Ed Gillespie gives emotional concession speech

After being defeated for Virginia Governor, the republican candidate gets choked up thanking his wife and family during his concession speech.
8:57 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Ed Gillespie gives emotional concession speech
Thank you so much for that kind introduction thank you more importantly for your leadership of this great campaign and truly appreciate all the hard work of everyone here. I have to tell you that running with two longtime friends as running mates like Joseph mogul and John Adams was a joy. And I am proud to stand on this stage with you both this evening and proud to say. I just called lieutenant governor Rell nor therm to congratulate him on becoming governor elect Ralph north them. And to wish him and Pam and their family. All of our best from Kathy and me. As I said throughout the course of this campaign. Governor elect north them. There's a good man and I appreciate his service to our country and our commonwealth. And I wish him nothing but the best success as our 73. Governor. And told him that if I could be helpful to him in making our commonwealth better that I would need. Happy to do anything I could in that regard. Also your congratulates. Right now. The lieutenant governor elect just in Fairfax on his election an attorney general mark caring. On his reelection and wish them the best for our commonwealth also. In addition thanking dean Byrd being our chairman I want to thank Nancy dive for being our finance chair I also can't thank. And as you all know. We had a very policy focused campaign. When you are indeed tell specific policy record. Today's hearing led the effort by the did come up with those I've been very innovative policies were led by two very dear friends. And two good men who I'm happy to say will also be leading our commonwealth going forward. My friend senator mark Oben change. And my friends speaker designee Kirk Cox. I will be ready. Speaker of the house for the team. I want to thank all of the incredible campaign staff who worked tireless dedicated loyal professional. And love our commonwealth and gave this campaign everything they have but I do want to gives. In particular and a great deal of appreciation in the band's. Thanks. And I know everyone here shares this for our campaign manager Chris Leavitt knew how. And the woman who wrote all of those 21 specific team tell policy proposals. Our policy director generic packed Jerusalem. I also want to thank got it's our political director puff could exceed. Our health. Our digital director Eric Wilson and communication. Communications director Dave Abrams and finance sector page time to let all of us. And I don't know. Gotta draw the line at those department has put all of the staff grew truly made me proud every day and did an incredible job but I also. Clearly have to thank with all of my heart's. The incredible. Dedicated. Volunteer army. That were so active all across the commonwealth and uplifted me everywhere I wins. Who made me just want to run a campaign to make them proud. God bless the mighty mighty GeForce and I cannot. Okay. Okay. Dedicated grade Virginians and look I also want to thank all those who voted today. On both sides. Clearly thank you. Obviously wish it had gone the other way but I think those who voted. And cast votes even for obviously those who won today and I do want to thank all of those who supported me and Joseph and John. And I received more than a million Virginians who came out and they were expressing very legitimate concerns. About the need for more opportunity here in the commonwealth the need far more creation of good paying full time stable jobs. Addressing their concerns about achievement gap in our. Public education system and in our schools suggesting concerns about safety for themselves and their families and their businesses. These million voters and their friends and families. Love our commonwealth and they love our fellow Virginians. And they loved even those who disagree with them. And I know that they too. Are rooting. For our new governor to succeed because we all love the commonwealth of Virginia and we will continue to root for the commonwealth of Virginia to do well. And hope that our governor is successful in that regard. Lastly. 12 say that while disappointed as many of you know my favorite verse. Is Romans 828. Turn off things we know. That we for we know it all things that's. All things work for the good news for those who love god and are called to serve according to his purpose. Felt called to serve. God will not discern what is calling his for me next but I know this whatever it is and whatever that might be. One Cathy Gillespie will be Mumbai saw high. And that's there's a blessing and so and let me say two our children. And my children are blessings and Molly was volleys representing here tonight for. Many family and friends and folks who have come from all over the commonwealth. And I just want to tell you how much. This support means to me. How much. Loves all of you. And respect everyone here NL thanks a lamp for the campaign we have waged. And I look forward to seeing you. In a more relaxed setting an environment not. As I continue to receive votes all across this beautiful com wolf I have to tell you again. I am so moved because I've traveled Virginia we are so incredibly blessed. And as I joke sometimes I feel bad for candidates who have to run in states that aren't Virginia. The jets are commonwealth is so beautiful so thank you all so much god bless you god bless the com.

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{"duration":"8:57","description":"After being defeated for Virginia Governor, the republican candidate gets choked up thanking his wife and family during his concession speech. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51001951","title":"Ed Gillespie gives emotional concession speech ","url":"/Politics/video/ed-gillespie-emotional-concession-speech-51001951"}