Donald Trump Compared Women in His Life to Buildings in 1994 Interview with ABC

Trump sat down for an interview with his then-wife Marla Maples on ABC News program 'Primetime Live' in 1994.
11:47 | 06/01/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Compared Women in His Life to Buildings in 1994 Interview with ABC
You know god. Every wave came home. It's. I like the reputation for cell lived. Married. Man that's what I'd like me. And then saying. Here this. Do you want love one liner. The lack of mountain community in dividends. He would painful. US president. It's just back from behind it we're really finding that's all. They are the trunks of new York and Palm Beach. Living the glamorous life as if the eighties never ended. Had morrow not go there historic Villa by the C. Mario and the Donald buried it lapsed but not without some drama. I think it was a little bit surprising we really anticipate getting married and having a baby. Two when she married writer renting attitudes peg why did you decision and relatives. It was like kids doing their case against him you know it's already happened want to just letting them what happened this with an eleven kids. Can now. You know knocking him. We have to paint the public. But in terms of the personal life. It's to me it's a more difficult decision. You know its roots in many respects a much bigger selection irrevocable deal where it really is and periods in Europe. Infant and showed Tiffany Arianna became a trump two months before her mother signed on the dotted line. Not the marriage life in the pre nuptial agreed. I didn't mean. Everyone around him was like yeah international and Donald you not feel that what was said. Crews are talking about it except I eat everything don't believe in him he fact you know economic thinking -- I left you I. Hate the concept of a prenuptial agreement because basically says if and when you get divorced this is what you're gonna get and there's something very bad. But. I think it's a modern day and assess. I didn't like the brains. Kids sit in the system works and I really felt that it was very offensive to both of us and loopholes in any of how the items associated. O Marla hates. Does of one aside and ultimately she passed its just from my stamp which it has signed. So it's been but it is unique we've thanked his for. For your associates outside this is not Connie Chung is not for the dollar amount what happens once for divorced. What we're divorce right and that's the waste our thinking. In the end they made a deal. B ports had her asking for 25 million that he negotiated her down to a mere million dollars. It looks a little. She a duck looks cheap yet that you mean him out of money well them out of my cellular somebody gets married and doesn't look at get a million books and then you know. They should feel the pain practice in get a lot Glink you make a commitment between Townsend and and he should not be on the second rattle a check to see you later. It's it's a lousy. Thing I hate the concept but it's totally necessary and I think a million doses a lot of money. Are you don't. No I don't actually but the fact is that a million dollars for somebody coming into a match if something did and I'm not I'm not talking about anybody specifically but. A lot of money for somebody who wanted to get to six years she's finished basic cramping up. She's your Brian Gay marriage you have a child get the 25 million well I guess I look at everything like a deal mean you know it's just one of those things. Donald says to me and I believe you believe that's where everything's a deal. Well. Civic consistently we have to work on separating his distance from this person so at some points. This wounds friends this press. Such as there is a different. I built this empire. And they did it by myself. Nobody did it for me. Not a now nobody. And I think that because somebody. Marries somebody. That build something huge. Doesn't necessarily mean that just because they get a divorce that they should end up. You know like the queen of sheep. Or perhaps like him on the wife number one. And drug walked away from their thirteen year marriage it cost him a total of fourteen million dollars. The bill came dude not long after wife Yvonne are confronted mistress Marla operate ski in acted. With dinner restaurant and so others too am actually. The age her. They have to pay a punishing we're actually standing near the restaurant. Getting ready to put skis on. And I was standing there like an idiot and Marla. In Nevada which year. And there was chatting but you could obviously see there was some friction. And a man who was standing right next to me who weighed about 350 pounds. And wasn't a very attractive guy said to me. It could be were startled I've been and asked him for twenty years and I've never had a date and I'll never forget the state and it's sort of like that up little but commands and you know I guess it could US. Do you think it left the two had actually come face patient would have confront that situation though it's interesting because it's possible that. You know maybe would still be gone and miniature truth. He told Donald Trump had lived a charmed life the model mogul of the 1980s. Me in my life was so great. In so many