Donald Trump's Speech on Super Tuesday

Check out the Republican frontrunner's remarks in Florida.
30:41 | 03/02/16

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Transcript for Donald Trump's Speech on Super Tuesday
This has been an amazing. Evening already we've won five major states and it looks like we could win six or seven or eight. It's really. I want to congratulate Ted on the winning of Texas he worked hard on it and he I know how hard it worked actually and as I can gradually take crews on that when that was an excellent win. We gonna make America great again folks we're going to make it great again. And you know I watched Hillary's speech and she's talking about wages and poor and everything was poor and everything's doing badly but we're gonna make it she's been there for so long. I mean if she doesn't straighten it out by now. She's not gonna straighten it out in the next four years is just gonna become worse and worse she wants to make America whole again an trying to figure out what is at all about. Make America great again is going to be much better than making America whole again. So I just wanna say that this was an exciting evening it's so great to be in fla. It's so great to be at Marla go with friends in the press and the hat. I know it was a very tough night for Marco Rubio he and that tough night but. Who are hardy spent a lot of money he is a lightweight as I've said many actually. But you know what we're gonna go to Florida would you spend so much time in Florida we've got about a twenty point lead. I know that a lot of groups a lot of the special interest and a lot of the lobbyists and the people that want to have there. Little senator do exactly as they want they're gonna put 125 million dollars into it over the next two weeks from what just came over the wires. And frankly I think that's fine as far as I'm concerned his side. And if he wins totally control total control but he's not going anywhere anyway but we'll see what happens but wouldn't spend a lot of time in Florida. The Virginia win was just a great win. Because. It's a place that is just spectacular and a place that we have big investments in as we have in Florida remember. We have thousands of employees in Florida all along Miami. At Doral in Marla ago and so many other places and it's been an amazing place to invest it's been amazing to have so many wonderful employs some of whom are here tonight. Really urging us on. And you have thousands of employees all over the country actually all over the world are for purposes of tonight we'll just say all over the country. And it's been just so beautiful to watch this company grow. And to watch it grow so strongly the recent articles came out talking about how great company we've built and now we want to put that same ability. Into doing something for our nation meanwhile our nation is in serious trouble we're being killed on trade absolutely destroyed. China is just taking advantage of us I have nothing against China I have great respect which. But their leaders are too Smart for our leaders our leaders don't have a clue. And the trade deficit set 400 billion dollars and 500 billion dollars are too much no country can sustain. That kind of trade deficit. It won't be that way for long we have the greatest business leaders in the world on my team already. And believe me we're gonna redo those trade deals and it's gonna be a thing of beauty. You look at countries like Mexico where they're killing us on the border absolutely destroying us in the border. They've destroying us in terms of economic development companies like carrier conditioner just moving into Mexico Ford moving into Mexico. Nabisco closing up shop. In Chicago and moving into Mexico we have to stop it folks I know how to stop it we're gonna create jobs will it create jobs like you've never seen. We'll get a lower taxes iPad have a plan that. Larry Kudlow and so many others think is the best plan they've seen we're gonna lower taxes substantially for the middle class the middle class has been forgot. In our country it really helped and really probably was the predominant factor in making an Arab country. Into a country that we all love so much and were also Prada but we've forgotten the middle class who lowered taxes. We're lowering taxes on business you look at all the companies that are moving out. When you see Pfizer moving to Ireland and you see so many other companies constantly now the leaving they used to move from New York to Florida. Or that moved from New Jersey to someplace else Chris but now they're moving from here. Not that many people living here today. But Chris understands the problem fully understands now they're leaving from places that they used to move to. Into other parts of the world we can't let that happen. Well we've lost our manufacturing jobs we've lost a manufacturing. Millions and millions of jabs. Thousands and thousands and thousands of plants manufacturing plants warehouses I mean we are losing so much. We can't let it happen. I tell the story often about a friend of mine who is in the excavation business and he always orders caterpillar. And recently he ordered Camacho tractors from Japan. Because they've cut the end they devalued the yen to such an extent that it was virtually impossible for caterpillar to compete. And I don't want that to happen that's not going to happen. They shouldn't be allowed to do it we have tremendous power over everybody because we are relieved the source we have great great power. The problem is we have politicians that truly truly truly. Don't know what it doing. So we're gonna worked very very hard I'm so honored by this evening if you would have told me on June 16. When I was with my wife Malulani and we came down the escalator in trump tower and it looked literally a little bit like this you have a lot of cameras here. It looked literally like the Academy Awards activists are so many cameras in my life and it takes courage to run up to you what it takes a lot of courage to run for president. I've never done this before I've been job producer I've done a lot of things but this is something that never did. But I felt we had to do when you look at the incompetence of the Iran deal we can 150 billion dollars we get absolutely nothing. When you look at all of the problems our country has you look at our military which is really being depleted rapidly depleted. Would it make our military bigger and better and stronger than ever before and nobody nobody nobody's gonna mess with us about the.

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