Donald Trump Projected to be President-elect of the United States

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson talk with conservative commentator Amy Holmes, FiveThirtyEigiht's Walt Hickey and Farai Chideya after Donald Trump is projected to be the president-elect of the United States.
10:47 | 11/09/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Projected to be President-elect of the United States
There you have it folks history made here in the early morning hours of November 9 2016. Donald Trump's. The businessman real estate mogul and reality TV star taking to the stage there. At the next president elect of the United States. ABC news has projected wins in the final states that need it he needed to put him over the 270 limits. And back here in New York. We have our team together for today at 538 LC granderson blocked -- from 538 and Amy Holmes. Give you a little perspective on what just happened we knew it was going to be historic either way whoever won. There was a lot of surprise. In both camps about what happened here tonight Farai. Yeah this is a moment for America to reflect on what we are as a nation which does include obviously. A populace that. The majority of voters chose Donald Trump where Latinos. Chose Donald Trump more than they chose Mitt Romney. This is not universally. A victory that was handed to Donald Trump by white voters although the generics in. Holds true that roughly 87%. Of the voters. We're trumps voters were white it was not universally. A coalition of whites M and Ford in particular. Where the Latino vote was particularly strong for Donald Trump 37%. I think that helps Donald Trump carry the presidency. All of which is to say that right now the markets are crashing. Right now foreign leaders are freaking out. And Donald Trump. Will be our president who has to make things right with the world as he said he would and we will see. One phrase two words that he utter that I think sums up both. His candidacy and selects and as well as a fundamental problem with Democrats forgotten people. He talked about forgotten people we need to have known for quite some time now Democrats have been hemorrhaging white male votes. And the assumption was that because of a change in demographics information that that would not hurt them in a general except. I think we now know that theory is false. That they cannot simply rely upon. A message that only appeals to minority voters prostitute LG BTU reflect you community but they need to happy message that is more resonant with. White males white females and those who are not in college this is a huge slap in the face in terms of also people who thought. That this white part of a population was dying off. And it are you gonna do with appeal to minorities the suspect who joined Bart drawing board for Democrats. And you know it's going to be really adjusting to see what happens in the coming days in terms of the rhetoric that comes from both the Clinton Campaign but also just Democrats are at large. Yet so. Way to look at this election unloaded from ways this is can that be something that we interrogate. Whether it's not looking at America's a whole whether it's you know maybe perhaps you should have to affect your authorization on your email address maybe it's. How are we going to be a figure out how to bridge the gap between two Americas that have rapidly kind of self congregated. This this question is gonna take. Here is to handle so here's the start of that. I think it's so telling and so fitting. Just by this on the dominance has chosen profession it's always get what you want amaze you'll get what you need. They say he's the currency. But did he gets it that there are a lot of people didn't get what they want to tonight. And he's hoping as he said that they will come to believe that they got with the needs you know time will tell on that I thought it was fascinating we said. Nothing we want our future is out of reach trying to get that note of optimism he's apart at his victory speech also to speak to the world. And he's at for all of you were listening we will deal deal fairly that this will not be relationship of aggression in and you know an opposition the that you think he can't that he. That the world it's is looking at that might. Aghast. But he is going to be our next president ten filing the ranks previous shout out. At a that was really important that was his attempt to try to unify the Republican Party rates penis of course be the chairman of the RNC. A little bit of news to share with you guys at I think we have a graphic that can show this now and offer little bit of perspective of what happened across. The country tonight ABC news can project that Republicans will maintain control of the senate as well so really a clean suite. Across the board tonight for a Republican Party what the Supreme Court seat open all three branches of government. Decisive victory yeah absolutely and end idea I think tactically. The idea that. The next president. Wood and will appoint not just one but potentially multiple Supreme Court justices cannot be underestimated. And that again could shape. An entire generation's worth of blah on issues that has returned to the courts many times abortion. Affirmative action. Labor law these are issues that keep getting recycled and a healthy justice can stay around for decades. It will be interest in the CE. To step study takes in order to guarantee senator's speech to unify the nation because remember this man with endorsed by the kkk forty reason. Remember there's a reason why people have said that he would some of such as there was a reason mark people sit that