ways the business was so great and the the. In the current mean beautiful girlfriend. Beautiful. Wife beautiful everything in life was just horrible cherries. There was trump shuttle trump princess. John Tower. By 1989. He says his empire was worth five billion dollars and he was well let him tell you. I was at the highest the world pedestals. The hottest in the country. The highest point everything I touched turned to gold immediately everything they did turn to build a life study getting boring and then one day. The pedestal was knocked out from under me. And it wasn't just his marriage at the same time the trump empire began to collapse under the weight of the recession. The trump shuttle hemorrhage Atlantic City gamblers had no money to spin him Trump's new billion dollar casino. And his heavily mortgaged real estate holdings plummeted in value Midas had lost his touch. It was an amazing period. I in many respects I used to say to people. Some day I'd like to be poor. Just for a little while just to see who's gonna remain loyal to me. There were specifically. 2425. People that I have earmarked. Who were very. Disloyal who shouldn't have been disloyal. And I think that's a thing that I learned more than anything else. Nancy was loyalty because I'm like this great loyalty freak I am loyal to a point of the observed. I stay with people. And it seems the man who could've been a contender. Maybe one yet again. After four years of staving off bankers Donald Trump's casino business has come back. And within months of Phil shares giving the public a chance to buy a piece of the Donald. Why should the public pay to bail Donald Trump out if in fact you give a. When nobody's bailing me I bill myself that I think I've been really great job of getting out of trouble how much first wanted to have. Well I had billions of dollars of debt. Five in excess of five days. I had 975. Million dollars worth of personal. Dead. And that stand down to. About a 115 million and I would pave it over quickly in fact over the next for a short period of time. Do you think that Wall Street expects. Yeah I think a lot of I think we'll see it as a lot of respect. Carla what you like. They are certainly courting him could. FL us. These two guys head of Merrill Lynch embarrassed because regulars question they came to Florida kiss my hands into the work from. You have no idea the pressure that's put on me by everybody in the country literally I'm getting calls from everybody would use this for what I use that firm. Everybody Wall Street has a lot of respect the trial. I call a lot of analyst to agent were receptive to downtown continue usually ends up producing respective another issue. The maybe he doesn't like the way address or something else but he likes the way I make money. And you know the analysts or like the way I make money. Trump says he has learned from his stay in business and in love. I think that. Putting a wife to work is very dangerous thing we will make would do an educational programs. If you're in business for yourself I really think it's a bad idea to put you what what I think it's really bad idea. I think that was the single greatest cause of what happened. To my marriage with a pop and. The trouble started he claims after he suggested that a bond around the trump castle casino in Atlantic City. And you never thought that equipment so let's working. But are given I didn't think of it that we see you tend not to think of it. If I would get angry at somebody. Over the telephone all of a sudden who was hectic scene. Achieved such outing. And actually. I don't want my wife shouting at somebody like that. We really don't want that. And a softness disappeared it was a great softness to a blog but she still has that's. Been doing this period of time. She became an executive not a white. Well you now married to no one values who would like to continue her career pilot fish get. It is a difference between having a career and working for. Me at you have said you don't want to work actually. That it wet again I'd I think a probably mixed I have days what think it's great. And then I have days where I come home. And an order sent too much like a chauvinist but what I come home and that is not ready to go through the roof. Intercede if you take these women. He speak to particular women in your life and you. How can become very well now and then when they want to act that appeal. Justina gets out of that I create stars I love creating stories. And to a certain extent. That would. To a certain extent act that would blow. And I like that. Cash. Needs you. From your solids. We have really given a lot of women great opportunity. Unfortunately after the restore the fun is over second creation process it's almost like creating a building its priests and that's. Us.

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{"duration":"11:47","description":"Trump sat down for an interview with his then-wife Marla Maples on ABC News program 'Primetime Live' in 1994.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"39538139","title":"Donald Trump Compared Women in His Life to Buildings in 1994 Interview with ABC ","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-compared-women-life-buildings-1994-interview-39538139"}