Donald Trump Projected to Win NY Republican Primary

Ana Navarro talks Donald Trump and the GOP race moments after ABC News projects Trump will win the New York Republican primary.
12:03 | 04/20/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump Projected to Win NY Republican Primary
Big election night in New York City the voting has just ended ABC news now projects that Donald Trump on the Republican side will be the winner tonight. I'm joined by ABC news political director Rick Klein tells you granderson happy to have under Navarre Republican strategist here with us this. Well. Why not in the guys to England what what what of gender and deceit among as many as all can get away and tell. Us we're great Jews weak us dollar and yeah I'm. Sure it'll it. He wants that right where I don't didn't grow. We loved that that is always talking about and glad to have have all you guys here now strong out. You want not a big surprise but the margin is what whirl winds here. This. Is likely to be his biggest win yet in terms of what boat he hasn't broken 50% anywhere close in Massachusetts it looks like he's on track. To exceed that by quite a big margin which retro two reasons one is. The delegate count when he 50% plus gives you all the statewide delegates against unit. A good position to win most of the district level delegates are he walks away with probably eighty plus delegates at an 85. At least make me in a more like ninety. But this is important now the moment in time here. He was on a losing streak. The big Mo was gone for him to be able to put a stop to that in advance of a bunch of northeastern states are about to come on line is just a critical achievement for him. And you look at the rough couple weeks he's out of all the money rolling and it all the dump trump than anyone but trump and all of the buzz around the convention contesting dementia. Print that put a stop to that with a resounding convincing win in his home state changes the story line I think at a critical way. I don't want what's the stealing the stop trump movement tonight. She's never trump delta pretty. Serious blow by his when he you know we've we've we've heard its merits before. You know delta sea level and I mean as a as a person who does not want Donald -- to be my nominee I will tell you that. Think part of me that would like to keep leaking into a brown paper bag. What are the fact I am going to pretend to be calm cool collected. I think that the name of the team to stop Donald Trump from getting twelve to east despite inherited he wants to lay out. That if he gets close to 1230 sentence not. What denomination that is the Linksys unfair and fraudulent system that rules are the rules of war might change. Now let me quirky but they what they are right now and those that once you weren't acting. Play on. I think and it's high time that it clothes and junk basic stock coordinating with each. It what. It is to stop golf shop on 1237 and it's what both of them meet an alert you. Get toll brokered convention which is the only chance of them happy nation at this point. Put differences aside. Terry crews should stop cutting opera's nose to spite his face should actually accept the entries from. John case of just how important is that they can look at that map and see where each of that is most competitive and take bond from one on one. It's somebody I think this is coordinating the answer or do one of them need to get out annulment what this week. I mean it's dark days of our time I've spent talking to people who don't hear when he was partly you know. I don't see how you get to somewhat competitive where's edgy as our kids are convinced now. To take instances certain situations second seat and allows a -- to the court hampered a greater good and I don't writes it's won't take cruises ego who think he said Deborah governor think what are we to do the same thing so wouldn't want that person doesn't balk our court. They're different men play different to eat still because if you're Ted Cruz you're trying to put yourself up there's the social conservative the one true alternative to Donald Trump if you're John Cusick. You already into contested convention territory you're only play now is despite the fact that he's losing as a wanna delegate by the way bond Neitzel behind rubio in a delegate count. But he is now his players look these other guys can fight it out on the data can actually winning it's Hillary. You just see Beatrice aligning in a way in your trump has looked out from salt regular factors starting with that you'll look seventeen candidates. At the beginning this anti its that was from mood. The beat the fact and Noah took him seriously that even now at this late date he has this divided opposition Mitt Romney warning just the other day that divided opposition. Would help. Donald Trump on the first ballot because if these clothes and the other guys don't have their acts together you can get over the top. And despite all this the trump campaign on a sort of in disarray this week getting a lot of people surprised you've got a winning campaign. But you've got to shake up going on in some intrigue behind the scenes what do you make of all. Everett. Surprised that key. He's leading eighteenth at EC has won now what 22 states. Wells means animals sees him teens experience. Things number 2000. John McCain who. You know. On campaign before seasoned veteran politician and implosion in the middle of that campaign so I think he's doing right by. Changing the tone of him oh. I who was. I who was you know well rested and rule has become so controversial and to distracting factor. Really be. At some point you need need somebody town. He's getting beaten like a lot. Might take us in some of these states would only play. It somebody. Complained that. It needs to late since no tankers and exhibited. Acute