Barack Obama Wins Second Term

The president is projected to win Ohio and have four more years in office.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Barack Obama Wins Second Term
This is an ABC news special report. Your voice your -- election night -- -- well. Here again Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos. And tier three -- -- that time here we are Ohio is in we are projecting. The battleground. State of Ohio for president Barack Obama which means. You are looking at the president of the United States -- -- Obama has been reelected with forty. President listened to the crowd and. -- Chapter in an improbable turn it is well to remember right now -- just ten years ago Barack Obama was a state senator. Now he is reelected president of the United States have very different campaign from four years ago four years ago you. -- officer wave of hope and change this time running for reelection -- try to beat waved back. A wave of economic distance and -- didn't -- again. -- Mitt Romney. Would also -- -- -- -- -- -- Right direction number there. We thought he could be kicked beaten. This is gonna do both sides are after reflect on this because of many misconceptions and problems that happen but I think the Republicans are really basically. The polls were right. All the polls were right that Republicans argued against -- no no no we're gonna do it differently we're gonna propose different electric. It didn't happen and -- have to face a future. There's no leader of the party -- an electorate that is much to their disadvantage he. Always that is the fourth quarter clothes or that he was LeBron. At the very end but I want to bring in the cult right now for your -- Well look I think that this was a campaign -- This has always had its doubters having that that this was a primary where he was sort of the that. The third fourth fifth choice who we romance Chris Christie we romance -- Daniels we fell in love with everybody who wasn't running his. Party and I think that carried over -- he never. It was able to get the monkey off his back he never stopped doubting him and it and I think that -- -- I think that that that until his own stellar performance in the first debate we really didn't believe in him and I think that that -- -- -- on content on Mitt Romney. Donna quick thought. Four years ago voters wanted to make history this time around they want to make -- -- -- wanted to make a difference in terms as somebody who they thought it was on this. To create jobs. Somebody health care keep the country safe and sound this is amazing it was tough I have to tell you that it -- Most George will there was a moment after that first that they were looking at the present were not being reelected that is dying planet that -- -- for the -- He did close -- -- kicking up its sides ought to Dellums -- Mitt Romney have a problem and I think Nicole. During the Republican nominating process that party turn first -- one person and another to try and avoid what turned out to be inevitable. If there's a winner tonight it's the senator from Florida Marco Rubio because all eyes and are going to be. Him as a man who might have a way to -- the demographic. And this. And -- -- -- talked so much about being there with those who have lost in the first thought they have. Swimming outside. Well -- I just wanted to say something about Obama because the second -- and many many. President Kim won second -- was not good guy often in the second through weather and Bill Clinton. Even Reagan -- -- -- Nixon. Richard Nixon the second true is this not a happy -- not happy and goes -- But so he not really have to prove himself and in every respect. Ha and yeah nothing's gonna happen is personal life -- -- -- group watching the two children and it's believed to be. It is not an -- unlocked car went -- to be more involved -- and what they're doing. The biggest I think we have to do -- -- Is to practice what he has been thinking wow you really have to get those jobs when it didn't -- -- -- differs David Muir at Romney headquarters. Silence. Well I can tell you George it's tougher to -- and you can see the crowd here behind me they are. Trained on the big monitors in the front of the room that have been watching -- -- -- exactly -- the major networks with the announcement that Barack Obama has been reelected. I was talking to a couple of voters here who have gathered supporters and one woman set I'm shocked. She said you know we've got to do something about this deficit this debt my children will pay for this so I I think from this room and from. You know a good part of this country that was supporting Mitt Romney's effort to become president. There's gonna have to be a message from this president elect the secretary about what he'll do. To rein in the spending and to address the deficit and -- some of these issues that Mitt Romney champions. In his year and a half run. Really as you know George and Diane he's been running for six years or so it's been a long time in coming to get his name on -- ballot he said he was humbled to see if there. This morning and he was asked by all of us here the press earlier today that he thought about. What it would be like not to win this race what he would do and quite honestly he said -- only prepared. A speaks for victory. He said I haven't thought about it but I do have a life that's very important to me and I have a family. That's a message he has -- along the way saying regardless of whether he wins he'll be okay. But the like -- -- of the issues that causes that this campaign believed in -- in selecting hall Ryan and in his tough talk on debt and spending in Washington and I think the supporters of the -- -- campaign -- expect to hear this president what he's gonna do to try to. Don't bring this nation together -- Diane and we could see the tears -- all around -- their day that I want to head over. To president Obama's headquarters Jake Tapper and we have a -- Jake. I'm sure you know about this -- -- we're all in this to get third that's how we campaigned. And that's who we are thank you Barack Obama. That's right in fact -- in normally we're used to a president day excepting. A victory such as this with a big speech we first got indication that President Obama was declaring victory. By a tweet a picture of him and Michelle Obama hugging saying four more years and then again this personal -- signed by the president. Saying as you say were all in this together that's -- we campaign and that's who we are. Thank you signed -- Barack Obama it is electric here. -- campaign headquarters in Chicago there crying tears that different from the tears -- Romney needs you in Boston they're tears of joy. People hugging each other celebrating very excited they there was a lot of concern that the economic. Problems of the country was having and the difficulties President Obama was having with certain demographic groups was going to be this was going to be a very long night it turns out. Not so long after all this is the third president in a -- who lesbians. Re elected and he did it using the same strategy of the previous president George W. Bush the president -- He blames for so many the troubles that still are Barbara problems for him today problems for the American people today. He had hate George W. Bush fought for reelection even though they're. Public -- the public was ambivalent about him because of the war in Iraq had a fairly. Low 4950%. Approval rating he did it might make. The alternative. Unacceptable and that's what he did the John Kerry at the Georgia -- boasted the John Kerry and that's exactly what President Obama. Did to me and other Patricia in Massachusetts politician. Mitt Romney making him. And unacceptable alternative that of course is just the strategy this is a bigger moment that -- political strategy. President Obama's standing for so many things for so many people the demographic groups that supported him. Women minority groups urban communities very excited this evening -- we're gonna hear from President Obama in the short bed. But without question this was a tougher campaign for President Obama than his previous one and I believe. The first president in history reelected with fewer electoral votes that he won the first time he was elected on -- positive about but I think that's true. But a big big night for President Obama and his. That executed a very very determined strategy that was -- That took away some of -- hoping James -- veer off his first election but at the end of the day was Victoria's Diane. Will be sent -- perhaps -- frank -- -- we talk about those communities electric. For President Obama one -- them right near here helping Harlem ABC's Deborah Roberts is there -- -- supper club that is the same place you were four years ago. Another celebration Debra. Hey -- -- got to tell you just doesn't even seem like the same. -- -- Okay. Okay. This is okay. -- not okay. It was okay. Okay. Okay. It's yeah. Everybody now OK and then -- they weren't here. It's. Continuing. You okay. Yeah. It's -- it's trying. Yeah. A yeah. Here another. -- -- Hearing.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The president is projected to win Ohio and have four more years in office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17660337","title":"Barack Obama Wins Second Term","url":"/Politics/video/election-2012-barack-obama-wins-term-17660337"}