he worked anti Muslim. Both streets are made up by the media those things are ramifications are quote it's worth of words with actions and so now going forward. He has not been beats the back of the work to be through tonight with encouragement here. But I'm sure there are many people in the nation right now they're like OK where's the action. And Andy gets telling that he took tonight again but this song again he thought it would to why he knows a lot of people didn't want to see him as for the United States. And I think he also took a very somber tone you did not hear a triumphant tone and he opened with. Gracious thanks to Hillary Clinton that she was a top competitor. And that she served her country well it for you know over decades really its First Lady than is that it's a junior senator from New York. And then of course the secretary of state to a circle on that they be kids it's also now projected. Donald Trump winning Alaska. So yeah yeah. Like yeah that's what you are saying about yes it you know some of the issues on the table there's a chance. That is sitting president of the United States might decent mood. Four I mean might face legal action for allegedly reaping a thirteen year old that lawsuit she actually rescinded that charge so I'd I don't know about that yes I mean it's been reported as she did she. There's even seen. An Asian pending when it put it shut university as rise much I don't be in court. And about two weeks and it yeah that's what made this that's that's. Election so messy and difficult and for many voter express frustrating to you but you had two leading candidates. Who are under continuing investigation and so. And here we are 2016 and we've elected our new president. I will be. I eight think that this will be a moment that test American democracy in many ways. But I also do believe one of the things that I've sent to friends instead of months I told Walt about this earlier is that one of my great great grandmother's was nearly kidnapped by the comptroller's. Lots of years a slave and taken from being free black into slavery. Luckily she escaped. And when I think about all that we've already done a summation how far we have come. You know I. It's not that I don't have concerns about the governance of the United States but we do evolve. And this is another stage in our evolution and I am not trying to be pretty about it because I don't think there's a lot that's going to be pretty for the next four years. But I do think backs through steps and missteps we course correct and we do navigate. In positive directions. And so am hoping that we continue that trend. I mean this is a man who. For much of a slice of identified as Gary Hart Democrat. Partisan men who has grown up in one of the most liberal cities in a planet and so wanted its. That's from its experiences of growing up bad policy the extremes to we've heard in the rhetoric on the campaign trail. Art of sleeping figure pursue would have much fervor that he understood I was there's something that. Actions based sports are here to help him over the hump committees in the hope he's going to be a lot of do more harm. Actually need a certain way that does Donald Trump and President Obama were mirror images when it comes to social issues that your member in 2008. Senator then Senator Obama he campaigned saying that. He believed that marriage was a sacrament between a man and a woman he was supposedly unions but he was not pro. Gay marriage for say and I think at that time everyone knew and never really been that and he's gonna come around which she did. I mean a certain sense Donald Trump is the reverse that what he's moved to the right on some of these social issues a lot of voters like. And you really need that we'll see when it comes to Supreme Court justice and when teens what do nominations for other. When it comes down do it does the line it's the mean most of his speech was when he indicated that politics is hard it was harder than he expected and what comes next is in many ways harder it he's got a run in the United States of America and might merely paraphrasing a cheap light from handled an absolutely because it is 3:15 in the morning I ran out of things to say. Let's just say this highlights and about a stock stuffs are. I I I think that is officially or acute over the wall picky and Ryan out of fort stunts yeah. That's we can talk about this for hours more it's 315 here on the East Coast I think it's time Berger went to get some rest don't forget to stay with that starting in just a few are taxing on On all of ABC news and digital platforms and of course on ABC news. The network we will have continuing coverage for what today's historic election results mean moving forward for all of you out there and FaceBook who've been joining us over the past 600 days or so thank you for being with us it has been a privilege and an honor to cover this election for you. Don't forget to stay with us we will happen all the coverage you need. Right here moving court for all of us here at ABC news right now. I'm mom in the buys in New York. Yeah.

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{"duration":"10:47","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and LZ Granderson talk with conservative commentator Amy Holmes, FiveThirtyEigiht's Walt Hickey and Farai Chideya after Donald Trump is projected to be the president-elect of the United States.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43410707","title":"Donald Trump Projected to be President-elect of the United States","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-projected-president-elect-united-states-43410707"}