stroke nodding been on the run a lemonade stand. With us. The problem is he getting beaten I can't eliminate licensing it. I mean if you walks away with the big victory in New York look at the scoreboard guys and that's that that's ultimate answer to talk about behind the scenes this a rail watt. Well the public doesn't really care important doubt skier or Paul maps work hard. Who the Press Secretary traveling is they care about what wins this war or care about let's he would say they very great. The answers that that's that this isn't just wish they had changed any I was forced. To my house. I hope. We break this down though let's take a look at why channel five this is the trial campaign watching for rather. And it didn't programs as telling me how that the could. Campaigns trying to even coordinate this at the scene here ahead of him coming out there's Korean factory there the buzz cut the gracing the Nancy still the campaign yeah yeah yeah for now but it its. I have a feeling it is not by Cohen settles. This campus. He's making sure he has front and center and it's a shot right now. Right are cordially. Think bills you know we that we were talking earlier in the show about if trump. As recruited you can capture 95 were close to the 95 delegates assume that he could effectively. Block crews from clinching before it contested convention and the stakes are pretty high he can do that do you think. And pulls that off here. Me back in December was armed district which are Karl and Andy Williams is with an arbor based it was important to you got move recognized it sort out. I say because of the polls the consistency of the polls in and still win that the U boulder warrants. And it's important establishment. You know you. Have to do are not the card carrying member of the Republican establishment now. Yeah we're have to do with the fact that. Your voters are saying something you have to answer to what they're saying you can no longer say no no no this is what's best for you. You have to start thinking. I need to listen to these people are going directs that it was the girl. You know I think you can make the same exact arguments in its and the parallels are access right now. Between the Democrat side and the Republican side and the all that X is between Bernie Sanders voters and Donald some voters. You can make the same anti establishment argument. About the super delegates on the democratic side to meet there is no more. It means symbol of establishment. And these non elected super delegates won making any big difference on a Democrat but for that. This lays on the democratic side would be a lot equals Italy right now other relatives that you wish you out of that other like this do. I might yet and I let I I want an ever could do it. This report is the fact that won a super delegate this morning for president and so he's acting hoping to Jed says storm. To help himself with a super delegate who undermines that argument and and and connecting Hillary there's always go to a proper vote. And so yeah Bernie may have won more states. He may have a lot of delegates but in the popular vote and still leading by salute you right now it's the end up being more but in a tonight very compelling argument to make as well. The list of the old days. La not to our quarterback to that did this not trumps an enhancement mislead by Trump's beauty and we've seen Carson come out support while we've seen this Chris each alarming actually. Exactly well that's very pretty really disappeared tearful and what about what we hear from Jeb your jabs reference jabs and we've. Marco Rubio is down their certain it disappeared the taking their time away to see these guys resurfaced week. I think. Losing elections it all full. It takes so little time to let awards and get back on the horse. I think that it you know they both have day jobs so marvel has got to finish his senate strong. Very important thing noddle what his future whether it be in the private sector or the public sector sometime in the future. I think. I think a lot of people out just laying back and watching what's happening trying to figure out. What role. They play. And some in the a lot of folks in the phones are. Office right now that Apple iPhone to be brought in for. Re election actually elected office. Are saying don't want any part of this convention. I think Marco Rubio will be part of his compassion because he asked delicate. He's going to have some leverage. He's got a role to play and I think is going to be important marketing plan for the future weather at the table whether it's speaking fee when it's what apple. You know I think seen what's will in the Republican Party. Is probably an incredibly painful experience. Analysis. Teams. It's a with good intentions. A lot. And on its news. Come back to see any scenario where you can see one of them playing the white contested Paul Ryan would one want summon its own body and I want it's. Mean it's like. What do you suffering from Clinton. Sixty some. One of me that white nights in the Republicans on action because. You know you shortly town to me polarized party well at least the people aren't want to feel disenfranchised. Yeah. Which you know believes. If I concealment of alcohol may get that cling to a as a whole when a train. That somebody's dying marriage justice you know the arch Angel Michael is that nice hole but I think it's not increasingly on our list.

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{"duration":"12:03","description":"Ana Navarro talks Donald Trump and the GOP race moments after ABC News projects Trump will win the New York Republican primary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38525373","title":"Donald Trump Projected to Win NY Republican Primary ","url":"/Politics/video/donald-trump-projected-win-ny-republican-primary-38525373"}