Army does have some problematic history when it comes to. Recognition and support of LG BTQ quality. I seen them take steps in the right direction which is encouraging. I hope that at the end of the day. We can focus on moving everything forward. And not tear one other. And mayor Pete booted judges not the only candidate here in the granite state we've seen many coming through over the past few months of back. We are in a bowling Alley here now where people are gathering they are setting up. For senator Elizabeth Warren the two of them have dueling public events happening here today and then later this weekend. Full vice president Joseph Biden will be back in New Hampshire with his longtime friend and recent key endorsement former secretary of state John Kerry. Kevin. All right our thanks to where I'm joined now by our political director Rick Klein Rick let's pick up where where it left off they were mayor Pete he's risen in the polls in a look at a little bit. More closely at his bio and they come to find out what this is a guy that worked for pretty prominent consulting firm McKinsey. Heat today called it what's wrong with corporate America so he worked for this company does she have a good answer and explanation for what he was doing there. Bull he is saying he can't explain it because he's got nondisclosure agreement with the company's and he is now running against the company that used to work for calling on them. To release him from the NBA. Boring that it's a bit of a block Cola's recipe is only a couple of years but this is the guy's only what 37 years also to a 32 or three years my age them pretty big portion of his professional life that is now kind of shielded from the public he says. He was a junior job there's nothing to hide here he'd love to be able to talk about it but it's interesting to me to see that Elizabeth Warren is hone in on this she is hone in on him as a potential big rival. In Iowa and in New Hampshire. And I think this whole issue of accountability and transparency saying he's having closed door fund raisers he's not letting us know about who worked for you know she's an effective and she's effective warrior when she decides what she's gonna go after and in this case she's decided she's going. Directly at mayor Pete in these cup. All holes and fascinating to watch them in New Hampshire let's turn though and I'm and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg only in the race for a couple of weeks Rick but. Creating waves are ready any issue of race in his first national television interview making this comment about Cory Booker that created waves. Cory Booker endorse me a number times and I endorse Cory Booker a number times. He's very well spoken he's got some good ideas. It would be better the more diverse any group is. But the public is out there picking and choosing. And narrowing down the steel and the truth the matter is you had a lot of diversity in the candidates. Some of whom. We're very confident. Why they aren't in the air as you narrowed it down you have to talk to other people who are experts and government. He's very well spoken on that drew quite the rebuke from Cory Booker take a look an interview with Sirius XM radio. Cory Booker says I was taken aback by the comet it's sort of stunning at times it was still revisiting these kind of tired troops in the language. We have out there that folks I don't think. Understand he went on see you were keys very good friends with with Mayor Bloomberg but. He sees in this moment as Bloomberg contact have you either he racial insensitivity problem because you know is also defend against stop and frisk. Yeah and immediate generational problem as well in terms of how he talks about issues of race stop and frisk is a big issue would younger African American voters and of course. That's a comment that just rings like like a crazy you know ought out of touch comment. To make about went on to say probably shouldn't use the word which seemed and let me make it worse yet they may have an eye out I were called back in 2007 when Joseph Biden referred to senator Barack Obama as clean and articulate and me and interestingly in that moment Obama can't let him off the hook at the moment and said I'm not really bothered by that and the choosing him. As his running mate coming full circle on it but. Yeah I think for Michael Bloomberg coming into this having an issue that you know as well documented an African American voters this is not a good comment in interview now for one. Flashpoint for the new candidate in the race for Klein thank you so much busy weekend ahead great to see you as always have a good one. I finally today some major changes to the nation's food stamps program are taken effect this week and. What some say could result in hundreds of thousands of Americans losing benefits in one of the most difficult times of the year the trump administration. Is imposing new work requirements on food assistance agricultural department which oversees the program says that needs 680000. People. Could get kicked out of the food stamp program according to US ceded day. That would hit Americans in cold weather states the hardest like Vermont New York South Dakota. Because one of the changes is how heating in utility bills are factored into whether you qualify. For food stamps while for more on the human impact into these changes and joined now. By Citicorp cart she's the executive director of facing hunger food bank in Huntington, West Virginia which serves I just over a 100000 people and neck corner of the country city it's great to see you. Odd you sir folks that live in West Virginia Kentucky Ohio all kind of right there in your community what what impact do you think these food stamp changes are gonna have. Are where you are. Good afternoon thanks for acts. Really we're looking at about 60000. People in the state Kentucky fort ascent. And an eye and say it quest for about twenty pre Alison. That will be affected by these. Oh when we have cuts likeness. Unfortunately. And Don chair of the resource it. That's not increase at this time that the benefits. Decreased so we're facing some challenges and we acts. On increased unemployment. And the sad article funerals recently 500 minor jobs that lost. So. Beats are really compelling times. Where. Then each person that benefit and it's with families who are working and under employees jobs. As well as struggling to find employment in a state that historically at real challenge is set lack. He Adam and I'm hoping you could speak a little bit more to that Cindy on that question of employment because today we saw that the government. Came out announced to 220000. New jobs are created last month. The unemployment rate nationally three and a half percent that's the lowest in decades in this country pretty rosy picture. But you use the word under employment so many Americans may have jobs but they're not making enough. To even buy food. That's right. Column you know. Economic upturn doesn't act all parts of the country the same way less urgent I had. As and a state has not yet this same peaks and valleys as cyberspace. But. On our challengers remained consistent. Are unemployment rate is aunt Charlotte higher. International rates and we don't seat same benefits coming around as easily as other parts of the country do. And finally sandy this being the holiday season a lot of people looking at ways they can help and give back perhaps. What's your greatest need at this time of year working those of us of means I do to help out. I just think it's really important to keep in mind act. The majority of votes it's teen hunger relief. Are trying very hard to lift themselves out of Roberts. I wish you have a local entry in that step and volunteer time talent stretcher. You know staple hot food items like Tina utter. Mac and cheese. And our current seeing to support families it was a long way and and all of it as suit it best effort to supporting people who are making that is cards ways every eight to count Robert. It is such a basic need need to eat need to survive and so many families are struggling especially at this time of year our salute to you Citicorp card executive director facing hunger food ink. Hot in Huntington, West Virginia for the work you're doing thanks for joining us today Cindy happy holidays thanks to all of you for joining us this week. Hot here on the briefing room we'll have special coverage Monday 9 AM eastern time. Here on ABC news live in the next impeachment hearing and the House Judiciary Committee hope you join us then until that have a great weekend on Devin Dwyer Washington. We'll see X.

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