Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock Talks Women on November Ballot

Schriock's organization focuses on electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.
8:12 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock Talks Women on November Ballot
You're. At each and those who don't know and it's aimed at helping democratic. Get elected as the ultimate democratic. Eight. But I have to ask. There's a lot of unexpected drop out he stared out that spot. There it's. It's by mean. I was saying when you're the president families expertise solely focus on electing democratic lemon as a year resident. The year Hillary Clinton gets enough Middle East and eat peanuts. I have the very best job in American politics. And I'll. Yeah. Now. And I'm so thrilled that Donna Brazil and that's not an election because it is so important for all of us. Spent every minute we making sure that Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Win this November it is really at war. Or currencies out very early support doors it. Upbeat corporate centers ready to open so. Cricket all the recruits in the back seat represented so what was it helps get out of where Americans. Senators who obviously out that message that you durst and quickly. Now absolutely. Hillary Clinton we have now on oral line. Because we've known her work. She has been hiding for women and families in this country. Sister very first job and hasn't always been in politics I think about how she started at the children's defense fund that the amazing work she did it. For children across this century. It's you. Helping eight million children get health care policy was First Lady. This is someone who's been an incredible champion and we had no doubts that she was. Not only the best person to take on the challenges that we have this country and the opportunities. That I believe we have got a lot. She did happen do you want it. Sort of want to break that glass ceiling. About down act. At taxed out about how to. Trickle. Out one of the things we did see and are seeing. Is that the number of women stepping up to run for us right now is. Is growing wrap it we nine women democratic women. Running for the United States. Right now that is huge three women of color in for an institution that's only act two women of color in its history which. Is absolutely outrageous and I hope we elect the three this year and then career or Mora and air or more instances this is what we got it to you. But we're seeing that not just at the congressional level but also in the legislative well. And I do think that is so are we need these perspectives. At our legislative tables across the country hands and running our our State's Erica I'm. The organization spoke to get to the critic with it because we looked at the other side of the trial and you live in who have been in public it's no. I'd I group every the double standard or warrant with. Laurie. You know you. I wish there was more at. It's out because the chick is today in in this great country of ours women only represent 90% of congress. When you break that down because the work of EMILY's List and buying my predecessor Alan not them. We are women are over 33% of the Democratic Caucus which means the rip the they have had very little growth in the numbers of women serving. And I just really really am but it's. A problem is the Republican Party does not have a set of policies. That are helpful to providing opportunities or women. Both in leadership and economically and and tell they change their policy news. Really and their platform which has only gotten worse this year. I I don't expect to see a lot more growth though women voters in this century. Are moving rapidly toward the Democratic Party and vastly have a greater pool of women to recruits for office. The matter. Its objectives I was. A Nestle and BS now. You know I mean we we had some moderate places and it's really important. To seam and now we always wears the Democratic Party because the truth that is. When we started. We pushed the Democratic Party. It wasn't like anybody was to open up and down to see whether gonna opposite 1985. Start now this great moment. Here we are at the Democratic National. Convention party convention. Endorsing democratic woman for the presidency. It was just us it was a dream. We were just trying to get at these senators elected along grant collected nineteen in the process. Out but it is really. I think it's really important perhaps some pressure inside party our job is to make sure that the Democratic Caucus and ends at 850% women fifty I think that's for some. I think it's important more perspectives. On the Republican Party. Leaders that they tried try to paint different excellence while. But it's happening not in the numbers. Are. Talking about recruiting Muller each entity which. Quite a rousing speech. Or at Rutgers buddy. And I but. A lot of people say she should enter each of which encourage her. I would love to have a conversation about what she's doing better it's it's it was fabulous she's been such an incredible leader. An inspiration. To women and young girls all adds I would argue that the world. I think she would be just fabulous that something IC wants to do I'll tell you what EMILY's List of heat Mary Mary brown. He fires. We talked a lot about the pipe or what's could be dealt at the eclipse. She spent a night long times wrote that slow. Who use the democratic side the cup in her legacy workers start. All my goodness we have an incredible bench of women and innocent and at different stages up the process I think about the use. These wonderful women are running for the senate right now at least they operatives but. Kabul Harris in California who already in our own rights. As dense so much as attorney general and I believe in the make it rates tree senator from California. We of course at Catholic church's past. Well maybe not everybody knows yet but two term attorney general. She be the first Tina. In the United States senate's. Which again I'm thrilled and disappointed that we are 26 and talking about that but let's. Let's break through and elect the second and the third acts like people. We just got a lot of work to. So there's there's boats like that but then mostly these jams there's about damning. Who's running for congress in our plan now. She was the first African American police cheats. Overland oh and now is running for congress as a really populace opportunity. To win that district after everything we just the conversation. Happened and our plan this hammered out her voice. And current leadership and congress. She is she is one of those many many rising stars we have all of us. Absolutely thank you any time.

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{"duration":"8:12","description":"Schriock's organization focuses on electing pro-choice Democratic women to office.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40943689","title":"Emily's List President Stephanie Schriock Talks Women on November Ballot","url":"/Politics/video/emilys-list-president-stephanie-schriock-talks-women-november-40943689"}